Pechanga Casino: I’m So Over You


Everybody knows you are the shittiest casino.  Even though its general knowledge that you live off of the lifeblood of degenerate gamblers I don’t  think what I’m adding in this article is generally well known.  For one thing they tell you to use your players card every time you play.  Well I’m here to tell you right now that if you do that and you tend to gamble for many hours a day many days in a row and you accumulate 1.1 million tiers in a very short period of time they will lie and say you cheated.  They are liars.  Flat out they are fucking arrogant asshole liars.    You can’t call it slander if it is true.  This is true.  Pechanga security guard rent a dick detectives are lame ass liars with puffed up like a peacock opinions of themselves.  They enjoy making the customers  feel uncomfortable .  If you are tired at Pechanga you better not close your eyes or you will be surrounded by assholes asking you if you are okay and violating your rights left and right.  That sounds awesome as heck.  I’m talking about that little pun about violating your rights left and right.  Oh yeah did I tell you that I’m over you Pechanga?  I’m not even going to tell you how bitter I was (and apparently there is quite a bit o f residual anger as well) but suffice to say I was bitter as fuck when I got unceremoniously defrocked as Pechanga’s celebrity degenerate gambler a couple weeks ago.  Today, as I sit in my suite on the 18th floor of Harrah’s, reveling in my Diamond Status that I achieved in two days, I must admit that I feel a certain sense of redemption in my own head.  Redemption may not be a good word because I don’t think I did anything wrong that I needed to redeem myself for. At least not in the eyes of Pechanga because the dick tater ship that makes up their keystone cop detective dickhead force have zero credulity with anyone.  Rich or poor, gambler or recreational joker, black or white, its universal knowledge that FUCK you Pechanga.  LOL!  HOw about that?  Suck my fat one you cheap dime store hood! That’s from STand by Me and booting me out was the biggest favor you ever did for me believe that.  I was mesmerized by Indian voodoo and bought into the promise that is not even real.  The promise that you are treasured and we really care about you individual gambler.  Fuck that.  YOu should see what the reasons they are giving for booting people out for life from that shit hole.  How about parking in the red card parking lot when you aren’t a red card?  I know someone banned for life for that.  Countless people have been sent packing for life for talking to someone who was found to be in possession of any drugs.  I know I sound like a fucking moron but I can’t help it because I fucking hate those Motherless soulless Nazi  Indian motherfuckers.  They Lie Cheat and Steal and rob motherfuckers blind and they tried to say that it was ME that is the fraudulent fucking cheater.  Fuck you Pechanga.  Honestly you are so going to have to deal with the nuisance that I am going to create for you on every single possible review board or anything public that I can link to you and get you negative publicity.  Because you deserve if you fucking bastards.  Detective John and that baldheaded moron that is Cantalopian or some shit like that who works at nights and mad dogs everybody and especially that black dude who is the biggest fucking asshole wanna be dickhead fucking asshole rude bitch ass piece of scowling shit I have ever seen in my life.  Going up to people who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in your money tree soul pit dank slice of hell casino and  who are sitting in the high limits room and NOT feeding hundred dollar bill after hundred dollar bill in the fucking slots machines thief ass cheating slots for more than one fucking minute straight and telling them if they are not going to be playing that they have to take their shows on the road out the door to the skid row section of the casino.  Can you imagine that?  I have witnessed it dozens of times its such as farce.  They are rude offensive ignorant arrogant falsely entitled assholes and they can fuck right off.  Black man and cantaloupe man and detective john you guys are the worst of the worst and literally I hope you all die today.  Because you suck and you couldn’t give a fuck less what effects you are having on the lives of the people that you make up lies about at the direction of your white man hating Indian bosses.  Straight the fuck up.  Fuck you Pechanga.  I hope this sounds like a rant and the ravings of a mad man.   I might as well live up to some semblance of the negative self image you attempted to fabricate for me and make me emulate through your deceitful faggotry.  LOL.  Even though I hate you and I wish nothing but the failure of your business and the cancer of your security staff still I have to forgive you at the end of the day.  What is the point of hating an entity without a soul and completely devoid of a conscience or anything remotely resembling good things?  There is not a point.  I am so angry at them and I mean really angry.  I gave up so many things that I should have never given up to begin with and they fucked me under and made me look even worse than I already looked to important people in my life because they made all those days and days and days and nights endless nights and millions of pushes of those buttons and stress beyond belief all for nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Ended up with nothing for my 1.1 million tier points.  How do I explain that to my daughter?  I don’t.  I cant.  fuck you Pechanga.  for that fuck you.  but hey good luck in your future endeavours.  I probably won’t even bother wasting any more energy writing to you and about you.  But deep down you fucking suck and I fucking hate you.


  1. Also I can say they manipulate and put taboo on your money you get from there if any which is next to nil
    I hate you too pechanga 20 years of hell with your casino crap. Your cheap mesley tiny jackpots after spending 15k and get nothing!! You are stealing basically from all your patrons. I feel violated and cheated out with your bait and switch tactics… hiring your people to hit the big jackpots which gives no one a chance, I have seen it all! Then you turn off mach8nes and Target your high rollers to lose… what a bunch of cheats! Pechanga is by far the worst casino and the poor are doomed as well as the once rich..all I can say is I hope your casino shuts down due to high corruption.



  2. I 1000 %agree there fuckin crooks and cheats and robbed me out of over 2 mill with not one large jackpot fuck you pechanga



  3. I 100%agree they lie cheat you and steal your money ! There are no winners there…
    They are so corrupt and corrupt the video poker machines and slots big time! A lot of creepy people too



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