My Friend Sean Stenlake’s Wife and Other Interesting Topics

Creepy Title.  I love it.

Sean Stenlake is a very good friend of mine and he has the sexiest wife I have ever had the pleasure of fantasizing about.  I bring Tasha up because Mr. Stenlake sent me a very hot photo of his wife via text a couple of weeks ago and she is so damn gorgeous with the tastiest looking ass.  I was bragging about Sean to my friend Darren earlier today because I think Sean is a good example for chubby guys who want to get in shape. I just get the sense that Sean used to be a bit of a chubby kid but he started working out and waxing all of the hair off of his body and being really good smelling guy and pretty soon he had so many hot girls but the hottest one of all he got to marry.  That is a real success story in my mind.  His wife was actually in Playboy and that is not a joke.  You see my friend Darren is a baller and a very handsome fellow with an incredible penis and a great personality and he gets tons of chicks already but I was making the point to him that the world would be his oyster if he got rid of the baby fat he has been carrying around for a while.  I’m talking twenty pounds and a stud all of a sudden turns into a god.  Which is what I like to imagine happened with Sean Stenlake.  Its one of my little fantasies that I like to think about when I start to think about touching my penis.  I never ACTUALLY have touched myself thinking about Tasha or Sean but its a nice idea.  Stupid opening to this diatribe and I apologize. This was never meant to be a story about Sean Stenlake or his wife but I just had to mention it because of what I already told you about Darren.

The mother of my child is watching Fifty Shades of Grey on the big screen in the living room of our comped suite at Harrah’s Rincon Resort and Casino located in some place down a sort of a freeway that starts where Pala Casino is.  I am pretty sure that its not actually a city although it might be called Rincon or Valley Center but who the fuck knows.  This movie is pretty much not doing much for me although the naïve chick star has a pretty nice looking pudenda from what I can see through those cotton panties she is wearing that I would love to sniff preferably from behind while she is still wearing them.

The first sex scene just ended and now I can tell you that it doesn’t even measure up to soft porn.  The dude is playing some really dramatic song on the piano and wait a minute she wakes up and it looks like he is going to fuck her properly.  Just when it looks like it might be interesting it cuts to the happy, glowing, lovebirds waking up staring into each other’s eyes.  Gay.

I wonder should I make the move on the kids mom sitting twenty feet away from me or would I rather do dirty and vile things with myself or just pass on my penis and ass for the night.  It seems like a waste because we have this suite and it has a balcony and a Jacuzzi tub. I have access to chewable viagras, liquid Cialis that my friend Darren has and also some regular Cialis plus marijuana, Jack Daniels, Jaegermeister, Absolut Vodka, three different kinds of Ecstasy tablets also known as MDMA I’m pretty sure, plus some meth and whatever else the crazy mixed up kids around this casino have tucked away in their buttholes and vaginas. I have access to all of those substances and more but I’m not really interested in any of that shit. To tell you the truth, just laying down and going to sleep sounds pretty much like the best idea. That makes me a square and a kook I’m sure but who gives a shit. Anyways that is my Friday night of Memorial Day Weekend and its nice enough that I want to thank God for giving me the tools to live my life one day at a time. Also Happy Birthday to John who is 70 years old yesterday. He would not like me to be more specific than John when mentioning him so Happy Birthday John.

Some cool things I like to do include taking typing tests on the internet and watching videos of chicks fighting.  My penis is about 8 inches and pretty girthy when erect.  Masturbating can be really fun when combined with the insertion of wildlife in your behind.  Genderbending.  That’s a cool concept.  Kink.


  1. Your posts make me laugh and know that not all who don’t imbibe anymore aren’t totally removed from their old punk rock mentality!!! As my skater sons would say to their “old ” snowboarder Momsome…Don’t ever become “hesh & ratchet”!!!



    1. Well that is awesome to know Gigi. Thanks for reading my craziness. I wonder if I sound out of my mind or what in this blog. I really don’t know because I don’t get to interact with very many people who read my nonsense. Its always good to get a real life human opinion. Thanks…..



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