Stealing my Dreams and Raping my Innocence

I never seem to get the time to write even  though I often fantasize about it.  Two nights ago I was laying down after touching myself in my suite at Harrah’s Casino when an idea came to me for a book.  I was about to tell you guys about it and then I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea because what if one of you are really not a fan of Anthony Mandich, Artist and Urban Legend, but really just a pimp who is scanning the interweb for nuggets of brilliance regardless of the topic. Then you steal my idea, write the great American Novel, win all sorts of fucking bad ass awards and shit and complete your mission of stealing my dream and raping my innocence.  That would not be cool at all so I guess I have to just keep it to myself.

So this is a really great exercise in bullshit so far huh.  You’re fucking frustrated I’m fucking frustrated. Everybody’s pissed off.  I’m getting hard and now I’m about to take off my pants and touch myself yet again.  Then I have to ask myself….is this a problem?  Because I’m way beyond disfunctionality which obviously is not a real word because it has a crinkly red line underneath it now that I’ve typed it but do you know what I mean?  My life is really fucking strange to say the least.  I guess today I’m the poster boy for what to avoid in life and why you shouldn’t participate in amphetamine usage, gambling or any of the other more irresponsible pursuits in life.

I would like to take this time to just give a brief shout out to my recently tragically deceased brother from another mother, Mr. Darin Byrne, who was killed May 29th, 20115 by a negligent driver who ran a red light in Newport Beach, California and caromed into Darin’s beloved Harley.  There is much more that needs to be said in relation to Darin Byrne also known as the Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzler of all Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlers but suffice to say for now that I’m very heartbroken that he is not roaming the earth today and it is a terrible tragedy that he had to die in such a dumb manner. There are no silver lining moments in this situation and it is significant to note that this incident was not singularly viewed as a tragedy by Anthony Mandich; there are many sad motherfuckers out there wondering why did he die.  Bright lights like that, positive forces of nature like that, true friends like that LIKE Darin Byrne should not be extinguished in an untimely fashion.  God my writing is reprehensible today but what the fuck ever.  I’m a phoenix and since my buddy thought I would rise up from the ashes I really don’t have any other choice but to do just that.  Rise up like a tropical hurricane and fuck some shit up.  Anyways Darin you are a constant companion in my mind I really miss you.  Its crazy how bad the ache is when I think about how we don’t get to fly to Tijuana in that little Cessna and get hookers like we were supposed to do this month.  That hurts man.  Listen up and stay tuned because I’m going to give you the best send off that I can come up with via this website but first I have some shit to take care of today.  Things that Darin would truly be pretty happy about things like getting knee deep in some pussy, putting some cash in the slot machines and wreaking havoc on the world via multitudes of clever thoughts.

As usual I’m leaving you panting for more.  Actually panting for anything  of substance because my convoluted brain aside, I haven’t left you with anything worth reading except the name of my dead friend Darin Byrne.  I apologize for that.  I will make an effort to get my mind right  in the next several hours.  dazzles

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