Tony the Stalker, Jim on Shrooms, Smogtown and Skippy

Tony the Stalker, Jim on Shrooms, Smogtown and Skippy

Chapter 2

I remember shortly after I met Jim Waataja that somehow or another I managed to be hanging out over there at the warehouse in Santa Ana one night without Heather which was kind of amazing because honestly Heather was pretty jealous of “her” friends and did not like me fraternizing with anyone she introduced me to. It sounds kind of petty but honestly its nothing that you or I haven’t done countless times in our lives. You know it as well as I do. There is just this natural inclination not to like it when people that know each other only because you have blessed them with an introduction get together without you being present. Am I right? Come on admit it. I admit it for sure. You feel jealous and sometimes you actually feel like there is a conspiracy against you like your two good buddies suddenly hate you and want you to die. Ummmm…maybe not….unless you are a serious crack head.

But anyway…there I was in my convertible BMW with Jim and I think Richie on a week night. This is before I worked at TSA…I was still working at someplace like FHP Healthcare or Talbert Medical Management at that time. Which means that I had to get up early as fucking hell on a regular basis, get dressed and look professional with a tie and everything and commute someplace arriving no later than 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. and then sit there for 9 hours or longer doing excel spreadsheets and playing with my cock through my pockets and smoking as many cigarettes as possible and writing emails[1] and making surreptitious (sneaky) phone calls disguised as legitimate business type calls. Basically boiling it down to maybe three hours of getting over the hangover from drugs or alcohol then an hour of shuffling papers until lunch then a nap at your desk after lunch for a half hour then maybe an hour or two of trying to get something done that will satisfy the management staff people then a couple hours of making plans for the evening and maybe even starting in on some evening refreshments with a quick beer and a line or two in the bathroom.

But anyways part two. So yeah. I went over to the Slave headquarters and me and Jim did a bunch of mushrooms and got completely wasted out of our minds and then Jim drove my car with the top down and we went cruising around everywhere maybe we ended up at some bar all I know is that I was seriously fucked up badly and there is no way I could drive and I don’t think Jim was doing that great either. Also too, I had to get up and go to work the next day which was more brutal than you can even imagine. It was terrible. It often was during those days when I first met Heather. Because those were the days of Tony Mandich Alcoholic Crazy Bastard. I remember that we had fun though for sure me and Jim. And I think Gay Richie was kind of butt hurt but who cares about that.

After a while of hanging out with Heather some crazy shit happened that I pretty much started of course. You see…I really liked Heather but I tell you honestly that I was never really what she had in mind for a boyfriend or anything like that. She liked skinny little guys that were cool punk rock dudes. Examples of her types of guys were Black Fly’s Johnny, Ray from that band that did Static Ecstatic and I am the Cancer what the fuck why can’t I remember the name. Duh Smogtown. Okay she also liked Jim (surprise) and this skater that skated for TSA named Skip Pronier.[i] I didn’t work there yet keep that in mind as I unfold this story. So me and Heather were getting fucked up many many nights and I was dying at work every fucking day being so tired. And I was getting to know Jim Waataja and Stick Dog and a lot of morons who I love dearly and the thing is none of them had a job except Jim who was the boss of his own company so he could go to work whenever for the most part plus he didn’t really drink hardly ever so he didn’t have a hangover where I was fucking dying everyday.

So Heather had these friends from Santa Ana named Blair and Jason who were brothers. I got along good with all of these people and sometimes I partied with them just the dudes so this one night after me and Heather had been boning down for a while I think I actually counted like 33 fucks and still couldn’t tie that bitch down she didn’t want any strings, ties blah blah blah basically keeping me at arm’s length until she could find a better dude more suited to her desires or I proved my ultimate coolness or the world exploded or whatever. Anyways…this one night I hung out with Blair. And Heather had told me that she liked this dude named Skip which made me jealous as hell but what could I do. At this time I had bought a three day trip to Maui for us to go on and she was up in the air about whether she was going to go or not and it was because she knew that I was trying to pin her down like a fool but what can I say I was young and dumb back then. And I guess a little bit of a psycho stalker as you will soon hear.  I think I gotta right now though. Its time to go downstairs and gamble for a bit and maybe get into some adventures. I will tell you more about my stalker episode and our trip to Maui next time. Until then suck it easy. Here is a little smogtown to see you through the night.Jim likes weed

[1] I remember clearly when I worked at Ingram Micro in Santa Ana somehow I got log in access to a porn site called This is before porn on the internet was free so it was legendary having that username and password and I always had it open behind my work apps so I could sneak a peek at the crazy shit they had on there like toilet cams and other really weird stuff that wasn’t really sexually stimulating but more like OMG, What the Fuck! Just a little sidenote.

[i] Skip Pronier is a cool motherfucker who I ended up being friends with and selling him weed and shit later even though he fucked my chick I didn’t really hold it against him because at the time she was not really my chick so fuck it. Also too click on the link and you can check out Skip’s bad ass little part in TSA’s Life In the Fast Lane skate video. Gotta love the Asian fella who says…”Good….TSA good”

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