Been Lost for Days


.lots of details…so many nuances plus subtle underplay

Sublime  its unreal there are things to talk about I need someone who has a care in their heart for me like a friend who passed recently

From this world for sure to where Darin please universal God of supreme intelligence

The one with a plan but are we so many pieces of ash? Probably too inconsequential to worry about. Not important except to ourselves.

Memories fade. In 200 years nobody will say my name. But I won’t know it so that is a blessing. And if I do know it that means we live on and I fight on not as a bug.


  1. Life is unpredictable, unscripted and we don’t even know if we have tomorrow. We have to live everyday like it was our last, love and respect the people around us because they are our future. Try to change the bad things, not easy but worth it. God had a plan but we can change things every day. If I die tomorrow I want to be remembered by the people who care about me as honorable fearless person with entegraty.



  2. Life is a mystery nobody knows what going to happen tomorrow. If we even have tomorrow but I know that god knows. There is a plan but I think we can change things. Some people don’t have time to change things but others do. Want to leave earth knowing that I’ve lived an honorable life. So find yourself, not easy to do but totally worth it!



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