Lisa Mearkle should definitely be in prison


Lisa Mearkle is a cop in Pennsylvania who pulled some 59 year old guy over for not having a current inspection sticker on his car.  We are talking about the equivalent of having out of date registration here in California.  So the dude runs away and gets to his sister’s house where he lives and goes off running through the snow with this ugly blonde bitch cop chasing him and screaming at the top of her screechy ass lungs for him to do something retarded like show his hands.

Dillon Tayloer

The dude has been tased and is crawling through the two foot deep snow in the backyard.  He is really scooting along super quickly.  Not.  More like a one mile per day pace.  She is yelling like a banshee from hell, “show your hands blah blah blah blah I’m a stupid bitch blah blah blah show me your hands yaddah yaddah yaddah” and the dude is like alright alright leave me the fuck alone please.  So the snow is so deep he has no choice but to kinda swim with his hands so he keeps moving them or risks suffocating for sure.  She keeps yelling at him “Bonzai Superman show me your nutsack and your hands you motherfucker” or something along that nature we can’t really tell what the bitch is saying but one look at this fellow tells  the normal human being that he is hardly the type to be packing an AK-47 under his winter coat.

This useless bitch cop,  who really had nothing on this guy except that he ran away which is a crime in and of itself but not a major one, is taking this way too far its easy to see on the video.  The dude clearly is not really resisting; her shrill annoying screechy ass panic stricken voice is unintelligible; therefore it stands to reason that her cow like commands are also unintelligible.  17560344-large

God I hate this Lady. She shoots and kills the poor bastard anyway.  Like the cunt that she is.  Wow I just called a police officer who was found not guilty at her jury trial  a cunt.  I did this knowing full well that this cunt is getting her job back.  I’m hoping that the distance between Pennsylvania where her retarded ass lives and Beijing, China where I live is far enough to keep  her away from me.  I don’t want to get tasered, then shot and killed, dying a senseless moronic death with the last words ringing in my ears coming from this cow cop.  Even worse none of it making any sense whatsoever because how the fuck am I supposed to comply with whatever shit she is spewing when I have a fully operational police taser gun stuck up my ass? Yeah…..nah… thanks.

So Lisa Mearkle, you piece of shit excuse for a human being murdering bitch please stay away from Beijing.  We don’t want anything to do with you.  I’m sure you will have to answer to God though because how can you defend yourself to Him?  You can’t.  God doesn’t like it when bitches tell lies about feeling threatened by decrepit skinny old men crawling at a snail’s pace in a snow drift during a blizzard.

Here is the video so you can see that I’m not exaggerating when I say without a doubt in my mind that Officer Lisa Mearkle deserves nothing less than guilty verdicts to  Second Degree Murder and Being a Dumb Ass Bitch Cop without a Permit.  Here is some lame ass cop version of Go Fund Me called Hunt for Justice which glossed over every pertinent detail in the case and actually wanted to get people to send this  bitch money for her lawyer.

Is it really a wonder that people in America and all over the world have had more than they can really stomach when it comes to these fucking blatant murders of American Citizens by the very group that is supposed to be protecting us? Make no mistake about it.  The very group that I am referring to is called the Police.  Why do they get their jollies in causing pain for people on a whim basically?

I’m not advocating violence toward the police or anyone affiliated with law enforcement. The rough language and immature name calling I have used in this article is really only an effort to reach out and allow the decision makers  in our government to see the frustration, grief and rage being experienced by the common citizenry of the USA over the unfair nature of the actions being taken by law enforcement.  Actions which are resulting in so many deaths each year.  Deaths that are often profoundly useless and entirely preventable.  Its not the citizen victims who really have any control over whether their next contact with law enforcement is going to result in them bleeding out on the pavement outside 7-11 for the crime of not understanding the over the top chaotic screaming technique used by the police firing squad during their nightly victim search.  Designed to ensure compliance with sadistic and confusing demands  by psycho cops hell bent for blood, the play books used by the police to dispense the crude justice is flawed all the way through and in my opinion should be thrown out.Poooopooooolice

My opinion doesn’t mean shit though lol.  Here is some bonus footage for you in the form of some links to police shootings justified and unjustified and some just downright strange.  Edmund Wong was my neighbor in Long Beach.  He is dead.  Don’t forget about the black man in South Carolina.  He also died. Here is a little collection of fucked up moments in the history of law enforcement.  Lots of deaths.  I have to put quite a few links just so you can get a little taste of what I’m referring to.  Check out this  collection of bullshit.  This one involving Dillon Taylor left me so fucking disgusted with the police. There are ones out there now that make Dillon Taylor’s death a walk on the beach in comparison.  This one for example is pretty disgusting and I feel sorry for the little poochy who got executed here.  Maybe this guy got sick of his life.

You get the drift people.  I know you do.  Something seriously has to change.  The excuses are so lame and tired and canned.  Its time for Americans to stop allowing Americans to get murdered by the cops.  What if its your child who dies at the hands of law enforcement next time?  You won’t be so quick to say, “well if he would have just obeyed the commands of the officer then this would not have happened.”  The funny thing is that almost all of the murders I am referring to in this article were as a result of the poor people complying for the most part with the officers orders or not being in a position to comply such as Dillon Taylor who had his fucking earphones in and had no idea what the fuck the stupid ass cop was yelling at him before shooting him directly in the face.  Not being in a position to comply also means not having even a split second to hear the officers order and consciously do whatever he is asking you to do.  The little twelve year old kid with the squirt gun in Cleveland was gunned down before the cop driving the cop car even had time to stop all the way.  His partner was already out, yelled “drop the weapon” and simultaneously fired and killed the little guy literally before the driver could stop and open up the drivers side door.  That is fucking bullshit.

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