If not now, when?

After a little bit of goading from people who care about me I have come to the conclusion that it is time to start selling my paintings.  I have held out due to a number of different reasons but they are mostly based on ego and my incorrect estimation of my own self importance.

Being homeless for well over a year now is not something to be proud of and although it may seem to be some kind of a romantic notion, actually being a starving artist is pretty fucking lame.  For one thing I’m not even painting.  I have no place to paint so what the fuck?

yeah….i’m over it.  this is not only affecting me but i have children.  audrey is not able to spend the night with me most nights because i don’t have any place to go.  my license is suspended over a payment of a few hundred dollars in child support and the rest of my life is in a similar state of stagnancy.

I do have quite a few paintings that are complete or very nearly complete and although I really wanted to have a gallery showing and make a splash entering the art scene I think it is time to get over that notion and just sell what I have so I can get my dependents a place to call home.

so without further ado…..

If you want more information about these paintings let me know.  You can send me an email at tonymandichsan@gmail.com or you can call me directly at 657-210-7113.

If you are looking for a cheap painting this isn’t the place to look.  I’ve got thousands of hours tied up in these paintings and I will die before I just give them away for ridiculous prices.  Sorry.



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