Sick Shit

When somebody is funding your gambling and giving you several hundred dollars, actually more like over a thousand dollars and with several of those hundred dollar bills you actually win between 2-6 hundred I would say it is imperative to put away at least half of the winnings and not touch them no matter what.  Period the end.  The reason why I have a suite but no cash at all is because I lacked the discipline to take my wins and bank them away.  I could have easily socked away over a thousand last night but I was chasing the Aztec Temple jackpot.  I kept going back to the same old machine and it just wasn’t giving me that elusive fat bonus round win that meant a hand pay.  One time I did get 2600 quarters out of it which is plenty but then I started betting two quarters per line or 50 quarters per spin.  $12.50 per spin doesn’t really sound like that much.  When you are winning on several of them it really isn’t that much either.  Approximately 5 spins per minute and you lose all five well that comes out to $62.50 per minute.  Say you have maybe ten times that in credits on the machine and you can easily see that any prolonged losing streak means disaster and back to broke status in ten minutes minimum but often more like thirteen minutes.  The point is that a quarter of an hour to lose $600 extrapolates out to $2400 loss an hour when you are running poorly.  That’s not even running bad.  That’s actually with you winning some spins.  You can see for yourself that over any extended period of time where the machine is losing more than it is winning which is very often the case, you are in for a major catastrophe financially speaking unless you have thousands and thousands of disposable cash to throw at the machines.  When I break it down like this it is pretty easy to see the importance of discipline in gambling.  A major category of this discipline is taking your wins and never giving them back.  That is very simple to grasp intellectually but quite difficult to practice in reality mainly because of the fact that humans have only a limited amount of money they can afford to throw at the machines so super diligent action taking all of the wins could mean a very short gambling session and this is something people usually aren’t in to.  They start with good intentions at least I always do but then there is an unspoken  battle that materializes with the machine and yourself.

This battle often gets very personal as ludicrous as that sounds.  Men are  fallible  beings and emotions like anger often rule the part of the brain responsible for decision making.  This leads to irrational actions like spewing all of the money in your pocket, on your credit card and atm card, that you can borrow from your chick, your friends etc.  Spewing it all into a machine devoid of emotion and not subject to your  rantings  and ravings nor prone to giving into your frantic pleas and meaningless threats of physical harm.

Nothing you do is going to have any effect upon the machine you are playing except for continuing to feed it currency. The machine does not give a rats ass where you get the money that you feed it. If its rent money, your kids college savings, your inheritance, your 401k, your entire tax refund, the proceeds from the sale of your house, money acquired in nefarious ways, money borrowed from banks, credit cards, bounced checks, cash advances, saved change, garage sale proceeds, stolen from your wife’s purse or your husbands wallet, money you owe the connection, money you owe to Southern California Edison, money you get for pawning your gold jewelry, selling your ass on the corner, panhandling on the freeway offramp….it all spends the same once you put it in the machine and the machine does not give a fuck how much you need that money to turn into more money. You are going to win or lose according to a predetermined algorithm and there are no actions you can take other than to keep feeding the fucking thing that is going to get you any closer to your goal of cashing out a jackpot. If you have enough time and money to throw at the machine eventually you are going to win something but over time the amounts you win can never be more than the amounts you put in the machine. It is impossible. Fools gold to think otherwise. These massive fucking casinos are not as luxurious and decadent as they are because the majority of the guests who walk through their doors are winning money and coming out ahead over the long haul. Think about it man.

I’m sitting here writing what I know in my heart mind body and soul is so fucking true and yet I am just as much as a sucker as everyone else and I want to cut this sermon short and go downstairs and see what I can do on the machines. Especially Aztec Temple. Now that is some


Christina Flora Joy


ImageThis is a picture of my girlfriend Christina.  Her last name is Schwarz these days Christina Clarissa Schwarz.  However, that is not the name she was born with.  When she was born, in 1991, at Torrance Memorial Hospital, her name was Christina Flora Joy.  Beautiful name right?  Yes it is.  Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

When she was six, she and her brother Timothy Edward, were taken away from her birth mother for reasons unknown for the most part.  Her mother’s name was Renee Joy.  We just found that out tonight.  Christina had been thinking that her mother’s first name was Kathy for some reason but her dad (adopted but still very much her dad) told her that it was Renee.

Since Christina Schwarz and Christina Joy are both pretty common names, if her mother Renee, was looking for her, she would have a pretty hard time finding her.  ImageWhen we googled Christina we couldn’t find any real hits, apart from like Facebook (under her birth name) and we couldn’t find even one image of her on the internet.  That would make it really hard for anyone to find her even if they were looking.  So I’m writing this post and putting it on my blog in the hopes that if her mother is looking for, she can google her now and there will be this reference.  Its going to be easy to find this because I’m an internet pro hahahaha.

In a way its kind of a big step because any adopted kid wants to believe the best about her real mom and in this case I’m sure Christina wants to believe Imageher mom is looking for her.  I certainly hope she is looking for her because she is missing out on the life of the Great Christina, Imagean awesome, funny, cool, sexy, beautiful, good, kind hearted young woman and it would be a shame for that to continue.  If she is looking she will find her if she is any kind of internet savvy lady.  If you are Christina’s mom then its easy as hell to get in contact ifImage you are reading this post.

Start by commenting and saying something.  I know that the absence of her birth mother from her life causes my girlfriend anguish and stress that she really doesn’t need at all.  ImageLife is hard enough without that shit.  So please, if you know anything about Christina’s birth mother or you are her birth mother or just wanna say hi or something, feel free to drop a line via this website.

Christina’s a bad ass chick.  I love her a lot.  So hopefully something good comes from this.

Payola Scandal Survivor Dick Clark Dead At Age 82 Of A Massive Heart Attack

Surely, Dick Clark was a man who will be remembered for many

positive contributions to modern society.  He is was after all, an iconic figure, one of those instantly recognizable men that you couldn’t help but smile at when you saw him on American Bandstand, the game show Pyramid, TV’s Bloops and Bloopers, or Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve over the course of five plus decades in show business.

There was a time however when people weren’t exactly smiling when Dick Clark’s name was mentioned.  There was a time when Dick Clark’s name, along with Alan Freed’s, became embroiled in a shocking controversy which was dubbed the Payola Scandal.  This Payola Scandal was the main contributor to the death via uremia and cirrhosis brought on by alcoholism of Alan Freed in 1965 only a few miles from where I am right now as I write this….Palm Springs, California.

What happened as I understand it is the following:  In the 1950’s, independent record labels finally had a breakthrough over the major record labels regarding airplay.  Prior to the Payola Scandal becoming a major issue, there was a huge scandal over quiz shows and it involved collusion and a host of other unsavory characteristics.  As a result of the quiz show scandal the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) suggested in a very convincing manner that  House Oversight Subcommittee Chairman named Oren Harris needed to look into the practice of payola in the recording industry.

This practice had been around for many years of course but the ASPAC in light of the seemingly impossible breakup of the stranglehold held by major recording labels about airplay, mistakenly believed that the practice must have become rampant.  It based this unfortunate conclusion on BMI”s recent success and on the fact that they believed that rock and roll was evil and terrible music and a fad that needed to be stamped out.

Alan Freed, the so called king of rock and roll and the person who actually is credited for coining “rock and roll” itself as a name for the ever evolving body of music saw this scandal define his career and eventually his life which is a very sad thing indeed.

Dick Clark and Alan Freed, at the time of this scandal were the two top dj’s in all the land.

One was able to separate himself from the scandal rather then fall victim to it. That one was Dick Clark.  At the demand of his boss, ABC, Mr. Clark sold all of his interests in the record companies that had brought him so much fame and fortune.  He did this before it was his turn to testify in front of the senate. When he did testify before the senate his charm, earnest sense of sincerity, good looks and grace under fire kept him out of harm’s way.  He was absolved of all charges and went on to enjoy another 63 years or so of being in show business.

On the other hand, Alan Freed was fired and disgraced.  He started drinking like a fish and he was dead at age 43 in 1965….a broken shell of his once brilliant self.  You might say that Alan Freed was the first man to sell his soul for rock and roll.  He was memorialized by iconic Long Beach punk rock legends The Humpers in the song “Peggy Sue Got Buried”.  Now perhaps Dick Clark and Alan Freed can get together and talk about the hey day of rock and roll and the scandal that saw two good men head in entirely opposite directions.

Dick Clark, an American icon,  sharp minded businessman, and one hell of a great guy is dead today, Wednesday April 18th, 2012 at the age of 82 years old.  He died of  a massive heart attack while preparing for his next instantly successful project, one that I unfortunately don’t have Mr. Clark’s permission to share with you good people today.

Rest Easy Dick Clark, and rock on brother.

From Palm Springs, California I remain your humble servant,

Anthony J. Mandich

Is There Anybody Out There? Is There Anybody Out There?

i love it when the pulpit comes out. The cliches start rolling. The condemnation for a lifestyle that doesn’t fit into the status quo.

Stumbling, slurring, lunatic drunk family members start preaching to me about drugs and the room fills up with contempt on one side and blah blah blah hypocrisy on the other.

Put it in front of me and I will take it, subtly twist it and give it back to you in ways you can’t imagine. Smile to my face, pity me while you throw me to the wolves. Join a bandwagon of some kind.

How about the “Get a Job you Lazy Bum” Bandwagon? That sounds as good as any to me. Don’t dare to practice tolerance. Be rigid. Think inside the box little person. I give you the sense that I don’t think at all. Little do you know that all I do is think.

No time in this life for me to be bitter, as for the hypocrisy I see, you see, it takes a hypocrite to know a hypocrite and surely I’m not as stupid as you pretend that I am.

Talk in your hushed whipsers. Pretend that I am only a child who can’t be trusted with sharp knives. Delude yourself into thinking that I’m incapable of caring for myself. Its okay.

I’m not angry in fact I deserve all the recriminations that you can wad up and throw at me. Hit me with your best shot I’ve already shown myself I can take it. Take it and take it and take it some more and still wake up with a smile on my face and in my untainted heart.

My soul is intact despite what my eyes have seen, my ears have heard. Despite the bridges by the dozen that my larcenous treacherous gambling brain has burned to the ground. Its a big world.

I’m a sinner but not a mortal sinner. I’m bad but I’m not evil. Although the road to hell is paved with good intentions, my personal road to salvation is still in front of me along with my dreams.

Grace is remarkable. God is truly amazing. Enigmatic pretty verily sums up so many things.

There is no black nor white for me on most issues there are varying shades of grey. I’m crazy but in a good way.

I’m not repenting from death row I haven’t killed anyone you see. My sins run to the petty variety. Sure there are plenty of them that is without a doubt a true statement. Paper cuts if you will. I’ve inflicted an untold number of paper cuts on everyone I’ve ever come in contact with but more so to myself.

I’m not depressed although I often get frustrated.

Sunny days I feel His grace and I know that I am a loved child of God. Goddammit I take that name in vain its wrong but He’s strong and I tend to be foolish at times.

I haven’t grown up yet you see.

Experience is a folly for the soft but I’ve got mettle.

Shedding my stubborn ways embracing the flexibility I should have embraced years ago but why look back in anger? What will that get done for you? Not much to be sure not much.

Let the haters hate they always will. I gossip too and bandwagon jump and lack the courage of my convictions

but I’ve suffered you see and I’ve survived and when push comes to shove

I will have something good to die for you see its making it beautiful to live.

Future and time and dreams ahead and it will all come to pass the way it should come to pass and if you doubt me then doubt me I couldn’t care less it hurts me for a bubble eyed goldfish second then I move on unscathed.

It’s not revenge I seek nor do I wish to shove my future miracles in your face because you can’t be blamed for doubting me I doubt myself don’t you see but experience and the heaviest sense of destiny tell me sing to me preach to me pound into me like a nail that there is more to my existence.

I was put here for a reason and its not as a lesson of what not to do or how not to act. I’ve been foolish but I’m not a fool. I’m a clown but not like John Wayne Gacy or Pennywise from IT.

Maybe at the end of the day I will give people something to believe in. Maybe I will restore faith in the inherent goodness that I still believe exists in the world despite the many shining example of “People you’ll see in hell”. Those are lost souls and I don’t know why and I care about the victims but i don’t care about the motherfucking bastards that are featured in that website. Don’t know how they got that way and its not up to me to explain or lose my faith in that goodness I just referred to.

Its there and I’m humble enough to pray that the grace that has kept me going this long doesn’t fizzle out or erode like the good will I usually encounter then lose with the humans that I push pull bend twist demand annoy and ultimately lose as good will ambassadors in my saga.

My life is littered with them and its all my fault but my journey is not done and someway someday I’m going to pick up a couple passengers that are going to see this thing through with me.

Right to the very end.

I’ll cry in the face of unswerving unbending uncompromising loyalty but they will be tears of joy.

For now like Ella’s mother once told me I will just think of you all bathed in a pool of white light.

Stream of consciousness fades for today.

Good day lovely day hold the sun in my hands today.

However, your (sic) clearly a horrible writer.

I just did this last night. I rock. My name is Anthony Mandich

A comment from “Just for Thought”
“I feel you need to grow up. The attack was brutal and cowardly and the people who participated should be caught and punished. But the filth and venom flying out of your post is nearly as ugly as the assault. “I truly could care less what color they are” doesn’t ring true from someone who finds it so easy to use the anti-gay and anti-woman insults you’ve sprinkled on this page. Change yourself, grow up, being vulgar isn’t pretty or tough or manly.”

A comment from “Roger Bland”
“This is a daily occurrence, and it is quite frustrating.

However, your clearly a horrible writer. Your article, comments, and arguments are almost as infuriating as this video. I understand why you want to express your feelings towards this cowardly beat down, but your message is weak and only shows how feeble minded you are.

I don’t mean to insult you, but maybe try stepping back for a moment, controlling your emotions, and write something that people won’t find so annoying and immature when reading.”

Anthony Mandich Created This. If You Have $25k You Want it? It's Yours

The other comments I saw seemed to be pretty positive in response to my article on Aaron Jacob Parsons and his gang of street pirates who thought it would be cute to beat, rob, strip and humiliate some random dude wandering around in Baltimore.

Looking back through my post I will admit to using some rather disparaging remarks to describe the females visible in the video.  I used terms like “stinky ass fat whores”, “cunts”, and of course “bitches”.  In retrospect I realize that I should have taken the time to divorce myself of the angry emotions that were flooding my brain after watching the video, gather my thoughts, and come up with a better analysis.

Anthony Mandich's Original Art Depicting Marilyn Monroe in a Familiar Pose

It was also pointed out to me that I used some pretty harsh terms to derogatorily describe the perpetrators of this senseless crime.  I used terms like “faggot”, and references such as “i love to suck cock”.  I offer up no excuse for my bad behavior.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere apologies to the homosexual community as well as the female community for my thoughtless comments.  I promise to watch what I type in the future, perhaps asking myself, “What Would Jesus Do?” if I find myself unsure about what I’m writing.

I hope this post paves the way for a reconciliation between myself and the homosexual/female communities.

I think its a shame and really sad that Jean Harlow died at age 26


Anthony J. Mandich

beware the wrath of /b/ 4chan/b/ versus @flyguyparsons

Screen shot taken from the twitter account of Aaron Jacob Parsons

Its been an interesting day in Cyberspace.  A perfect storm of sorts has come together and unleashed her fury on in the form of thousands and thousands of views of an article I wrote regarding Aaron Jacob Fosters yesterday.  As of 7:01 p.m. tonight I have had 6,938 people from 11 countries visit my website and read what I wrote. There 3,583 clicks of links that I provided that contain more information/corroboration of the crimes that are proven alleged by what I have written, all of which originated on the /b/ forum on  I want to take this opportunity to give props to the guys and girls who reside at /b/.  They might be a little warped but collectively they hold a great deal of power in their fingertips.  It was awesome to be a witness to this power as it unfolded.  Awesome as in I was awestruck and still am.  Certainly it is not a good idea to get on the bad side of a group that has this kind of power at its disposal.  Even worse to do it when they are bored and frothing at the bit for something to do.

It seems a bit of a foregone conclusion that the consequences are going to be severe and swift for the individuals responsible for the degrading beat down and robbery of the still unnamed victim in this case.  I feel absolutely no sympathy for the perpetrators.  I don’t give a shit what they have to say about it or what their excuse is or if they even remember what they were doing because of intoxication levels , temporary amnesia etc.  I really hope that prison is the end result for Aaron Jacob Parsons and everyone else involved, especially that annoying drunk bitch wearing her black panties parading around the street like she was some glamour queen.  Fuck her.  (man she STILL pisses me off)

The haters calling me racist can all suck it to be honest.  I am not even going to bother addressing that accusation.  It’s not true and my life and anything I’ve ever written in the past will attest to that FACT.  So, hate on haters.

I got a call from a reporter named Justin from the Baltimore Sun.  We talked for quite a few minutes about the origin of this situation, 4chan’s /b/ forum and more.  His view, stated to me anyhow, was that this is an instance of the internet being used for good and he was quick to show his admiration for the detective work done by the /b/ forum lurkers.  I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment.  Choosing to fight against the “forces that /b/ is the ultimate example of the idiot who brings a knife to a gun fight”.

Have a good night everyone……Anthony Mandich

ImageADDENDUM: I replied to an email from the reporter I mentioned.  Here is what I had to say.  And I quote:

hey justin it was good talking to you.  i’m sending you this stuff before i even blog it so i must think you’re cool.  just don’t get me killed lol.

here is a quote from me if you want
“aaron jacob parsons is a wanted man”….post after post on /b/ repeated those words. it was late i was annoyed.  the arrogance shown by @flyguyparsons and @CASHton-Kutcher by posting the video of themselves proudly separating a man from his dignity really angered me.  they acted like it was so funny and so cool.
to beat down a guy like that, seemingly with impunity when: 
(A) he didn’t deserve it  and 
(B) couldn’t do anything about it but bleed and sit there bewildered, humiliated and alone and 
(C) further add to his pain by taking everything of value in his possession, stripping him naked, and letting some ugly drunk annoying bitch slap him open palmed across his face while he’s on his back  just didn’t sit well with me.
and the poor guy took it like a champ.  he didn’t defend himself (which was probably smart in this instance because this was a bear that you had to play dead against for sure.  so yeah he didn’t defend himself but he also didn’t bring further dishonor to himself by crying, pissing or moaning.  
two things resonated strongly with me.
1. the images of parsons mugging for the camera before the humiliation began and then creeping up and start digging through the guys pockets like it was a big joke.  i really hated that.
2.  that ugly chick wearing her panties with her big old ass all drunk grinding on the guy before it all started and then when he was down on his back she’s there standing behind his head and starts slapping in his face HARD and he can’t even see where these blows are coming from because she is standing behind his head.  that was particularly cowardly and thinking about it right now gets my blood boiling.  
you asked me what was different about this video as opposed to the many other millions of videos that are out there on the internet.  I am going to answer that with a post i did on some girls from a sorority at bowling green who were tragically killed in a car accident a few weeks ago.  my answer is obvious.

Aaron Jacob Parsons is a wanted man.

7:07 p.m. Wednesday April 18th, 2012 Update on the Aaron Jacob Parsons Saga:

Click here for an update that you won’t really believe.



Follow this link

for all the inside information about the case involving Aaron Jacob Parsons and his role in the ST. Paddy’s Day B’more Beatdown





Update 10:49 p.m. Wed April 4th, 2012

In REPLY to the article in the Baltimore Sun by Justin Fentin:

AnthonyMandich at 8:13 PM April 04, 2012
To clarify: a video filmed by @CASHton_Kutcher, starring Aaron Jacob Parsons and a cast of cowards who beat, robbed, and stripped naked a man who was defenseless, drunk, alone, and clearly in over his head, was posted to worldstar and twitter.

The initiator of the physical violence is an aspiring male model, and famous dj in the Maryland ghetto named Aaron Jacob Parsons.

This is a fact, not an allegation.

His words and mannerisms BEFORE he put his hand in the victims pocket and took his car keys, are indicative of premeditation (consideration of an act beforehand that shows an intent to commit that act).

<>He mentions worldstar, chuckles about how he’s GOT to take the boy’s money, and then proceeds to do just exactly that. Clearly this was not done in self defense as he unconvincingly tried to make it appear on his twitter account.

I am Anthony Mandich, the person who wrote up the story and posted it at The smug attitudes, and hysterical laughing while this guy was robbed and then stripped naked on the streets pissed off everyone on the /b/ forum at  

They outed him and that’s that. Now Mr. Parsons is going to pay, hopefully with some penitentiary time.

A person who shows a shameful lack of courage in the face of danger is a coward. Aaron Parsons deleted his Twitter account which contained approximately  30,000 tweets as soon as it was clear we were onto him.  30,000 tweets.  That’s a lot of tweets to throw away at the first sign of danger.   I laugh at him for that.  I’m also grateful he’s never heard of “consciousness of guilt” as well.  Deleting your Facebook and Twitter is drastic and also another sign that he knew full and well that he had been a bad bad kid. Idiot…

Although I am somewhat naive to the intricacies of the law, I believe factors that indicate premeditation, can be utilized by motivated prosecutors to elevate the charges  that a defendant faces.

 When the act that follows (the premeditation) is  one that you wouldn’t write home to Mommy about AND results in the suffering and degradation of an innocent person, consequences should be quite severe, in my opinion.

Helpless (harmless)…forced to endure abuse of a humiliating and heinous nature…robbed, beaten, stripped of his garments…his tag heuer watch.. his dignity, pride, and self confidence…

 all for the sake of bemusement (at best)


You would trade your humanity for something as intrinsically worthless as filming yourselves beating a man so you can post the results on the  internet??   (and in the meanwhile prove yourself  to be of base origin, a low life contemptible Neanderthal, completely devoid of  high values or ethics, shoddy, inferior in quality, with a selfish lack of  human decency)

I hate to break it to you ladies and gentlemen but that’s nothing to aspire to.  I mean listen…I’m so far from perfect it can’t be overstated just how far away I am.  Light years, galaxies, solar systems even.  But, with all of my flaws and lapses in judgment fuckups, I’m still a human being striving to evolve.  If I found myself  as devoid of hope as the animals who perpetrated this hateful action, my life would be over because often, that faith in the nobler aspects of mankind is the only thing that keeps me plodding along.

The last comment I want to make here is regarding the color of everyone’s skin.  Race is certainly a hot button topic in society today.  When hasn’t it been?

Pervading charges of racism abound constantly to the point where it becomes so redundant that in my opinion it just cancels itself out.

A large percentage of the comments I’ve read on my own blog here and all over the internet are inappropriate, insensitive and fucking beyond ignorant.  Again, so overwhelming in nature, that I find myself laughing at some of the crap I read.  I never censor comments on my own site.  I think censorship is fucking hideous.

People have been calling me a racist all over the internet and I honestly don’t give a flying rat’s ass.  I’m not racist.  No matter what way you slice it, I’m not fucking racist.  Of all the lowlifes in this world, white trash inbred redneck motherfuckers talking about white pride and all that separatist crap about preserving some non existent white race blah blah blah blah…they annoy me more then any other lowlife cross section of any race that exists in this world.  I hate em.

I can’t stand ignorance.  And brothers let me tell you… nothing sings louder in my heart head and soul as being true then the idea that racial superiority is BULLSHIT with a capital B just like I typed it.    Fucking utter bullshit.  I’m white.  I’m from Trinidad and Tobago.  It’s black.  I don’t give a shit.  I like black people, I’ve fucked hugged scores of black chicks (hot ones), and I have plenty of black friends.  I like Asians just fine.

The stereotypes about Asians and gambling are true though….let me tell you hahahaha.  I’m a big time gambler and gambling knows no color lines.  One of my very best friends in the world who unfortunately got shot and killed  was Vietnamese.  I speak Spanish fluently because I like Mexicans.

I just don’t give a gosh darn shit about race.  Its not an issue I consider before making decisions in my life for the most part.  

I’m not in prison and never have been so why should I ride in the white car and exclude a huge percentage of the world from my insane life?  Screw Fuck that.  Its pretty much obvious to anyone with a brain, that every group on the planet has its pieces of shit and its stars.  I hate pieces of shit no matter what color they are.  I don’t even know why I’m even saying this because honestly I don’t give a care  shit what you think, about what I think, about the color of a man’s skin.  If you don’t like me then I’m sure we can exist in our own little corners of hell the planet without ever crossing paths.  Fine by me.

I just wanna live baby.

So there it is.  That’s what I think about all of this stuff shit.  Take what you want out of it and leave the rest behind.  And enjoy your life as much as you can without making some else hate theirs.  That’s not too much to ask in my opinion.  Bye bye……

What follows is the original Post 

Update 12:42 a.m. Wednesday, April 4th, 2011 2012 Just noticed that lol.


I’ve been told off by several readers of this post for my anti-women and anti-homosexual venom so I’m going to correct the portions of my write up that contain these disparaging  views.  I apologize to anyone offended by these remarks.

UPDATE:  9:52 a.m. Tuesday, April 3rd,2011

This post is getting an unbelievable number of views and from what my stats indicate, many of these are from wonderful people hot bitches.  I just wanted to say thanks for that.  

Here is the basic story as I know it.  Approximately 9 days ago in Baltimore, Maryland an adult male  standing on a sidewalk was surrounded by a group of young adult males and females.  One of the females who looked like she was just wearing panties and a tee shirt started grinding her butt stinkyfat ass into the guys crotch like she wanted to make love get penetrated.

One guy in a grey beenie starts creeping up to the victim on his right then two guys with white shirts are right next to him on the left.  The taller one, Aaron Jacob Parsons reaches into the victim’s front right pocket and grabs something before the guy could stop him.  Then the victim starts walking towards the criminal Parsons who sucker punches him with a cowardly but lethal right hook, sending the innocent man tumbling to the concrete where he is then beset upon by the crowd of approximately 15 people who proceed to punch, kick, slap and stomp him.

I was lurking on laughing out loud like a mental patient at the crazy shit that goes on there when a link to the video causing all the commotion popped up along with the usual /b/tarded request for justice, saying how this bullshit couldn’t be tolerated and a bunch of random blah blah blah.  Same sorta shit you will see there right now if you feel the need to walk on the wild side.

Our version of the video was on Twitter and came from  the account of Rashad PItts aka King Cash aka CASTton_kutcher.

His Twitter page and Facebook were still up at that time so I was reading his tweets where he’s talking all tough about dry snitches and all this other ghetto ass bullshit basically trying to intimidate the pests from /b/ who were already getting started with a seek and destroy mission against him and his buddy the now infamous Aaron Jacob Parsons.

Rashad Pitts was the cameraman who filmed this inhuman assault.  He was also revving up Parsons, egging him on to steal the guys watch and introducing his video with an “only in baltimore” which was followed up by Parsons with a shout out to

It was also posted on the attackers Twitter page which has since been deleted along with his Facebook.  The original guy who started the whole thing is Aaron Jacob Parsons @flyguyparsons on Twitter.

The continuation video is on and it is deplorable and despicable.  Here that is:

It shows the poor getting robbed like a dead man and stripped all the way naked on the street corner.

It made me sick to watch. Once the first punch was thrown by Parsons, it seemed to trigger the pack mentality in the rest of the group.  I’ve never understood why these types of beatings are tolerated, and in fact seem to be the modus operandi for most street gangs to use when dealing with someone considered a rival or an enemy.  There just seems to be an element of implied cowardice inherent in this form of doting out punishment.  Where is the challenge in having 15 guys beat down one guy?

I don’t see the bravery. I don’t see an element of respect being garnered by the ones issuing the beating.  I simply believe that mob beatings lack honor and are not anything to ever feel proud of.    I always think to myself what a bunch of really bad people cunts to do that shit.  Even the females ugly ass whores that were there were slapping the guy when he was on the ground and shit should be sent to the penitentiary. Ruffians!! Assholes!.

Obviously they all know they are going to the penitentiary soon because they all deleted their social media accounts and started making anonymous threats on  I guess they thought they were going to intimidate an army of anonymous /b/’s but the /b/’s were having none of that.  They started digging deep and got Aaron Jacob Parson’s phone number (443)-633-8508, his Myspace, Facebook etc., posted the video on (which was taken down by the interesting management pussy fucks at youtube…God I strongly DISLIKE hate youtube).

It was put on Here’s the link for that UPVOTE FOR JUSTICE:

It was pretty funny to read all the tough talk coming from those cowards on their twitter accounts only to have them delete their own accounts and run for the hills like the dastardly dopes pussies they are.  I for one, sincerely hope they are arrested and sent to prison for what they did to that poor guy.  Darn Fuck them.  And dudes….you guys hang out with the loveliest females ugliest, skankiest looking, stinky ass whores I’ve ever seen.

You guys are mean!! Die Fuckers

Aaron Jacob Parsons, hitting the guy was one thing. Turning out his pockets when the dude helpless on the ground yet another.
Not entirely sure that I understand the need to take off everything including another mans panties
i’m so sorry for being SUCH A meany BITCH
no matter what the color of my skin is i am an hero asshole
Hi, I’m Aaron, I enjoy sweater vests and long walks on the beach…


Here is Aaron Jacob Parsons Facebook

Then and there I got a sinking feeling in my chest, I knew what was coming was something that our oblivious victim in the green mountain dew shirt was not going to enjoy terribly much. A cowardly assault I could handle, shit I’ve seen millions of them live and on the world wide.  I pretty much have numbed myself to getting emotional about matters out of my control and to be honest there is just so much out there in cyberspace, much of it exponentially more horrifying then this but…..and yes there is a but….I do not claim to understand myself well enough to even try and figure out why some stories just take hold of my brain, to the point that i cannot move from my chair until my heart tells me that i have done everything possible to investigate and figure out why (mostly) this or that fucked up situation took place.  i get so mad at some of these people and i feel so sad for these victims that my own internal justice center compels me to doggedly pursue every scrap of clue out there, looking under every rock, reading every thread, google data mining myself into oblivian,  until my brain and heart sigh and i’ve somehow killed six hours and i’m fucking starving  dying of thirst need to piss so bad…i’m drained…dead to the world bemoaning the fact that all my good intentions for a session of real productivity handling tasks often crucial to my survival on the planet, let alone my well being have been thrown out the fucking window yet again.  I never have anything tangible to show for my efforts which is a shame because if i’m honest and not just tooting my own horn, i’m saying about myself, “the kids got talent”.  there is no denying it, i’m smart, savvy, well educated and tenacious as a badger.  you would probably be shocked if it i told you to what lengths i’ve gone to fully immerse myself in one of my quests to understand what basically boils down to the pig headed, evil nature of quite a large percentage of the population roaming the planet today, and every day before today.  i learn some of the craziest shit in the strangest ways and it probably serves no purpose except between me and the victim, especially if they have died as a result of whatever it is i’ve latched onto,  i feel this weird connection and i can’t stop myself from continuing whether my right shoulder is aching my fingers and feet are numb like they are right now or not, i can’t stop until i feel like the victim feels that i’ve done my duty to get to the bottom of whatever it is that caused them to be victimized and usually die.  its respect and sadness and overwhelming empathy that drives me and its truly for the most part a personal thing. i do write this blog but nobody reads it and i really couldn’t give a shit for the most part, i’m just doing my part to keep striving, searching for answers to queries that will never be answered to my satisfaction.  i get clues but true satisfaction never. i’m always in search of that story that the world has got all wrong, one where the perpetrator is the victim, one where my faith in humanity can somehow be restored a little. i can’t even define for myself  what my quest even is so i’m definitely doomed.  how can you find the answers you are looking for if you don’t even know what the question that you’re asking is?  that’s a devastating thought to me it really is.  but what am i supposed to?  all i can do is resign myself to another long session of data mining until i have followed every thread, investigated every possible correlation among the minutia available at my fingertips.  using a machine to try and understand what motivates a person its fucking retarded.  its not good for me to dwell when i’m in this reflective, yearning, questioning mood, on nights exactly like tonight when the room is quiet except for the sounds of my fingers, the humming of the piece of shit tower i’m using, the sound of the rice cooker popping to signify that its done.  my face is hot, my ears and cheeks are burning and i’m babbling.  there is some point to this exercise if i could just figure out what it is and let the profound truth of it just release itself and in doing so release me from this chair i would be so grateful.  when i wrote the post i’m editing right now (why by the way has been reblogged on this site should you choose to have me shut the fuck up and just get to the content you came here for) i was in a different mindset.  if you are ever bored you should spend a day going through all my posts.  there are unquestionably some brilliant things that i’ve written lurking in my archives.  the truly special ones i reread in awe, never even remembering writing them and i get that sense of twitchy freaky hairs on my arms standing up sorta creepy (but not) feeling coursing through my head and my narcissism lulz take over and i know i am fated for something more then an ordinary existence.  lol aren’t we all. for fuck’s sweet sake.  killing me.

I tell you what, i’m not deleting this stuff but i’m going to do you all a favor and move my original content back up and this literary mumbo jumbo bullshit to the end and i’ll even warn you before you start reading it that you will end up cursing my name and muttering to yourself if you choose to continue past a certain point.  

I’ll just do that now …hold on….

I find myself often (rightclick/copy/openlink)ing anything remotely interesting on the internet and this was no exception. I probably had thirty windows open and refreshing (we have the worst slow shitty dsl) and my routine usually is to stay on whatever i’m on at the time until i know its safe to start clicking on the new batch of bullshit.  Its fun, its addicting, you learn a lot of useless information but you feel connected to the world at the same time so whatever.  anyways i digress as usual.  sorry about that. 

Cathy Sarinana is The Ugliest TRoll on The planeT of The Apes

Tragically killed by the cowardly and impotent serial killer with the squeaky voice and feminine mannerism, John Gardner.



This pretty young girl, made the mistake of cutting through a field to get home a bit faster on Super Bowl Sunday in 1994 and was promptly kidnaped, raped, beaten and murdered by a perverted piece of dog shit named Joseph Smith who has thankfully been sentenced to death in Florida.



Harold Braddy, a black man from Florida was pissed off because Quatisha's mom who was like 22 politely declined his repeated advances and requests for a romantic relationship. Even though he was 34 years older then his intended girlfriend, she made a big mistake by turning this piece of shit down. He got so mad that he took young innocent Quatisha and threw her into the Alligator Alley where she was partially eaten and completely killed.

Spoiled little tyrant was denied permission to throw a party by his parents so he decided to kill them. Overreact much Tyler? Hammered them to death with a hammer which is a double negative and I don't give a shit about that. Sources also allege that Tyler is a pillow biting turd burglar who ate his dead dad's ass out after killing him. Girls at the party he threw later that night were disgusted by his breath which apparently smelled like a middle aged man's dead ass. Perhaps everyone who is going to be in contact with Tyler from here on out should prepare themselves to avoid his ass halitosis as it will be a lifetime problem now that he will be incarcerated with so many well hung but dirty and stinky prison dudes. Rock on Tyler you fuck stick.



Poor, pretty, trapped, doomed, lovely, sad, tragic, truly depressing story. I love you Sylvia Likens.

Poor thing, betrayed horribly by her morbidly obese and unbelievably smelly and rat faced Step Father David Spears who with his partner Christopher Collings a six foot six retarded fucking moron decided to rape and kill her and then casually dispose of her body where it wouldn't be found for a week when it was beginning to rot. David the fucking hellbound sweat hog let Rowan's poor mother worry about her for that week. C.C. the tall blonde walking bucket of shit has already been convicted (capital murder) and he will soon be rotting alive on Death Row. After November when the fat piece of shit David Spears is found guilty of murder and impersonating a human being, he will likely join his horribly retarded sister brother thing on Death Row. Hopefully to be exectuted soon.

The poor kid on the left was smothered to death by his selfish, twisted, fucking four eyed, slutty ugly bitch of a mother. Sad but true. Maybe she will die suffering and the sooner the better.

I love to data mine.  That’s what I call it when a topic takes over my brain interests me and I spend several  days hours tracking down every fucking name involved in the story and putting them through every internet search available to mankind.  It becomes an obsession and sometimes its probably not the healthiest of obsessions because as much as I like to joke around about the majority of the shit I read on,, and every other website, there are certain stories that when I read them, I have to read them over and over just to make sure I have the ludicrous and seemingly ridiculously impossible set of facts down because I just can’t really actually fathom that people supposedly created in God’s image can behave so unspeakably disgusting.  These are the stories that anger me greatly.  Oh I ballyhoo on and on about “off with his head” and “let me guess….florida” and that sort of shit but for the most part those stories only reach me in a place that’s not too terribly deep not because I don’t care but more for the fact that my soul and heart and mind can only feel so much empathetic pain, disgust in the human race and so on.  if you let every story stab touch your inner heart then sadly you are going to end up either an emotional and paranoid and distrustful basket case or an unfeeling emotionless apathetic robot.  Every man has his limits.  And supposedly, allegedly, God only lets a person suffer what He knows a person can take.  I want to deny the essential truth in that statement. I want to scream that its fucking bullshit a lie but I can’t because in my narcissistic personal life which is the only life I have, although i’ve been to some koo-koo/koo-koo extreme places in my head due to insane drug use and sleep deprivation circumstances at a given time, so far the statement has held true.  I’ve been able to somehow handle and get past everything life has had to offer good and bad thus far.  I’m shocked by grateful for that and selfishly I don’t want to test it by getting myself personally emotionally involved in every single tragedy that I read about on the internet.  There are just too many stories.  Do you feel me? Too fucking many.  I don’t try to pick which ones I’m going to get in an uproar about either. They jump out and abduct me like the aliens in War of the Worlds  I just read the initial report, do my research and take it from there.  The ones that get me, the ones that i feel have the power to destroy me if i let them are few and far between for the most part.  They are the ones that almost immediately get my desire to inflict great bodily injury anger slowly building up, usually because a trusted member of a vulnerable and pretty helpless victim does something horrible that I know caused not only terror and fear and pain for a victim but also bewilderment, confusion and disbelief.  Always followed by incomprehensible demoralization and ultimately death.   Either a trusted member of a family or a complete and utter stranger.  I get really really mad and really really sad.  And I just want nothing but their heads exploding in microwave ovens horrible things for the perpetrators of these acts.  Before i started being physically unable to turn of the fucking computer staying abreast of these sorts of events i could pretty honestly say that i didn’t hate anybody.  No matter who had wronged me I didn’t hate them. I have wronged more people then have wronged me and I don’t feel any specific hatred from anybody so why do I have the right to hate anybody.  i don’t.  so i didn’t.  I know this is a long comment and I’m sorry but I just wanted to say that as a result of my interest in the people of this planet who fall victim to pieces of shit and my empathy for them and furious anger at the ones responsible for their always incredibly sad plight, I can now freely admit that I have added “hate” as one of the everyday emotions that I experience.  And it really feels like a thousand needles are stabbing my eyes bums me out. As stupid as this may sound, especially if you personally knew me, I feel like i finally grew up and became a fucking adult a big portion of my innocence that was somehow still intact after all these years of asinine stupidity pretty crazy living has been stolen from me by the monsters that I hate.  I just want to list the ones that come to mind when I think about hate and i pray for their “Death by a Thousand Cuts” bad bad things to happen to these people.  You may not know them all but who cares I am compelled to force you to hear them want to say them.  Its all from memory and perhaps a few fervent peeks at so sorry about any errors. unspJohn Gardner killer of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King.  Joseph Smith who killed Carlie Brucia on Super Bowl Sunday.  Christoper Collins  and his Tubbyass partner David Spears who just fucking defy description with the eakables they did against Rowan Ford.  Gertrude, Paula, John  Baniszewski, Richard Hobbs and Coy Hubbard who killed that poor, poor, poor girl Sylvia Likens. (really hate them so bad), Skylar Deleon and John Kennedy who killed the Hawkes couple in the Newport Beach yacht case (case absolutely fucking horrifies me the way these two were killed) Harold Braddy the bastard who threw that girl Quatisha Maydock into a swamp nicknamed Alligator Alley for obvious reason.  Fucking BASTARD.  Raul and Cathy Sarinana from Corona who killed, tortured and so much more. the victim? their nephew Ricky Morales who was 11 fucking years old.  Sharon Hinojosa the traitor cunt who betrayed her kids and let them burn to save a shitty relationship with some fucking asshole.  Russell Williams the Canadian Air Force colonel dude who killed Marie Comeau and some other chick.  Scary fucking twisted non feeling bastard.  Stacey Joy Bordeaux who killed one son and caused the other to be basically a brain dead vegetable.  Omaina Nelson who killed and dismembered her older husband who loved her and trusted her and got killed for financial reasons just a fucking cunt.  Tyler Hadley the little fucking bastard from Florida who killed his parents with a hammer.  Fucking asshole.  James Troutman a 24 year old sicko fuck who killed this girl named Skylar Kauffman, a cute little girl with the nicest smile you will ever see but who got killed at age nine in a horrific murder/rape/beating.  Michael King who randomly kidnapped this lovely young wife named Denise Lee, raped and shot her.  For no good reason.  To be honest I could go on and on and on and it sucks to have such hatred in my heart for my fellow human beings.  But I do.  I got a sick and twisted glee out of the fact that Christoper Collings that six foot six tall piece of dufus shit fuck got found guilty of capital murder and i can’t wait until he fries or gets injected or hung or shot or whatever happens to him.  I just want him to feel fear and pain and humiliation and confusion.  I want him to meet the devil with a mind filled with cobwebs and cottage cheese, whimpering like a broken man.  I hate him.  Sorry to say it but I do.

Letter To My Incarcerated Girlfriend

Dearest Kristen,

Hello my little love monkey ha ha ha.  Just kidding I was going to write you a letter chock full of soupy sappy moronic pet name talk and actually send it to you but seeing that it made me throw up in my mouth a little before I even got past the first line, I decided to forget my evil plot and just write you a more normal letter instead.

I’m sitting in the garage at Heather’s house and smoking a disgusting Marlboro Light and flicking the ashes on the carpeted floor like an asshole and listening to her gay dog Sancho whine to be let out of the gate where Heather and Riley are outside in the driveway saying hi and bye to Shirley who is Heather’s mom and who has come to pick up my daughter Ciara.  Ciara goes to high school right down the street from here at Tustin High School but she lives in Costa Mesa with her grandmonster Shirley.

My daughter made me some lunch today.  It was a bowl of rice with won ton filling stuff on top of it with some soy sauce and wasabi.  The won ton filling stuff was left over from last Sunday when Heather made some won tons when Ciara was over here with her Asian boyfriend Aeneas.  And no (before you ask) I have no idea what kind of Asian parents name their kid Aeneas.  Beats me.

Now I’m heating up some fragrant oils in an oil burner which if you haven’t seen one, looks a lot like the pipes the kids use these days to smoke speed out of.  Crazy youth of today.  They’ve gone wild I tell ya.

So maybe tonight I will take my $40 and go play some poker at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. $40 isn’t much to play poker with to be honest, so there is a good chance I will drive over 30 miles one way and end up being there for only a few short minutes. When you only have one buy in things can go wrong quickly.  I’m a bit of a gambler at heart so I will probably give it a go anyway.

I’ve been thinking a lot about your vagina lately.  In particular I’ve been thinking about the night we stayed on John Chase’s couch on Pueblo (in Cathedral City).  You remember that house right?  Of course you do!  It’s the last place you were as a free woman ha ha!  But do you remember the night that I’m referring to?  I got you some blankets out of my car and tucked you in on the couch.  I was also laying on the couch but at the opposite end.  Ring any bells Kristen?  No?

Well maybe this will refresh your memory.  When nobody else was in the living room and the lights were out I decided to go under the blankets.  When I was under there I pulled off your jeans and your panties.  I threw those in a heap on the floor next to the couch.  Then I proceeded to put my head between your legs.  There I found a wonderful thing.  It was your hairless pussy and even though it was pitch black under those covers which rendered me blind temporarily, I could tell that your pussy was a beautiful prize.  I then opened up this prize that I had been lucky enough to win by spreading your sexy legs and putting my wet tongue inside your hot hole.  It tasted so good and smelled so good that I couldn’t stop licking it and touching your asshole with my fingers.  I kept switching it up, fingers in ass-tongue in pussy then tongue buried in your ass-fingers gently massaging your perfumed clit in a circular motion until before long my face was covered in wet pussy juice.

I kept up a relentless rhythm pussy ass pussy ass pussy ass until after a while I was able to shove my entire inside your ass and french kiss it while your pussy continued to leak all over my face.  After 20 minutes or so I stopped and I could feel your back arching your pussy searching for my tongue.  From then on I let you beg for it the only way you could….by grabbing my head with both of your hands and burying my face between your legs where you held it while you grinded your clit against my face until I thought I was going to drown in an ocean of pussy.  Finally right when I was about to pass out I felt a series of violent shudders and low howl sprang forth from your throat.  Your ass was moving around like a goldfish who is suddenly taken from its bowl and placed on the counter.  You were flopping around so much and my mouth was filled with the sweet nectar of your pussy juice squirting into it.  I plunged my tongue up your ass one last time until you finally quit shaking and twitching and you breathlessly whispered “that was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had, thank you Anthony”.  I was like, no problem baby.  Anytime.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane Kristen.  I look forward to a summer full of gratuitous sex with you starting when you are released from the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility no later then May 21, 2012.


your boyfriend,  Anthony J. MandichImage