Throwing in my Two Cents Whether they like it or not

i just came across this draft fr0m 2012 which is basically a compilation of my comments on various websites.  i am a pretty witty little fellow or at least i was.  not sure why i never published this but lets go ahead and rectify the situation.  these are pretty entertaining even without the story which i am commenting on being known when reading my comments.  i’m that stupid is the reason why.  these are mostly dreamin demon articles.  if you are not sure what that means check this out


Anthony Mandich…..

on Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Baby Bear Blu Like A Bird: Twitter Reacts [VIDEO] – International Business Times 03/27/12 05:57 PM
Who really cares how Alicia Silverstone feeds her kid? It’s not that gross. Like big deal. Let her raise her kid the way she wants to. She’s not hurting anyone. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure all the haters have something better to do with their time and bigger fish to fry then Alicia Silverstone and her peculiar feeding habits. Penguins do it. All sorts of birds do it. As long as it’s not hurting anyone then just live and let live okay? Thanks people.

on Woman Arrested Woman Arrested After Throwing Coffee Into Passing Car 03/27/12 03:59 PM
In the days of my youth me and my friend Thadius Daniels were driving from Newport Beach (California) to Corona, where we lived. Our friend Jimmy was being a dick in front of us and throwing pennies out his windows which were hitting Thad’s VW Rabbit. So I took a piss in a Carl’s Jr. cup and filled it up all the way cuz we had been drinking beers all day on the beach. We came to a kind of a traffic jam and we pretended everything was all cool like, and pulled up to Jimmy, motioned for him to roll down his window. I had the cup in my hand but with a lid and straw so it looked like the real deal. He rolled down his window with a big grin on his face. As soon as he did, before he could even flinch he was covered and I mean covered in recycled beer. It was pretty epic. He was fucking pissed.

on The Snitch – Erin Sherbert – Sierra LaMar: Girl Who Resembles Missing Teen Spotted in Watsonville 03/27/12 09:30 AM
I hope they find her alive. I have a 15 year old daughter named Ciara. This hits a little too close to home

on Iowa Man Jailed For Exposing Himself And Eating Marijuana 03/27/12 09:24 AM
Can someone please explain to me what a black man is doing in Iowa City, Iowa to begin with? Let’s start there and I think all the pieces of the puzzle will fall together.

on Woman Pleads Guilty To Dismembering, Setting Fire To Disabled Man 03/27/12 09:22 AM
This insane person is fucking crazy.

on Did Cartoon Inspire Children To Set Fire To Mom’s Bed? 03/24/12 11:59 PM
Whatever the case may be I personally think we should send the little bastards into the corn fields a little earlier then normal. I’m pretty sure Malachi and He Who Walks Behind The Rows would welcome these children of the corn with open arms.

on Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Collings In Rowan Ford Case 03/24/12 11:52 AM
That bemused expression and those black soulless marbles for eyes…collings goes to some incredibly dark places in his mind. he is malignant and must be put down…

on Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Collings In Rowan Ford Case 03/24/12 11:50 AM
I’ve literally got goosebumps on my arms.

on Houston Elementary School Principal Arrested On Drug Charges 03/23/12 07:06 PM
Well here is another genius who seems to be a few grams short of a pound. Interesting to note that she is an educator in Texas. I would have thought she would have been a better fit at someplace like Roosevelt Academy in the Polk County School District. I’ll give you one guess what state Roosevelt Academy is located in.

on Man Calls 911 Because Wife Wouldn’t Let Him Browse Facebook Alone 03/23/12 06:59 PM
Domestic turkeys have been known to drown in a heavy rain shower because they didn’t realize that it would be dry and safe inside their hutches! Others are so brainless that they can’t even remember how to eat, and must be fed by the farmer.
Seriously this guy Hardwick’s driveway doesn’t quite reach the road. I’m stupefied and actually less intelligent now then I was before I read this article.

on Man Calls 911 Because Wife Wouldn’t Let Him Browse Facebook Alone 03/23/12 06:51 PM
I am just curious. Is this “person” a real human being? I only ask that because in his booking photo he looks somewhat like a marionette puppet. Combine that with the fact that he has to be literally the stupidest fucking moron jackass clueless breadcrumb brained idiot savant I have ever even heard of, then throw in the buzzword “Florida” into it, and all of a sudden I’m thinking some kind of low level alien being or perhaps he is actually a domestic turkey in disguise as a human?

on Mother Accused Of Choking Infant Six Times While In Hospital 03/23/12 11:17 AM
I remember a similar case where some black chick from Texas name Shaniqua Scott or something like that did the same fucking thing and she got 25 Years! I hope for the same here. If not more for being so stupid.

Cedric on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 09:06 AM
“Time of night ? It’s morning in Texas … where the Hell are you man ? PS ~ It was a big ass book,with no paragraph separation,but I did in fact read all of your comment,and I must say – I enjoyed it.Thank you for sharing Sir.”

on Naked Home Invader Shot By Police 03/23/12 09:03 AM
This is my pistol
this is my gun
this is for fightin
this is for fun.
I think he might have forgot which one was for fun

on Has Hailey Dunn Been Found? 03/23/12 05:43 AM
When I first saw the title for some reason in my delirious state of mind I was thinking that maybe she had been found alive and that the reason for the question was that maybe she was in a cult or something and refused to give her real name. As far fetched as that may sound it sure sounds a hell of a lot better then what appears to be the reality. Sorry for Hailey having to miss out on 70 plus years of life just so someone could have a few minutes of sick sexual gratification. If the goofy looking step dad did it well at least they live in texas a state that is pretty good at erasing killers from the planet earth.

on Police Say 8-Year-Old Consented To Sex On School Bus 03/23/12 05:34 AM
kids will be kids lol..hahahaa just kidding. castrate the little 13 year old romeo? shit whatever maybe the cops are right just let this one die. they are both under 14 so really neither can consent to shit but its pretty hard to say the 13 year old is a rapist if the 8 year old said hell yeah lets do it (presumably in american sign language) and did you see those kids? the eight year old is taller then the 13 year old and outweighs him by at least 15 pounds. i’m sure she could take him an mma fight.

on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:25 AM

on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:25 AM
LOL sorry. I was just pissed off. i didn’t really think anyone would read it. especially at this time of night.

malq on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:24 AM
“ “To be honest I could go on and on and on ”

impqueen on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:24 AM
“One name that stuck out for me is Amber Dubois. If you don’t know Amber’s mom Carrie McGonigle and Team Amber, you should. Carrie is awesomeness, and I consider her a friend. Her dog Amber found Michele Le, and Carrie has been a tireless advocate in the Hailey Dunn case. Also: ditto on Colings. And I would like to suggest spaces between paragraphs. 🙂 Also, go here and buy mah book. I read yours 🙂…”

on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 04:06 AM
I love to data mine. That’s what I call it when a topic interests me and I spend several hours tracking down every fucking name involved in the story and putting them through every internet search available to mankind. It becomes an obsession and sometimes its probably not the healthiest of obsessions because as much as I like to joke around about the majority of the shit I read on this and every other website, there are certain stories that when I read them, I have to read them over and over just to make sure I have the ludicrous and seemingly ridiculously impossible set of facts down because I just can’t really actually fathom that people supposedly created in God’s image can behave so unspeakably disgusting. These are the stories that anger me greatly. Oh I ballyhoo on and on about “off with his head” and “let me guess….florida” and that sort of shit but for the most part those stories only reach me in a place that’s not too terribly deep not because I don’t care but more for the fact that my soul and heart and mind can only feel so much empathetic pain, disgust in the human race and so on. if you let every story touch your inner heart then sadly you are going to end up either an emotional and paranoid and distrustful basket case or an unfeeling emotionless apathetic robot. Every man has his limits. And supposedly, allegedly, God only lets a person suffer what He knows a person can take. I want to deny the essential truth in that statement. I want to scream that its a lie but I can’t because in my personal life which is the only life I have, although i’ve been to some extreme places in my head due to circumstances at a given time, so far the statement has held true. I’ve been able to somehow handle and get past everything life has had to offer good and bad thus far. I’m grateful for that and selfishly I don’t want to test it by getting myself personally emotionally involved in every single tragedy that I read about on the internet. There are just too many stories. Do you feel me? Too fucking many. I don’t try to pick which ones I’m going to get in an uproar about either. I just read the initial report, do my research and take it from there. The ones that get me, the ones that i feel have the power to destroy me if i let them are few and far between for the most part. They are the ones that almost immediately get my anger slowly building up, usually because a trusted member of a vulnerable and pretty helpless victim does something horrible that I know caused not only terror and fear and pain for a victim but also bewilderment, confusion and disbelief. Always followed by incomprehensible demoralization and ultimately death. Either a trusted member of a family or a complete and utter stranger. I get really really mad and really really sad. And I just want nothing but horrible things for the perpetrators of these acts. Before i started staying abreast of these sorts of events i could pretty honestly say that i didn’t hate anybody. No matter who had wronged me I didn’t hate them. I have wronged more people then have wronged me and I don’t feel any specific hatred from anybody so why do I have the right to hate anybody. i don’t. so i didn’t. I know this is a long comment and I’m sorry but I just wanted to say that as a result of my interest in the people of this planet who fall victim to pieces of shit and my empathy for them and furious anger at the ones responsible for their always incredibly sad plight, I can now freely admit that I have added “hate” as one of the everyday emotions that I experience. And it really bums me out. As stupid as this may sound, especially if you personally knew me, I feel like a big portion of my innocence that was somehow still intact after all these years of pretty crazy living has been stolen from me by the monsters that I hate. I just want to list the ones that come to mind when I think about hate and i pray for bad bad things to happen to these people. You may not know them all but who cares I want to say them. Its all from memory so sorry about any errors. John Gardner killer of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. Joseph Smith who killed Carlie Brucia on Super Bowl Sunday. Christoper Collins and his Tubbyass partner David Spears who just fucking defy description with the unspeakables they did against Rowan Ford. Gertrude, Paula, John
Baniszewski, Richard Hobbs and Coy Hubbard who killed that poor, poor, poor girl Sylvia Likens. (really hate them so bad), Skylar Deleon and John Kennedy who killed the Hawkes couple in the Newport Beach yacht case (case absolutely fucking horrifies me the way these two were killed) Harold Braddy the bastard who threw that girl Quatisha Maydock into a swamp nicknamed Alligator Alley for obvious reason. Fucking BASTARD. Raul and Cathy Sarinana from Corona who killed, tortured and so much more. the victim? their nephew Ricky Morales who was 11 fucking years old. Sharon Hinojosa the traitor cunt who betrayed her kids and let them burn to save a shitty relationship with some fucking asshole. Russell Williams the Canadian Air Force colonel dude who killed Marie Comeau and some other chick. Scary fucking twisted non feeling bastard. Stacey Joy Bordeaux who killed one son and caused the other to be basically a brain dead vegetable. Omaina Nelson who killed and dismembered her older husband who loved her and trusted her and got killed for financial reasons just a fucking cunt. Tyler Hadley the little fucking bastard from Florida who killed his parents with a hammer. Fucking asshole. James Troutman a 24 year old sicko fuck who killed this girl named Skylar Kauffman, a cute little girl with the nicest smile you will ever see but who got killed at age nine in a horrific murder/rape/beating. Michael King who randomly kidnapped this lovely young wife named Denise Lee, raped and shot her. For no good reason. To be honest I could go on and on and on and it sucks to have such hatred in my heart for my fellow human beings. But I do. I got a sick and twisted glee out of the fact that Christoper Collins that six foot six tall piece of dufus shit fuck got found guilty of capital murder and i can’t wait until he fries or gets injected or hung or shot or whatever happens to him. I just want him to feel fear and pain and humiliation and confusion. I want him to meet the devil with a mind filled with cobwebs and cottage cheese, whimpering like a broken man. I hate him. Sorry to say it but I do.

on Husband Accused Of Knocking Out Wife With A Pineapple 03/22/12 11:17 AM
Exactly how the fuck do you knock someone unconscious with a pineapple? I can’t imagine that one smack upside the head would do it, would it? Seems like he would have had to beat her upside the head with the thing for quite a while.

on 400-lb. Man Sought In Dunkin’ Donuts Groping Incident 03/22/12 11:13 AM
I believe he has been located. Here is a pic the corpulent pile of shit.

on Woman Stabbed Man Because She Was Sick Of Cooking For Him 03/22/12 11:07 AM
Do I even have to ask if this manly man beast of an ugly ass peroxide headed no make up wearing she male is from Florida? No I didn’t think so.
Her picture is making me vomit in my mouth….
Just a little….

on Woman Gets Prison Time For Killing Son With Meth-Laced Breast Milk 03/22/12 11:05 AM
I speak from experience when I say unequivocally that meth users do not partake only
“a couple of times a week” . Its a daily drug and she is full of shit. If she really could stick to that schedule then why would she do it at all, knowing that she is fucking lactating and feeding her baby tainted breast milk? I’m all for the use of drugs if you can use responsibly. That being said, this bitch is giving tweekers a bad name hahahahahaha.
Oh yeah….off with her head.

on Two Men Arrested Aboard Gay Cruise for ‘Buggery’ 03/22/12 10:59 AM
The gaiety of this is just too much for me to take. I believe that all pickle sniffin’ should go on behind closed doors. I don’t have anything against turd burglars in general but I just don’t want to be a witness to any pillow biting while out for a friendly snorkle on some crazy island somewhere. All man lovers please don’t hate me for being beautiful……

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:54 AM
here’s the cd cover just in case you guys are into a little punk rock and roll

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:52 AM
Can’t say that i have but has anyone heard of:
1. Thank Heaven for Little Girls
2. Satan
3. Speed Demon
4. Blood Brothers Revenge
5. Blag the Ripper
6. Licky Tonight
7. Who’s Fucking Who
8. Fuck ’em All
9. Anybody But Me
10. Three Seconds
11. Fuck Around
12. Dairy QueenNOTES: Released 11/1/91. LP w/Johnny Glue w/o Dairy Queen. CD and CS
w/Dairy Queen w/o Johnny Glue.Released: November 1, 1991

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:50 AM
andy andy andy you never heard of parking the old beef whistle in the meat wallet? where have you been hiding my man?

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:49 AM
okay so what i’m thinking here is……isn’t it a waste of taxpayer’s dollars in FLORIDA (where else for fuck’s sweet sake) to go ahead and test the piss in the bottle for drugs too? what was that for? just to rub it in the chick’s face…….FAIL and oh yeah had you pulled it off FAIL anyways.
and jesus wept.

on Police: Baby Found Covered In Dried Feces, Gagged With Used Wipe 03/21/12 10:11 PM
what a dumb fucking drunk bitch

on Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy After Watching Porn With Him 03/21/12 10:09 PM
good god what a nightmare it would be to wake up and have this asspirate behind you

on Couple Accused of Caging Child, Making Him 40 Pounds 03/21/12 04:37 PM
Of course I was right…..LOL. and after reading this article, I’m saying a prayer that the dude dies.

on Couple Accused of Caging Child, Making Him 40 Pounds 03/21/12 04:35 PM
Just looked at the picture of that freaky looking dude and thought Florida……not sure if I’m right but that’s what my initial reaction is…..

on Woman Gets Stabby Over Pet’s Medical Bills 03/21/12 04:34 PM
Sounds like something that would take place in Florida….

on Video Captures School Bus Driver Yanking Child To The Ground 03/21/12 04:33 PM
no comment

on Boy, 12, Charged With DWI After Crime Spree Ends In Rollover Crash 03/21/12 04:19 PM
damn those kids are gangsta

on Public Official Claims Explicit Emails Were Plan To ‘Uncover Corruption’ 03/21/12 04:04 PM
Ahhhhh hahhh now I get it.

on Dad Demands Sex From Daughter In Exchange For Her Seeing Boyfriend 03/21/12 03:42 PM
I was reading through the defendant’s litany of aggravating factors which led to the insane decision to have sex with his daughter, thinking “bullshit” or “fuck that” after every one of them. Finally, at the end of his list of pathetic excuses there was one that made perfect sense and turned it all around in my eyes.
I am referring of course to his allergy to peanuts.
Let him out of jail immediately.

on Teen Who Blamed Devil For The Murder Of Child And Cellmate Pleads Not Guilty 03/21/12 03:31 PM
Perhaps this young hell-bound whelp of the devil should have stuck with bath salts as his modicum for getting high. Once he partook in the smoking of marijuana laced with the devils dandruff, his life seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Next time try hugs not drugs.

on Kony 2012 “Invisible Children” Filmmaker Detained For…Drunken Masturbation? 03/18/12 05:49 PM
I’m not going to watch his video. To be honest, I just don’t need any more hot button issues in my already crowded brain. Uganda is just going to have to deal with this one themselves. They are big kids. They can handle it. I’m sorry but that’s all I got.

on Maplewood Man Accused Of Killing His Family Tree 03/17/12 02:03 PM
tyler hadley has this guy beat hands down.…

on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM

FrikkenFrak on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Back in my partying days, I left more than a few “party favors” laying around….. ”

sherrdbw on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“My kinda guy! ”

newstarshipsmell on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Okay, well in that case…”

iLLusionS on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“I said I’d let the porn stay on…and he could keep the panties! If it makes you feel any better I would have sold the coke I took off of him, and enjoyed smoking the pot! :)”

newstarshipsmell on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Well you’re no fun. ”

iLLusionS on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“He’d have been found dead in my panties, on my couch, porn still rolling.”

FrikkenFrak on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Doesn’t everyone do this? .”

blubberdong on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“An asshole in a pair of panties is really not that unusual.”

on Teen Stabbing Suspect Tells Police Ouija Board Made Him Do It 03/17/12 12:45 PM
Ouija boards are not toys and should not be fucked around with. Seriously there have been a few too many tales about people jokingly summoning up spirits using the ouija board and then having inexplicably tragic things happen to them. Best to not fuck with things that you have no real knowledge about. In my opinion…..

on Mom Blames ‘Evil Presence’ For Daughter’s Stabbing Death 03/14/12 02:21 PM
Sorry but FUCK that! Off with this nappy headed bitch’s head.

on Toddler Shoots Himself In Head After Family Stops For Gas 03/14/12 02:14 PM
This is unbelievable. Why would the toddler purposely seek out the gun that his father had, just moments before, stashed away (presumably in a safe spot)? Then to make matters worse, the young child put the gun up to his own head and pulled the trigger? Why would he do that unless he has seen someone else doing something like that before?
All of this took place while the father was paying for his gasoline? How long does that transaction take? Maybe two minutes? Seems fishy to me. I’m sorry but it does. Do they have this incident on camera? They should since I’m pretty sure that all gas stations have CCTV operating at all pump areas and inside the store.
If it went down like it says it went down in this post then all I can say is what a terrible tragedy for all involved. To me it seems a bit suspicious though…..

on Woman Finds Child’s Fingers In Hawaiian Dumpster 03/13/12 08:20 PM
Reasonably sure, based on the little I’ve read in this article, that this is not going to turn out well for the female child aged between 2 1/2-4 years.

on Police Looking For Man Who Exposed Himself To Girls In Hobby Lobby 03/13/12 08:17 PM
They should make a place called Pedo Island and send all the Chi Mo’s over there and let them have their own little land to live in. Except of course they should all be chemically spayed and neutered first.

on Woman Bit Off Husband’s Lip During Argument 03/13/12 08:15 PM
Don’t give me no lip! Stop that jibber jabber.

on Girl Forced To Wear Embarrassing Shirt As Punishment For Shoplifting 03/13/12 08:13 PM
Apart from the fluoro green the shirt is not really that bad and I don’t see it as being much of a deterrent. I actually like the graphic she did. I’m wondering if that lady wants to license that graphic out to me to so I can include it in my line of T’s?

on Congrats On The New Face, Dallas Wiens 03/12/12 11:44 PM
Oh my God. This story brought tears to my cynical eyes. Unbelievable.

Athena on Body Of Krista Dittmeyer Found In New Hampshire Retaining Pond 03/12/12 11:13 PM
“Andy, darling… most people actually have to TRY to sound this moronic. As Morbid documented well in another response to you, the “Missing White Girl Syndrome” (or whatever people choose to call it these days) is a well-documented phenomenon, not a “theory”, and certainly not Morbid’s “theory”. Besides, one exception, or even 100 exceptions, does not disprove a rule. But, let me guess, global warming is a myth because it was colder than average in your city this year. (Insert dramatic sign and eye-roll combo here.) ”

on 03/12/12 10:18 PM
I just don’t understand the testicles on his forehead. What is it supposed to mean? And what happens if, God forbid (lol), he gets into some kind of physical (gasp!) altercation while incarcerated? Will those things pop inside of his head? Is there danger of causing a possible aneurysm? I don’t know…it just seems risky to me to have testicles implanted into one’s forehead purposefully. It is possible that I’m way off base here. Who knows.

on Police: Man Rapes 12-year-old, Forces Girl’s Mother To Watch 03/12/12 09:35 PM
hey this didn’t happen in florida did it?

on Woman Sentenced To Prison For Molesting Teen 03/12/12 08:16 PM
My computer screen is all blurry right now. This wouldn’t have happened to have taken place in Florida would it have?

on Sex Offender Accused Of Sodomizing 13-Year-Old Boy In Library 03/12/12 07:45 PM
jesus christ, king of the jews, that is a terrible story right out of the city i live in tustin. holy jumped up jesus palomino….getting sodomized in the library bathroom…sweet jesus..that’s pretty fucked up. jumpin’ jesus on a pogo stick, my 14 year old daughter goes to tustin high school for christ’s sweet sake. jesus mary and joseph i’m glad they caught this little bastardo.

on Navel Gazing – Matt Coker – Joseph Hyungmin Son, Dr. Evil Henchman Random Task in Austin Powers, Gets Life for Torture 03/11/12 06:37 PM
I’m so glad this douche is in prison for life. I really am. Idiots that attack women, rape them, torture them and get off on the thrill of degrading other innocent human beings deserve nothing but contempt from society. The society in which we live shows its contempt in the only legal way we know how to, by locking scum away in jail, to rot and never see the light of day again. Joe Son, you are a douche. You sucked bad at MMA and I was also happy to see you get your balls obliterated in UFC 4 by Keith Hackney. That was great. Ha ha ha ha ha. Enjoy prison you douche.
Off with his head…..

on John Hock Is An Entertainer 03/11/12 05:41 PM
thanks a lot dreamin demon. researching this article led me to places i didn’t want to go. ever. my lord. i really had no idea the extent of insanity prevalent on this thing called the fucking internet. wild shit.

captaingrumpy on Police: Grandma Let Drunken Pervert Molest 3/11/12 03:48 PM
“where’s the picture of the dumbass grandmother.??”

on Police: Grandma Let Drunken Pervert Molest Girl 03/11/12 03:48 PM
i’m getting so good at this dreamin demon stuff that i read this whole article and didn’t even have to ask myself what state an idiotic bitch whore slapper of a grandma would have to be from for this type of shit to take place.
of course we all know its fucking florida. where else could it be?
lol. florida you are the proverbial red headed step child of the usa. red on the head like a dick on a dog. off with the state of florida’s head.. lol

on Teen Caught On Camera Having Sex With Neighbor’s Pit Bulls Teen Caught On Camera Having Sex With Neighbor’s Pit Bulls 03/11/12 03:40 PM
just wondering from a practical point of view…how do you continue life on the planet, especially as a young black man, after being caught in such a compromising position? how does a dog fucker face his wife/girlfriend for instance? seems a bit of a reach to use “my girlfriend….”
1. doesn’t have time for me (but pit bulls do? well actually he might have a valid one there. i mean dogs love attention from their human masters although maybe not this type of attention )
2. is always talking about work. what about me? (shit he might have another valid one. when was the last time you heard your golden retriever bitching about a long hard day at the office?)
3. spends all her time taking care of the children. there is no “us” time. (again, score one for the pit bull, dogs are notorious for letting their kids fend for themselves starting at a young age)
4. talks to her friends on the phone all the time. (well shit again….pit bull is starting to look more and more like a viable alternative to MY girlfriend now too)
5. spends hours on the computer (dammmmmmmmmmmit that does get on my nerves. i’m calling the animal shelter in a minute)
6. is always complaining about something as soon as I walk through the door. (don’t you fucking hate that? hey maybe this dog molesting bastard is the smart one and normal guys are the dumbasses)
7. never kisses me any more. if I don’t initiate sex we don’t have it. (hi dog pound, say you guys wouldn’t have any staffordshire terrier females available to adopt would you? i’m looking for three, maybe four mature ladies, errr, doggies to help guard my property)
8. blames me for not making enough money (hey is this beastiality thing a crime in EVERY state? surely there is a place i can go to get my swerve on with lassie and not be subject to the judgmental eyes of the ignorant world…)
9. looks like hell. she was beautiful when we first got together. now she’s a dog (lol maybe this is where the whole ugly scenario got started. our dog fucker thought that these days his lady wasn’t looking much different then flicka out in the backyard and flicka didn’t come with all the extra shit like numbers 1-8 above)
i guess when you break it down maybe 19 year old bernard archer is not as crazy and demented as we initially thought. maybe he is the normal one and its all of us that are fucked in the head. just saying……
sorry ladies lol. you know i’m just kidding lol.

on Homeless Couple Busted Having Sex On Stage At Ice Rink 03/09/12 02:55 AM
Talk to me Heather. Tell me what you see. I don’t even know what I did there myself so please fill me in you sexy mama.

Heather_Habilatory on Homeless Couple Busted Having Sex On Stage At Ice Rink 03/09/12 02:54 AM
“ I see what you did there!”

on Homeless Couple Busted Having Sex On Stage At Ice Rink 03/08/12 03:08 PM
damn…he is fuckin’ hot. if i was at the ice skating rink and i ventured on up to this sexy couple i would definitely inquire about the possibilities of join in a three way? he floats my boat man. especially that lack of teeth thing. its a definite turn on.

on Man Arrested After Girlfriend Killed By Exploding Cannon 03/08/12 03:05 PM
thats a ridiculous story about a ridiculous man. off with his head.

on Police Caught Inmate Smuggling Drugs In Her Vagina 03/08/12 01:12 AM
she should be charged for impersonating a woman and for being an ugly bitch

on Mother Arrested After Two Kids Eat Pot-Laced Cookie 03/08/12 01:11 AM
Same fucking thing happened to me one time at my old house. My roommates were total heathen pot head hippie fucks and they made some chocolate chip weed cookies that were sitting out cooling when i got home from the skate park around the corner. I had a hankering for one of those cookies and actually ended up eating two. They were totally yummy and all but when I got to the casino about an hour later and I was walking around I started feeling really fucked up and weird and creepy and shit. Then it finally dawned on me that I ate their stupid cookies. As retaliation I pissed in their milk.

on Two Teens Labeled Sex Offenders For Life After Bullying Incident 03/07/12 11:53 PM
this story was posted on my birthday. just thought everyone would like to know that considering i’m a narcissist

on Mother Charged With Having 6-Year-Old Daughter Videotape Group Sex 03/07/12 10:56 PM
i’m speechless.

on Man Arrested For Sodomizing Toddler Claims He’s Just A ‘Bad Tickler’ 03/07/12 10:54 PM
i feel like tickling that fat bastard with my switchblade

on Fired Teacher Kills Head Of Episcopal School Then Kills Himself 03/07/12 10:15 PM
Is that like a rhetorical question?

CT on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 10:13 PM
“Oh to be young again and fall for the just the tip bullshit. Memories…like the corners of my mind. ”

kimbev69 on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 08:38 PM
“Woo woo ;0)~”

on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 08:38 PM
Lena Lena Lena Lena….do you know how many times I’ve heard that? Too many to count. My other favorite is, “okay we can be naked but I’m NOT having sex with you tonight”…..
uh huh. sure.
and believe me i’m not date raper, or any kind of force the girl into doing anything that they don’t want to do….no means no….but stillll
uh huh sure……….

on Man Charged With Biting Off Another Man’s Nose During Fight 03/07/12 06:10 PM
That’s so gross. Imagine all the stuff that got into his mouth. What a freaky bastard hole of a man boy. He’s a dick dick dick dick dick dick boy.

on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 06:09 PM
That used to be one of my heavily used techniques too!!!! Let me just put the tip in baby I swear we won’t go any further lol. Girls can’t handle that without having the whole thing buried to the hilt…. at least the girls that I’ve been with…..
can’t believe i just shared that

on Fired Teacher Kills Head Of Episcopal School Then Kills Himself 03/07/12 06:04 PM
Let me guess……Florida?

on Exposure Of Fake Genitalia Leads To Real Charges 03/07/12 06:01 PM
This guy is a dumb ass. What is the point of showing off a fake twig and berries? I’m glad he got charged anyways. Just for being a dumb ass. Which should actually be a real charge in my opinion.

on Mom Accused Of Pimping Out 6-Year-Old Daughter To Homeless Men 03/07/12 05:58 PM
Oh yeah I forgot…..
Florida is just too fucking much. Sink that fucking state.

on Mom Accused Of Pimping Out 6-Year-Old Daughter To Homeless Men 03/07/12 05:54 PM
I haven’t read the other comments as I am supposed to be working at the minute and not commenting on dreamindemon stories. So, please excuse me if I say something already said.
Besides the other obvious shit about this evil bitch pimping out her kid and blah blah blah, I am just wondering, why, if she was going to pimp out her kid, would she pimp out said kid to members of the homeless community, who, for the most part, are not known for being particularly well off. What was she hoping to get from them?
1/2 a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20?
A sip of day old Budweiser?
First choice on the day old donuts that Old Man Sylvester got out of the dumpster behind Winchell’s,the ones that were sitting on the bag of used kitty litter and that only had a couple cigarette butts and snotty napkins in the vicinity?
A handful of grimy change, mostly stuck together pennies and nickels with one tattered dollar bill?
Maybe a care package of cigarette butts from the local mall, with 2 benson and hedges menthol 100’s (complete with red liptick), a marlboro light with a soggy butt, a brand new camel filter that someone lit upside down so the filters all melted away, and three of those long brown ciggies, More Filters)?
I would never pimp my daughter out to anyone for fucks sweet sake, but Jesus, this bitch surely could have aimed higher then a bunch of bums…
I hate her. Off with her head.

on Judge Resigns, Accused Of Showing iPhone Full O’ Penis To Worker 03/07/12 05:38 PM

on Boys, 12 and 13, Killed Friend With Rifle Then Hid Her Body In Trash 03/07/12 05:35 PM
All of these “alleged” accidents that take place when minors play with guns seem to be easily preventable. The parents of the little bastards could have used modern contraceptives to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant in the first place. I mean, obviously they could care less about their fucking kids so why make the rest of humanity suffer the consequences of their selfish, lazy, thoughtless procreation? Better to just let the little fucks die inside the condom before they are ever born and spare mankind the trouble of having to clean up their fucked up kids messes. China or whoever it is that makes prospective parents obtain a license to have a kid is on the right track…

on Man Decapitates Woman, Pins Her Nipples To Door Frame 03/06/12 07:35 AM
Soon as I saw the part about the nipples in the title I knew it would be from Florida. Of course. duh. ……….yawn………….

on Mom Accused Of Letting Son Drown Because She Hated Him 03/06/12 07:30 AM
As for this BITCH…what can I say? As brutal as it sounds I’ve grown quite accustomed to these types of insane and disgusting stories to the point of being somewhat immune to them…Yes its sad as shit but honestly I’ve read about much worse shit then this one. Much much much worse.
Fry the bitch and feed her to the sharks. Seriously. Just boil her and dump her overboard. No talk, no idle threats, fuck her mental state, fuck her childhood, fuck her period. I want the sharks or alliator to get her while she is conscious of whats going on.
I say all of that and you know what? I’m really not that mad at the stupid cow. Thats the sad part for me.

on Mom Accused Of Letting Son Drown Because She Hated Him 03/06/12 07:25 AM
As soon as I started reading this article, and I swear to God this is true, I thought to myself, this bitch looks like she is from India or Pakistan but this sounds like she has got to be from Florida. I know that is says Florida plain as day at the beginning and whatnot but believe me I just glossed right over it. I really started paying attention in maybe the third paragraph. Of course I was correct. Something is wrong with the residents of Florida I’m telling you. Florida, hands down,does tragic and heinous, along with stupid and pointless, along with selfish and depraved, along with evil and hellbound, along with sick and twisted along with many many many more expressions of BAD better then any other geographic location. I fly into Miami every summer on my way to the Cayman Islands and its very beautiful to see the keys and stuff from the air. Enchantingly beautiful. I have a feeling that the whole area though, is something like the MicMac burial ground in Pet Sematary. Just an evil place where bad shit happens. Florida, you suck.

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:52 AM
well he didn’t do it but i’m sure he must have felt like an idiot after she was killed for talking shit to her

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:49 AM
she was definitely more then moderately attractive i’m sorry. she was fucking beautiful.

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:48 AM
exactly…drunk co-eds are way awesome. who ever said that lame and ignorant “who give a shit about a drunk ass coed” should be thrashed to within an inch of his life. not to mention this girl was dead the whole time you all were debating this.

Morbid on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:46 AM

Who gives a shit about a drunk ass coed
Uh, drunk co-eds are awesome.”

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:42 AM
Wow she was heartbreakingly beautiful and seemed so full of life. After a couple hours of internet stalking on this case it even seems more of a tragic and despicable act by this dude James Biela. First of all why rape these girls (there were several)? He had a girlfriend so he can’t really say he was deprived of sex. Second, why oh why oh why in God’s name did he have to graduate from rape to rape/murder? No conscience? That much of a narcissist that he just has not one iota of a shred of a speck of compassion or empathy for anyone else but himself? I just really don’t get it. All I would want to do to that girl would be to love her. In a million years, it wouldn’t cross my mind to snuff her out, end her existence…..murder her. What a dick. An evil dick. An evil asshole who actually has a kid in like first or second grade that has to deal with that lovely stigma….it boggles the mind. It really does. He got the death penalty so he’s fucked. But you know what he is fucked anyway. You can’t kill something that precious without it completely destroying your soul and your eternity. Good riddance asshole.

on Man Charged After Shooting Boy In Eye With Crossbow 03/05/12 03:57 PM
ballsy little guy to take the fucking thing out himself. damn. doubt if i could actually pull that off.

on Man Charged With Killing Neighbor Over Dog Feces 03/05/12 03:52 PM
What a shitty thing to do to his neighbor. I hope someone beats the crap out him. He’s in a world of shit now. Up shit creek for sure.

on Guilty Charge For Man Who Infected Toddler With Genital Warts During Rape 03/05/12 03:49 PM
I don’t understand how or why you would have sex with a one year old fucking child. Animal bastard

on Chad & Diana Carey Beat Puppies And Children 03/04/12 10:41 AM…
bankrupt cocksuckers

on Jose Cuevas Earns His Wifebeater 03/04/12 10:25 AM
Guess what three years later this piece of dog shit is still in prison. Check it out:
Date of Sentence03/16/2009DescriptionAGGRAVATED BATTERYTerm in Years / Months / Days120000000Type of ConvictionFBIndiana Citation Code35-42-2-1.5Cause Number45G04-0805-FA-00021County of ConvictionLAKEProjected Release Date02/15/2015

on Erin Markes Didn’t Starve Her Baby After All 03/04/12 10:13 AM
That story made me cry man.

on Lisa Maas: Murdered by a Smelly, Stabby Neighbor 03/04/12 09:58 AM
That poor, beautiful, sexy young lady did not deserve to die at the hands of that stinky fucking bastard. Hopefully that stinky fucking bastard is suffering every second of every day.
Terrrrrrrrrrrence? I forgot to say one thing! You fucking stink you fucking stinky piece of shit. You stink like shit. Stinky bastard. God damn dude take a fucking bath pig pen boy.
You smelly piece of rat shit. Die fucker.

on RSO Lucifer Hawkins Accused Of Raping 6-Year-Old Boy 03/03/12 04:50 PM
his ass ain’t getting out until at least 2036

on Boy Charged With Killing Baby Sister After Becoming Frustrated With Video Game 03/03/12 03:47 PM
He’s an ugly little potato head from Oklahoma. I say we make mashed potatos. off with his head.

Domino on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:34 AM

Pete Puma on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:33 AM
“It’d be a bummer to land in juvie over a handjob…don’t know if that’s what it was what was goin’ on…just sayin’.”

GrimReaper on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:33 AM
“I have read alot of this lately to and to add to your public service announcement, if the little ladies and or the ladies are willing to do this and then change their mind when they get caught then that makes them just as bad as the guys that want their wee wee pleasured. I think this is most likely the case with the younger kids when they get caught the girls know all they have to say is he forced me and they will get out of trouble, which is fucked up cause in most cases the guys lives are getting ruined over it. I just thought I would throw that out there. ”

on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:33 AM
food for thought…

on Rape Charges Dropped Against Teen After His Accuser Hangs Herself 03/03/12 05:31 AM
really sorry to hear about that leah…..i can’t stand rapists. they make me want to get violent which is not the answer either but fuck man its so frustrating. my daughter is 14 almost 15 and if anything ever happened to her i would become unglued….

on Angela Boyd May Face Charges For Faking Daughter’s Funeral 03/03/12 05:23 AM
Scumbag bitch.

on Police: Cabbie Rapist May Have More Victims 03/03/12 05:20 AM
He isn’t even in prison I just checked. He looks familiar for some reason too. I think I might have seen this fuck stick ahoy at one of the Indian Casinos I frequently visit. I’ve got my eyes peeled for this shit stain trust me.

on Police: Cabbie Rapist May Have More Victims 03/03/12 05:18 AM
This fucking asshole is from my neck of the woods. Good old Orange County, California. I’m in Tustin right now which is bordered by Santa Ana. I promise if I see this fucking dickhead walking the streets I will alert everyone within screaming distance exactly who he is. There are all kinds of gangs and other assorted tough guys in Santa Ana who will be glad to serve this guy up.

on 19-Year-Old Accused Of Raping Friend’s Mother 03/03/12 05:12 AM
I was reading the title of this story and already thinking to myself….this idiot has got to be from
F-L-O-R-I-D-A- our nations red headed step child of a state. Is it something in the water? What the Fuck…..?

on Teacher Arrested Fourth Time In One Year For Abusing Husband 03/02/12 11:51 PM
I have to admit to being sexually attracted to this little vixen.

on Aunt Arrested For Having 6-Year-Old Back Out of Tight Parking Space 03/02/12 09:21 PM
Stupid case. If it can be determined with any kind of certainty that the aunt is telling the truth about what happened and that she wasn’t really trying to encourage the six year old to start destroying shit then apart from being held financially responsible for the damage committed by the little girl, she should be allowed to continue her life without facing any further penalty. Its obvious a stupid mistake but in my opinion it seems like a temporary brain fart rather then the more serious and prolonged diarrhea of the brain disease that is apparently so contagious these days.
(sorry about the poop references i just got done reading about the poopy frosting triplets being sentenced to hard time cleaning out porta potties and changing bed pans so i kinda got shit on my mind. plus my stomach hurts a little. might be something i ate)

on Two Teens Charged With Raping Girls In San Diego Park 03/02/12 09:14 PM
Race is irrelevant in this case in my opinion. Whether these two motherfucking pieces of shit are white brown black yellow green or blue makes literally no difference in my mind. They are animals who have taken what does not belong to them to take. They were caught. Law of the jungle dictates that they be expunged from the face of the earth. Which I think a nice little 325 year prison sentence does quite nicely. Enjoy eternity boys.

on Teen Girls Sentenced After Serving Classmate Birthday Cake Frosted With Human Feces 03/02/12 08:50 PM
Many questions come to mind after reading this fascinating article.
In who’s butt did the poop originate from?
Who transported said poop from toilet to frosting bowl?
Was it mixed with anything lol?
How do you not smell this frosting when you are near it?
How do the pranksters keep a straight face when serving the poo cake?
What did this chick do to deserve this fecal surprise?
If she didn’t like the first piece why did she bring it home for mom and dad to enjoy?
Who is the girl in the picture?

on Jury Rejects Reality TV Defense, Finds Woman Guilty Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill Husband 03/02/12 07:44 PM
I love the state of florida

on Five Teens Could Get Life In Facebook Extortion Case 03/02/12 07:36 PM
sick twisted tale of depravity and illicit sexual crimes….perfect for the demon….off with their heads is my verdict. (their little heads) hahahahha

on Girl Suspected In High School Stabbings Has Depraved “Bucket List” 03/02/12 07:32 PM
what to do what to do….i really don’t have any idea what the right answer is in this case. its a tough one. i guess, with only the information at my disposal right now, i would say to keep her as a juvenile and send her to the state of washington’s hospital for the criminally insane in order to receive treatment. if she is successful in being treated, let her out when she has reached the age of 21. anyone else agree with this?

Cassy_Again on Girl Suspected In High School Stabbings Has Depraved “Bucket List” 03/02/12 07:24 PM
“I disagree. She is obviously very mentally ill and she readily confessed her issues to everyone who listened and they dropped the ball instead of treating her. She seems worried about her own thoughts and is unable to control them. Everyone had ample warning this was coming. I would say, “what does she have to do to get help” but apparently she answered that, and she’s still not getting help probably, just put on trial. They’ll let her out, untreated, more of a menace than she ever was. It’s like they finally had the opportunity of catching a serial killer/child killer just at the moment she was being created and changing her if possible…and they did nothing.”

on Police: Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Set On Fire By Two Teens 03/02/12 06:18 PM
I certainly would not be surprised in the least. Maybe he was trying to freebase some coke like Richard Pryor did when he burned up his face. Actually I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what did happen. Please notify the media that this was all just a big mistake.

Jaded on Police: Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Set On Fire By Two Teens 03/02/12 06:16 PM
“I have to wonder if maybe the kid didn’t set his own face on fire doing some kind of stupid ass teenage boy shit and was forced to come up with a story to save his own ass. Not saying it didn’t happen the way the boy said it did, but it’s not every day you hear about someone just randomly setting another person on fire for shits and giggles. ”

on Innocent Bystanders Killed By Psycho With A Splitting Maul 03/02/12 06:11 PM
I doubt if anyone read my comment on the other post about the chick facing thirty years for giving her boyfriend the keys to her car to drive. In it I mentioned how 95% of the stories I read on dreamin demon make me wish that each state had their own firing squads set up to eradicate people LIKE THIS MOTHERLESS FUCK immediately and spare the taxpayers the time and money spent on sending them to prison, housing and feeding them etc. If I could have ever dreamed of a more perfect example to illustrate my point, then this guy would be that example.
What a waste of space piece of shit loser motherfucker this asshole is. god damn.

Michael Heldman on Innocent Bystanders Killed By Psycho With A Splitting Maul 03/02/12 06:06 PM
“No, there is actual proof that he voted for your favorite Republican. He also had lunch with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh then they trotted over to Palin’s to view Russia from her doorstep. Now that you know this to be fact, try being an independent and actually forcing the politician to earn your vote, asshat. The Republicans are not your favorite sports team, you don’t have to root for them every waking moment. Before you reply and probably shit all over yourself while drooling let’s get this out of the way first: “You’re what’s wrong with this country”, “I bet you voted for Obama”, “Typical liberal”, and anything else you can regurgitate from faux news. Kill yourself.”

on Woman Faces 30 Years In Prison For Handing Drunk Boyfriend Keys 03/02/12 06:01 PM
I certainly agree with the last point made, that a telephone call could have avoided the whole situation from happening in the first place. Hindsight is always 20/20 as they say.
To charge this girl with the exact same crime as her dumb drunk boyfriend is pretty over the top in my opinion. Not to make light of the tragic fact that two young lives were lost as the result of a pussy whipped drunk idiot bowing down to his girlfriend and agreeing to drive drunk but the dead will not be resurrected by ensuring that two MORE lives are lost by holding the girlfriend equally culpable.
She was not behind the wheel. She had enough sense in that pretty little head (figure of speech) of hers to realize she was wasted and should not be driving. Who is to say that she knew that her boyfriend was drunk as a skunk? Just because two people, boyfriend and girlfriend or not, go out together doesn’t mean that either of them are keeping tabs on the other’s intoxication level.
America is a prison country as it is. The prisons are overcrowded beyond what is safe as it is. This is the reason why. Overzealous prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves by appearing to be tough on crime to the point of ridiculousness. I understand that it is a fine line between being too lenient and being too punitive. Its a hard job, no doubt about it.
Believe me when I say that 95% of the stories that I read on this web site especially, make me question why we don’t just have firing squads set up in every state to spare the taxpayers the time and money needed to house some of the pieces of human shit that grace the front page of this site day after day. I understand that some people are just so inherently fucked that they are beyond saving.
That being said, this girl should not be held accountable on anywhere near the same level of accountability as her really really dumbass boyfriend, the guy that doesn’t know how to steer clear of pedestrians when he’s had a few drinks. Let the poor girl go.
That’s all I have to say.

on Kenny McCormick Look-Alike Wanted In Sexual Assault 03/02/12 05:39 PM
It might be this guy Walter L. Treadwell that I outed last night for being a sick pervert on my blog

on Sofa King Banned 03/02/12 12:20 PM
That is bullshit bullshit bullshit.

on Noel Kelly Is A Bad Babysitter 03/02/12 06:14 AM
Your comment from the Noel Kelly post about a year ago got to me big time. The shit about Walter Treadwell taking you in his plane and all that really pissed me off and I was seeing red for some reason. I guess maybe I’m sick of all of these bastards harming kids. You know what I’ve had like 6 girlfriends that have been molested or otherwise fucked with by trusted adults including stepparents and siblings. Fucking sick of that shit. I didn’t realize you commented on all sorts of shit on this site before I fucking outed Walter Treadwell. Go Check out what I did about it on my blog. At the time I figured I was speaking up for you thinking that you just wrote that one comment on that old story. It didn’t seem like anything had been done about it so I took matters into my own hands a little. Hope it doesn’t piss you off but Fuck Walter Treadwell.

on Man Suffers Gunshot Wounds After Shooting At Caged Raccoon 03/02/12 05:57 AM
Your comment from the Noel Kelly post about a year ago got to me big time. The shit about Walter Treadwell taking you in his plane and all that really pissed me off and I was seeing red for some reason. I guess maybe I’m sick of all of these bastards harming kids. You know what I’ve had like 6 girlfriends that have been molested or otherwise fucked with by trusted adults including stepparents and siblings. Fucking sick of that shit. I didn’t realize you commented on all sorts of shit on this site before I fucking outed Walter Treadwell. Go Check out what I did about it on my blog. At the time I figured I was speaking up for you thinking that you just wrote that one comment on that old story. It didn’t seem like anything had been done about it so I took matters into my own hands a little. Hope it doesn’t piss you off but Fuck Walter Treadwell.

on Jordan Brown, 11, Shot And Killed Kenzie 03/02/12 04:55 AM
this little bastard ended up getting his case handled in juvenile court and he gets out he is of age. hopefully someone shanks him in there or something.

on April Martinez Is A Cold-Hearted Cunt 03/02/12 04:48 AM
So what ended up happening in this case is the mom got 12 years for injury by omission, and the bitch she was living with lyzette vasquez got 20 years for SBI Injury to Child and her husband Hermes Vasquez got 35 years for SBI Injury to Child and he also lost his manager job at McDonald’s.

on Shane Arrigo Raped His Little Girl 03/02/12 03:54 AM
Check this shit out. Its a pdf of the complaint. What a dick head.

on Bodies Of Two Children Found Packed In Luggage, Floating In Florida Canal 03/01/12 10:13 PM
I don’t know if anyone has followed up on this story so forgive me if I am repeating old news but if not…oh my fucking god this is a sordid and twisted tale. Read this story…

on Bodies Of Two Children Found Packed In Luggage, Floating In Florida Canal 03/01/12 09:59 PM
Dude you are so right. It seems like every fucked up story out there is from Florida or Texas. I could rattle off so many cases from both of these states but to be fair where I live, California, has its fair share and then some, of people infected with pieceofshitism

on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 09:50 PM
you’ve got some nice tits purehoney. just saying. i’d like to suck them.

JGo555 on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 09:45 PM
“Allowed= to be permitted to do something aloud= to speak Just sayin’…”

JGo555 on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 09:44 PM
“NPD would work here: Nacissistic Personality Disorder. I’ve been gobbling up information on this disorder.”

on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 02:02 PM
Don’t Forget the age old adage about having a fool for a client either dumb ass.

on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 01:55 PM
I am pretty sure God doesn’t like his name being bantered about in trite, condescending, and patronizing ways. This fool is in no position to dispense advice to anyone, let alone the victim that he terrorized. Hopefully his sentence was increased by a few years as a result of his advice. I really don’t understand the smug attitudes shown by these criminals as they are being sentenced to insanely long prison terms. It’s like they are trying to make it appear as they have somehow gotten over on the victim, the justice system and society as a whole when in fact, we are all out alive and free and a “hole” is where this guy is headed. Enjoy your life in prison. I sure hope that your two, two minute chump pump sessions with the 12 year old are worth what you are going to endure FOREVER. Remember, “Give it to the Lord and He will take care of it for you.”
Pray for mercy sir.

on Would-Be Vagina Sniffer Jailed 02/29/12 09:29 PM
I’ll send him some of my crusty tidy whities if he is keen for the scent of another man. But I want twenty bucks.

on Couple Charged After Using Craigslist To Arrange Sex With Dog 02/29/12 09:26 PM
Damn that chick is pretty hot. I would love to do her. “Doggy Style” of course. LOL

on Man Charged With Possessing Images Of Child Rape, Bestiality 02/28/12 01:36 PM
I’m very sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with the police officers initial assessment that this bald chewbaca looking motherfucker is technically humanoid. Has anyone performed a DNA test to ensure this diagnosis? I think not….

on Ohio School Shooting Leaves 1 Student Dead, 4 Others Injured 02/28/12 12:02 AM
Sociopath School Shooter Salad:
First you take deviant teenagers with hormonal imbalances and an inflated sense of self importance that borders on narcissism.
Toss in their desperate need to seek out attention whether it be positive or negative, a warped sense of unjustified entitlement in a world that refuses to go along for the ride.
Mix with a pathetic built in excuse from their upbringing (sexual abuse, bullying, lack of affection, poverty…whatever).
Sprinkle example (Columbine) after example (Virginia Tech) after example (University of Texas) after example (Westside Middle School) of those that have paved the deranged way for these impulsive little sociopaths.
The little bastards probably beat off to pictures of Dylan Klebold dressed in black with a pool of blood surrounding his ugly head while Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” plays over and over ad infinitum.
The focus of the media and all of her sycophantic followers (of which group I freely admit belonging to) is on the sensational and shocking thrill killing of the day week month etc. The antihero perpetrators of these terrible deeds are made immediately infamous.
Remember that need for attention I pointed out above? Infamy is attention. There is a gratifying payoff in the form of the surrounding hoopla and intense, (albeit temporary) microscopic scrutiny to which we subject these doomed children of a lost generation to after they commit these senseless crimes, and it is apparently a sufficient trade off for their lives.
The bright light is focused on these losers in an effort to answer the unanswerable question (WHAT COULD WE HAVE DONE TO PREVENT THIS?)
Sad that in this day and age, 15 minutes of infamy is more then enough to provide these former nobodies all the evidence they need to believe that they have made their mark and will go down in history.
Apparently no one these days sees the forest through the trees. The outlook for mankind as a whole is not the brightest in my opinion.
Is anyone else sick to death of this shit? There is no end in sight. Its really all a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy if you ask me. Kind of a psycho salad.

on Police: Daughter Wastes Away In Her Own Filth While Dad Drinks At Bar 02/27/12 03:55 PM
why is this guy still alive? i hate him

on Teacher Suspended After Making Remarks About Students On Blog 02/27/12 02:27 PM
She’s a jaded bitch for sure and probably shouldn’t be teaching. By the way this is my real name. I’m not afraid of saying what’s on my mind on the internet. Maybe I should filter my thoughts more but really I don’t think so. I’m not a pedophile, don’t enjoy kiddies, horses, dogs, killing people, beating up people, burning shit down, oppressing anyone or in anyway causing the world to be more of a cesspool then it already is. I know I fail in some areas like gambling like a fiend lol and it does hurt myself and others but as far as the real categories like those named above I’m pretty clean. I have empathy for others even if I can’t help them I try to at least understand and I do understand where this lady is coming from. She’s pretty witty too and those comments were fucking funny as hell and probably so true. I was on her side in a rebellious way as I was reading what she wrote then I switched when I started reading the comments from the students and seeing how much those types of comments actually hurt them during a period of time in their lives, the ONE period of time in their lives, when they should be given the benefit of the doubt big time and should be encouraged and lifted up and shown tons of patience. People really should try and use better grammar on the internet….

on Man Charged With Murder After Drowning Daughter In Creek 02/27/12 01:28 PM
Why did he do such a stupid thing? I keep asking myself this question over and over and over on so many of these fucking stories its insane.

on Italian Churchgoer Gouges Out His Own Eyeballs During Service 02/27/12 11:36 AM
And if your eye offend you, pluck it out: it is better for you to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire

on Man Accused Of Shoving Snake Poop In Girlfriend’s Mouth 02/27/12 09:15 AM
This man is clearly having problems with anger management. Forced coprophagia should be a felony in my honest opinion.

on Man Accused Of Insurance Fraud After Sawing Off Person’s Hand 02/27/12 09:08 AM
So what you are saying is that some guy agreed (without being coerced, threatened, tortured) to his hand being separated from his arm in order to be compensated 33.33% of $671,000? So many questions flood my puny mind its simply overwhelming. Who decided who got the hand cut off? Why did he agree? Has he always been the last to get chosen for team sports and things of that nature? How did they decide that cutting off the hand was the best idea? How did they arrive at that amount of insurance or whatever it was that they collected on? What’s the guys IQ? Did they give him a regional anaesthetic like a Supraclavicular Block which provides anesthesia to the upper arm, the elbow, the wrist and the hand so that the guy wasn’t in agony?
Holy Jumped Up Jesus Palomino….

on Serial Public Masturbator Into Diff’rent Strokes 02/25/12 02:58 AM
LMAO……”it’s offensive on every level….there’s no question about thaaaaaaaaaaaat”. I dunno…..she seemed to be kinda into the whole thing if you ask me….
As for Miguel Angel, I’m just curious how he managed to pony up the bail money?
But seriously….if he is a 29 year old illegal immigrant (allegedly) and he is a mentally deficient public pud puller as well….it begs the question as to why he is permitted to post bail and walk out of jail in the first place.
Shouldn’t Border Patrol take custody of him and send him unceremoniously packing rather then allowing him to hang around and probably escalate his already creepy perverted behavior? I’m not claiming to be an expert on immigration issues but I thought that once a criminal is apprehended and it is found that he is in the country illegally that he is supposed to be sent home. Can someone please share some knowledge with me?
Last…just a comment on Florida as a whole. Or actually a question. Why is that Florida seems to have such an abundance of fucking evil cretins running around? I’m definitely not discriminating on this one because I’m talking about white males, black males, white females, teenagers, hispanics, asians etc. It just seems that more fucked up shit happens in Florida then anywhere else or maybe the media just likes to report stories involving Florida? I don’t know. I’m just asking.
Who am I talking about? Well….Tyler Hadley, Jacquiline “Nikki” Reynolds, Harrell Franklin Braddy, Joseph Peter Smith, Michael King, Avion Lawson and Nathan Walker, Casey Anthony….I could go on and on and on and on…..

on Mother Accused Of ‘Honor Beating’ After Daughter Talks To Boy 02/21/12 04:09 PM
Sorry if I sound prejudiced….they just give me the ultimate creeps. Goosebumps etc.

on Mother Accused Of ‘Honor Beating’ After Daughter Talks To Boy 02/21/12 04:08 PM
This has all the earmarks of a tragedy in the making. These fucking people are insane. If they want to practice Sharia law then they need to get the fuck back to Iraq where it seems to be welcomed. Nobody is down to see young girls beaten up or shot by their ignorant, mysoginistic, asshole fathers on the suburban streets of Anaheim or Houston. Americans tend to frown upon cheating spouses getting buried up to their waists after being wrapped in white linen and then stoned until they slump over dead. Honor killings and honor beatings? Their is no honor to this shit. Its fucking pathetic and I have nothing but disdain for these parents and if I’m honest, for all Muslims. I strongly dislike the whole culture and religion. Yuck.

on Man Arrested After Late Night Craigslist Encounter 02/21/12 03:55 PM
Andy P, sounds like you’ve been hit up by the girls who email you wanting to hook up with you but who can’t give you their phone numbers directly but instead need you to get it off of adultfriendfinder which doesn’t cost anything to join but just ensures that you are not some creepy perp. LOL. I swear, I’ve never gotten one of those emails. But, I’ve got a friend who has this friend that has. hAHAHAHAHA

on Man Kills Three Daughters, Himself 02/20/12 10:21 PM
what a horrible story that is. i’ve been on this website for the whole day and this is one of the stupidest and senseless selfish crimes. he obviously did it to get back at the wife who left him only a week earlier. to take out three healthy smart beautiful daughters……what a shame. he gets my piece of shit award definitely.

on Owen Wilson Almost Does Me A Favor 02/20/12 08:50 PM
Wow thats a pretty fucked up picture.

on Affordable Healthcare; Man Throws Sick Wife Off Balcony 02/20/12 08:21 PM
LIFE in prison

on Jonathan Tave Raped A Corrections Officer 02/20/12 08:12 PM
1025 years plus three life terms…

on Daniel Rollins Goes Camping 02/20/12 07:59 PM
Ten years in the slammer for this one.…

on Father, 2 Young Sons Killed In Home 02/20/12 07:31 PM
Wow is this all you guys have on this story? Well….as I’m sure you already know (or maybe not), turns out the bitch with the crazy name of man ling killed them all…and has been sentenced to die.

on Rebecca Dawn Bogard Says “GRRRRR” 02/20/12 06:51 PM
sorry but that chick is hot. i would have been so stoked to be getting laid by her when i was fifteen. no harm no foul. sorry.

on Dr. Jerrold Ecklind Likes Hookers, Handcuffs 02/20/12 06:49 PM
He’s cleaned up his act.

on Morgan Leppert Has ‘The Baddest’ Taste In Men 02/20/12 05:29 PM…

on Mahalia Xiong Missing 02/20/12 02:37 PM
3 years later her brother was charged with killing a guy in Green Bay. He stabbed a guy named Eric Vieau and received 36 years in prison.

on Hulk Found Dead, Cooking In Oven 02/20/12 12:29 PM
The fat idiot got sentenced to six years? That’s awesome!

on Infant Shot With AK-47; Parents Arrested 02/20/12 07:41 AM
God I would love to smash their faces….

on Charges Dropped Against Man Lured By Wife’s Fake Facebook Profile; He Knew All Along 02/20/12 07:15 AM
All of you calling the husband crazy are full of shit. He’s brilliant. What a burn on that stupid cow wife of his.

on Couple Arrested In Connection To Pharmacy Slayings 02/20/12 05:12 AM
i’m speechless after reading this story and then following it up with additional research on google. simply unbelievable. fucking hell.

on Mother, Boyfriend Charged With Duct Taping Toddler 02/20/12 04:47 AM
God she is horrid looking.

on Man Gets Two Life Sentences For Baptizing Friend And Her Daughter To Death 02/20/12 04:34 AM
Wow that is a trip to read the article above and then to check out his myspace page. Gave me the chills.

on Man Accused Of Molesting Toddler, Dropping Him From Second-Story Window 02/20/12 04:18 AM
Put his ass in prison and hopefully they will be able to wipe the smug look off of his face.

on Woman Charged After Denying Her Children Access To Bathroom 02/20/12 04:13 AM
Not a very attractive woman. That’s all I’ll say.

on Woman Arrested After Spraying Police With Breast Milk 02/20/12 04:10 AM
I don’t understand what the crime is here? She’s hot. Spray away MILF.

on Grandchild Catches Grandpa Putting The Moves On The Family Dog 02/20/12 04:09 AM
What the fuck? Really? What a dog lip.
Link to this:

Just got stabbed in neck by Barbie

My daughter just gave me a hug from Barbie a second ago.  Unfortunately Barbie has some hard plastic limbs and she inadvertently stabbed me in the neck.  There is quite a lot of blood pouring out of my carotid artery as I type.  Hopefully I can stem the flow a little bit, buying me at least enough time to write a proper entry here.  Its been a minute.  Its hard as fuck to concentrate on this shit though because my same three year old kid is sitting here asking me if the socks that she just picked up off of the floor are from Frozen.  She is also asking me if I can find her shoes.  She is also going through all of the drawers of clothes that I just put away yesterday when I cleaned up this fucking nightmare room.  Her purpose in tearing through the drawers is ostensibly to find proper attire for Barbie.  You see, we are getting ready to go to the store together to find buy some Pullups because she is still having issues with potty training and can’t really be trusted to be completely diaper free just yet.  Her biggest issue seems to be not taking a shit in her panties everyday.  Luckily for me the shits she is taking are pretty firm in consistency and don’t really cause that much of a mess which is a good thing.  It kind of keeps my sanity intact for one more day if you know what  I mean.  If you know what I mean really then I feel sorry for you because nobody should ever really have to relate with my nutty life.  Now I have the adorable little child standing next to me going through my little sketch pad and asking me about every single thing that I have ever drawn in there and asking me who each person is.  The problem is she is not satisfied with answers like, “oh its a little man” or “its a little doggie”.  Then she wants me to draw an itsy bitsy spider for her.  She loves that little itsy bitsy fucking spider so much that I have to draw her another one.  Now I’m starting to lose my focus if you know what I mean.  Of course! We just fucking went through that whole thing I forgot.  I’m ignoring her so she is getting more desperate for my attention, telling me that she needs to go into the shower, which she just got out of.  I ignore that so she starts pushing me and saying daddy a few dozen different ways.  Stone face so she starts really pushing me and calling me by my Christian name which happens to be Anthony.

I forgot I was even writing this.  Its like 4 hours later and we went to Walmart together (Daddy and Daughter) and got boisterous for a little while.  We were both just amazed at “how cute” every single product that had a tie into the Frozen movie was.  That’s what Audrey said literally about every single thing she recognized from that blasted movie that fucking Walmart had stocked on their shelves, in special displays all over the fucking store, next to the elevators, escalators, entrances and exits, restrooms, dressing rooms you name it. I actually was amazed…she just thought each thing was so cute and of course she wanted one of everything in the store.  She was cracking me up so I did get her a couple of things and using my mind manipulation techniques I was even able to convince her that her Pampers Pull Ups were a special treat.  What we settled on for her were a pair of shoes with lighted heels and special pics of Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna.  I was considering shoplifting the fucking things to see if I still had it but ultimately decided to leave well enough alone and even though the shoes were safely on baby girl’s feet and the upc price tag safely ensconced in the box containing my new mma hand wraps, when I was paying at the register I made a point out of making sure that the semi attractive cashier (Debbie I think) rang the shoes up.  They were $15.87 by the way.  We also got her a mini basketball which she picked out.  It was neck and neck between  the mini basketball and oddly enough a football (no soccer but football like the NFL football).  She had never previously shown any interest in or knowledge of the fact that football even existed prior to tonight as far as I know so I was kinda tripping on the interest in the football to begin with.

In case you were really fascinated by our shopping trip and you want to know what I purchased for myself, too fucking bad.  The only reason I am still working on this article is because I am getting ready to go running in a few minutes but first I need my piece of shit phone to charge up enough that I can listen to my fucking Spotify punk rock motivational crap and have my Runtastic app remain open on and running for my entire run so I don’t get cheated out of mileage and times like always happens because something stupid like not having a properly charged phone battery rears up hisses and fucks up my mojo for that day.  It never fails to happen when I am on a personal best pace on a day with heavy mileage being run, a day I would be able to use as bragging evidence via a screen shot that I use whenever some body that is not dead and also knows me but hasn’t spoken to me for one reason or another for six months invariably gets to chatting and asks me the innocuous sounding “so what have you been up to”? and I use that as my opening to bore the tears out of another apathetic winner from my past, present, or future.   Anyways yeah not having a fully charged phone can really come back to bite a guy in the ass in these circumstances.

I’m wearing a really homosexual looking Adidas athletic suit thing right now which is not very flattering especially with the pooch belly I still have even after running 1,367 miles since October 6th of last year.  I think it might even be unwashed in fact I’m pretty sure it is.  And its not mine.  I found it in the barn at my cousins house in Los Angeles and I’m reasonably certain that it belonged to my cousin Dayna’s soon to be ex husband.  He is a cross fit guru allegedly ranked number two in the USA at one point.  Anyways my cousin John gave me permission to keep the ugly stinky article of clothing and the funny thing is I don’t think he really had/has the authority to be giving away another man’s homosexually slanted gay pirate muscle suit thing.  But he did.  And I accepted it because I wanted it and I really don’t know why.  Maybe I enjoy dressing like a gay.  I’m pretty sure I do in certain aspects but that’s not a subject to get into right now.

I’m well aware that I am coming across as a mental defective and I’m really not one I don’t think but I have to admit being somewhat enamored with the whole stream of consciousness that can come pouring out of my fingertips almost without even trying at certain times.  Real talk for a second and I just made this mental connection that the reason for my sauciness tonight is that I have been power watching past episodes of Shameless on Netflix and Showtime on Demand for the past few days and if you watch Shameless you know that basically every character is larger than life, smartasstic horny drug taking hedonist sado masochistic and kind of bad overall yet they fascinate me.  Lip is especially cool and I want to fuck Fiona badly.

In case anyone cared or didn’t know I have relocated out of the Temecula Elsinore Casino Meth Capitalistic Inland Empire Bro Prison White Trash Desperado Probation Parole Headquarters to the lovely confines of Los Angeles which has all of that and more but is infinitely more interesting, diverse, busy and I have to think educated in a certain way that is part money and culture but also street smart mixed with school smart mixed with mostly transplanted out of towners from all over the world melting pot with history and millions of stories waiting to be wrenched from the surroundings where they lie.  Temecula in particular has nowhere near the historical appeal of someplace like Hollywood and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being very happy that I am out here.  I don’t have any sort of permanent thing going on here but I am working towards having something that makes sense to a higher percentage of those with their crazy lives somewhat in control.

Hopefully it will all work out for me and little Audrey out here near Tinseltown.  Who knows maybe I can get her a part in some sitcom or some shit.  She is a little charming actress fake crier extraodinaire already so we shall see.  Along those lines, Ed Harris and his wife (I think) are filming some kind of something at the property where I currently reside.  I’m not going to be more specific than the greater Los Angeles Area and its not because I don’t want any of you to know where I am  but out of respect for the people who are nice enough to let my daughter and myself sleep here temporarily.  Its nice to have a bloody roof over my head and to know my daughter is safe.

I’ve lost my focus here obviously so I am going to cut this post now and if you are lucky I may just publish it in the next five minutes so one or two of you can read along and send some good vibes and thoughts my way.  Any girls that want to fuck, I’m down as of right now.  Private message me and I will give you my cell  phone number. If I have a girlfriend down the road shortly and she is reading this let me take a quick moment to apologize.  I’m sorry honey (whoever you are) I’m just lonely and often really horny. So yeah.  I have gotten with a few very hot little mamas since arriving in Los Angeles. I’m not going to out them on this forum but trust me we are talking about some primo female flesh.  Just counting my blessings.

Steve Jacobson, Josh Erlenmeyer, Elijah Brown, Kris Cass, Steve Bultsma and others have promised to meet up with me out here in Los Angeles and thus far have not made the attempt.  I can understand why for Steve and Elijah who both think I will be an over the top distraction for important women in their lives.  Josh will eventually get in touch and Kris Cass and Stevie will too.  Faith in humanity and faith in friends.  You gotta have that shit if you are going to have a happy life.  I gotta go running now.  I have four miles of warm ups and warm downs with 8 sprints of a half mile thrown in the middle.  45 seconds of rest after each sprint is not nearly enough so I really gotta go motherfuckers.

Thank God (that’s what you are probably muttering to yourself under your breath if you made it this far)

I dedicate this post to the memory of Charles McEldowney.  I love you Charlie.  Hopefully I can hump your girl Mia too.  That would be lovely. 

Liza Rowe and Nikki Knightly are fine ass ladiesHollywood-Sign-Wallpaper




ciara and anthony are trolls for LIFE

me and my kid are two peas in the pod and i’m not sure that that (double negative?) is that  good of a thing.  cuz i’m a bad kid and i’m learning tonight that ciara’s pretty bad too.  we were sitting here, where we are now in front of this computer while ciara pulled out her laptop and set it on a chair right next to me and we started doing what we do. but the thing is i didn’t quite know what it was that ciara did before  tonight.  so let me tell you about it okay.  ever heard of some site called  yeah me neither until tonight.  its this site where you go on there and you are automatically talking live to a stranger.  okay well first of all that should be setting red flags all over the fucking place which it was.  i had visions of cho mo’s talking to my kid trying to sway her their way which i’m happy to say i don’t have to worry about anymore.  why cuz my kids the troll.  my fifteen year old straight a student daughter is an internet meme.  lol.  check out this little snippet of conversation between ciara and murilo on omegle.  which she had no shame in writing right in front of me.Image

isn’t that lovely.  my daughter is now a papi’ to a proud bouncing little 18 year old man named murilo.  strange strange world we live in where father daughter bonding comes in such a unique little package.  ummm i mean i even had to steal one of her little tumblr blog posts check this out.  isn’t it endearing and heart warming?  the story of a ten year old’s unrequited love.  really charming and almost chicken soup for the soul.  the soul of the devil.


now we are wrapping up the bonding experience for the night.  this time i think we are going to go without the cinnamon challenge which we undertook a few weeks ago.  hey if you want to relate to your kids these days you gotta dig deep dude.  these kids are crazy.


she wanted me to put a different picture in there but i like that one with the dogs.  okay this is my first post on my new domain which is ……i lost the wordpress that used to be in my name.  kinda rolls off the tongue right.  okay so i gotta give a shout out to ciara alabama mandich and her blog which is




Anthony Mandich: Forbidden Fruit

Karma Police have pulled me over it seems.  I’m hoping I don’t get arrested by these guys because I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take to be honest.  The universe seems to be against me or maybe I am just against success.  Do I owe this life to mediocrity?  I stand in my own way.  I do.  I do.  I really fucking do.  There is a sick part of my heart that jumps all over any impulsive idea that springs into my mind and I’m seemingly too stubborn to stop it.  How many times have I relied on the goodness of strangers to get my ass out of a sling?  So many it boggles the mind.  Blessed and cursed was I…good looks and charm….I rely on both of them way too much.  This rut I’m in just keeps digging itself deeper and deeper.

When does…

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beware the wrath of /b/ 4chan/b/ versus @flyguyparsons

Screen shot taken from the twitter account of Aaron Jacob Parsons

Its been an interesting day in Cyberspace.  A perfect storm of sorts has come together and unleashed her fury on in the form of thousands and thousands of views of an article I wrote regarding Aaron Jacob Fosters yesterday.  As of 7:01 p.m. tonight I have had 6,938 people from 11 countries visit my website and read what I wrote. There 3,583 clicks of links that I provided that contain more information/corroboration of the crimes that are proven alleged by what I have written, all of which originated on the /b/ forum on  I want to take this opportunity to give props to the guys and girls who reside at /b/.  They might be a little warped but collectively they hold a great deal of power in their fingertips.  It was awesome to be a witness to this power as it unfolded.  Awesome as in I was awestruck and still am.  Certainly it is not a good idea to get on the bad side of a group that has this kind of power at its disposal.  Even worse to do it when they are bored and frothing at the bit for something to do.

It seems a bit of a foregone conclusion that the consequences are going to be severe and swift for the individuals responsible for the degrading beat down and robbery of the still unnamed victim in this case.  I feel absolutely no sympathy for the perpetrators.  I don’t give a shit what they have to say about it or what their excuse is or if they even remember what they were doing because of intoxication levels , temporary amnesia etc.  I really hope that prison is the end result for Aaron Jacob Parsons and everyone else involved, especially that annoying drunk bitch wearing her black panties parading around the street like she was some glamour queen.  Fuck her.  (man she STILL pisses me off)

The haters calling me racist can all suck it to be honest.  I am not even going to bother addressing that accusation.  It’s not true and my life and anything I’ve ever written in the past will attest to that FACT.  So, hate on haters.

I got a call from a reporter named Justin from the Baltimore Sun.  We talked for quite a few minutes about the origin of this situation, 4chan’s /b/ forum and more.  His view, stated to me anyhow, was that this is an instance of the internet being used for good and he was quick to show his admiration for the detective work done by the /b/ forum lurkers.  I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment.  Choosing to fight against the “forces that /b/ is the ultimate example of the idiot who brings a knife to a gun fight”.

Have a good night everyone……Anthony Mandich

ImageADDENDUM: I replied to an email from the reporter I mentioned.  Here is what I had to say.  And I quote:

hey justin it was good talking to you.  i’m sending you this stuff before i even blog it so i must think you’re cool.  just don’t get me killed lol.

here is a quote from me if you want
“aaron jacob parsons is a wanted man”….post after post on /b/ repeated those words. it was late i was annoyed.  the arrogance shown by @flyguyparsons and @CASHton-Kutcher by posting the video of themselves proudly separating a man from his dignity really angered me.  they acted like it was so funny and so cool.
to beat down a guy like that, seemingly with impunity when: 
(A) he didn’t deserve it  and 
(B) couldn’t do anything about it but bleed and sit there bewildered, humiliated and alone and 
(C) further add to his pain by taking everything of value in his possession, stripping him naked, and letting some ugly drunk annoying bitch slap him open palmed across his face while he’s on his back  just didn’t sit well with me.
and the poor guy took it like a champ.  he didn’t defend himself (which was probably smart in this instance because this was a bear that you had to play dead against for sure.  so yeah he didn’t defend himself but he also didn’t bring further dishonor to himself by crying, pissing or moaning.  
two things resonated strongly with me.
1. the images of parsons mugging for the camera before the humiliation began and then creeping up and start digging through the guys pockets like it was a big joke.  i really hated that.
2.  that ugly chick wearing her panties with her big old ass all drunk grinding on the guy before it all started and then when he was down on his back she’s there standing behind his head and starts slapping in his face HARD and he can’t even see where these blows are coming from because she is standing behind his head.  that was particularly cowardly and thinking about it right now gets my blood boiling.  
you asked me what was different about this video as opposed to the many other millions of videos that are out there on the internet.  I am going to answer that with a post i did on some girls from a sorority at bowling green who were tragically killed in a car accident a few weeks ago.  my answer is obvious.

Aaron Jacob Parsons is a wanted man.

7:07 p.m. Wednesday April 18th, 2012 Update on the Aaron Jacob Parsons Saga:

Click here for an update that you won’t really believe.



Follow this link

for all the inside information about the case involving Aaron Jacob Parsons and his role in the ST. Paddy’s Day B’more Beatdown





Update 10:49 p.m. Wed April 4th, 2012

In REPLY to the article in the Baltimore Sun by Justin Fentin:

AnthonyMandich at 8:13 PM April 04, 2012
To clarify: a video filmed by @CASHton_Kutcher, starring Aaron Jacob Parsons and a cast of cowards who beat, robbed, and stripped naked a man who was defenseless, drunk, alone, and clearly in over his head, was posted to worldstar and twitter.

The initiator of the physical violence is an aspiring male model, and famous dj in the Maryland ghetto named Aaron Jacob Parsons.

This is a fact, not an allegation.

His words and mannerisms BEFORE he put his hand in the victims pocket and took his car keys, are indicative of premeditation (consideration of an act beforehand that shows an intent to commit that act).

<>He mentions worldstar, chuckles about how he’s GOT to take the boy’s money, and then proceeds to do just exactly that. Clearly this was not done in self defense as he unconvincingly tried to make it appear on his twitter account.

I am Anthony Mandich, the person who wrote up the story and posted it at The smug attitudes, and hysterical laughing while this guy was robbed and then stripped naked on the streets pissed off everyone on the /b/ forum at  

They outed him and that’s that. Now Mr. Parsons is going to pay, hopefully with some penitentiary time.

A person who shows a shameful lack of courage in the face of danger is a coward. Aaron Parsons deleted his Twitter account which contained approximately  30,000 tweets as soon as it was clear we were onto him.  30,000 tweets.  That’s a lot of tweets to throw away at the first sign of danger.   I laugh at him for that.  I’m also grateful he’s never heard of “consciousness of guilt” as well.  Deleting your Facebook and Twitter is drastic and also another sign that he knew full and well that he had been a bad bad kid. Idiot…

Although I am somewhat naive to the intricacies of the law, I believe factors that indicate premeditation, can be utilized by motivated prosecutors to elevate the charges  that a defendant faces.

 When the act that follows (the premeditation) is  one that you wouldn’t write home to Mommy about AND results in the suffering and degradation of an innocent person, consequences should be quite severe, in my opinion.

Helpless (harmless)…forced to endure abuse of a humiliating and heinous nature…robbed, beaten, stripped of his garments…his tag heuer watch.. his dignity, pride, and self confidence…

 all for the sake of bemusement (at best)


You would trade your humanity for something as intrinsically worthless as filming yourselves beating a man so you can post the results on the  internet??   (and in the meanwhile prove yourself  to be of base origin, a low life contemptible Neanderthal, completely devoid of  high values or ethics, shoddy, inferior in quality, with a selfish lack of  human decency)

I hate to break it to you ladies and gentlemen but that’s nothing to aspire to.  I mean listen…I’m so far from perfect it can’t be overstated just how far away I am.  Light years, galaxies, solar systems even.  But, with all of my flaws and lapses in judgment fuckups, I’m still a human being striving to evolve.  If I found myself  as devoid of hope as the animals who perpetrated this hateful action, my life would be over because often, that faith in the nobler aspects of mankind is the only thing that keeps me plodding along.

The last comment I want to make here is regarding the color of everyone’s skin.  Race is certainly a hot button topic in society today.  When hasn’t it been?

Pervading charges of racism abound constantly to the point where it becomes so redundant that in my opinion it just cancels itself out.

A large percentage of the comments I’ve read on my own blog here and all over the internet are inappropriate, insensitive and fucking beyond ignorant.  Again, so overwhelming in nature, that I find myself laughing at some of the crap I read.  I never censor comments on my own site.  I think censorship is fucking hideous.

People have been calling me a racist all over the internet and I honestly don’t give a flying rat’s ass.  I’m not racist.  No matter what way you slice it, I’m not fucking racist.  Of all the lowlifes in this world, white trash inbred redneck motherfuckers talking about white pride and all that separatist crap about preserving some non existent white race blah blah blah blah…they annoy me more then any other lowlife cross section of any race that exists in this world.  I hate em.

I can’t stand ignorance.  And brothers let me tell you… nothing sings louder in my heart head and soul as being true then the idea that racial superiority is BULLSHIT with a capital B just like I typed it.    Fucking utter bullshit.  I’m white.  I’m from Trinidad and Tobago.  It’s black.  I don’t give a shit.  I like black people, I’ve fucked hugged scores of black chicks (hot ones), and I have plenty of black friends.  I like Asians just fine.

The stereotypes about Asians and gambling are true though….let me tell you hahahaha.  I’m a big time gambler and gambling knows no color lines.  One of my very best friends in the world who unfortunately got shot and killed  was Vietnamese.  I speak Spanish fluently because I like Mexicans.

I just don’t give a gosh darn shit about race.  Its not an issue I consider before making decisions in my life for the most part.  

I’m not in prison and never have been so why should I ride in the white car and exclude a huge percentage of the world from my insane life?  Screw Fuck that.  Its pretty much obvious to anyone with a brain, that every group on the planet has its pieces of shit and its stars.  I hate pieces of shit no matter what color they are.  I don’t even know why I’m even saying this because honestly I don’t give a care  shit what you think, about what I think, about the color of a man’s skin.  If you don’t like me then I’m sure we can exist in our own little corners of hell the planet without ever crossing paths.  Fine by me.

I just wanna live baby.

So there it is.  That’s what I think about all of this stuff shit.  Take what you want out of it and leave the rest behind.  And enjoy your life as much as you can without making some else hate theirs.  That’s not too much to ask in my opinion.  Bye bye……

What follows is the original Post 

Update 12:42 a.m. Wednesday, April 4th, 2011 2012 Just noticed that lol.


I’ve been told off by several readers of this post for my anti-women and anti-homosexual venom so I’m going to correct the portions of my write up that contain these disparaging  views.  I apologize to anyone offended by these remarks.

UPDATE:  9:52 a.m. Tuesday, April 3rd,2011

This post is getting an unbelievable number of views and from what my stats indicate, many of these are from wonderful people hot bitches.  I just wanted to say thanks for that.  

Here is the basic story as I know it.  Approximately 9 days ago in Baltimore, Maryland an adult male  standing on a sidewalk was surrounded by a group of young adult males and females.  One of the females who looked like she was just wearing panties and a tee shirt started grinding her butt stinkyfat ass into the guys crotch like she wanted to make love get penetrated.

One guy in a grey beenie starts creeping up to the victim on his right then two guys with white shirts are right next to him on the left.  The taller one, Aaron Jacob Parsons reaches into the victim’s front right pocket and grabs something before the guy could stop him.  Then the victim starts walking towards the criminal Parsons who sucker punches him with a cowardly but lethal right hook, sending the innocent man tumbling to the concrete where he is then beset upon by the crowd of approximately 15 people who proceed to punch, kick, slap and stomp him.

I was lurking on laughing out loud like a mental patient at the crazy shit that goes on there when a link to the video causing all the commotion popped up along with the usual /b/tarded request for justice, saying how this bullshit couldn’t be tolerated and a bunch of random blah blah blah.  Same sorta shit you will see there right now if you feel the need to walk on the wild side.

Our version of the video was on Twitter and came from  the account of Rashad PItts aka King Cash aka CASTton_kutcher.

His Twitter page and Facebook were still up at that time so I was reading his tweets where he’s talking all tough about dry snitches and all this other ghetto ass bullshit basically trying to intimidate the pests from /b/ who were already getting started with a seek and destroy mission against him and his buddy the now infamous Aaron Jacob Parsons.

Rashad Pitts was the cameraman who filmed this inhuman assault.  He was also revving up Parsons, egging him on to steal the guys watch and introducing his video with an “only in baltimore” which was followed up by Parsons with a shout out to

It was also posted on the attackers Twitter page which has since been deleted along with his Facebook.  The original guy who started the whole thing is Aaron Jacob Parsons @flyguyparsons on Twitter.

The continuation video is on and it is deplorable and despicable.  Here that is:

It shows the poor getting robbed like a dead man and stripped all the way naked on the street corner.

It made me sick to watch. Once the first punch was thrown by Parsons, it seemed to trigger the pack mentality in the rest of the group.  I’ve never understood why these types of beatings are tolerated, and in fact seem to be the modus operandi for most street gangs to use when dealing with someone considered a rival or an enemy.  There just seems to be an element of implied cowardice inherent in this form of doting out punishment.  Where is the challenge in having 15 guys beat down one guy?

I don’t see the bravery. I don’t see an element of respect being garnered by the ones issuing the beating.  I simply believe that mob beatings lack honor and are not anything to ever feel proud of.    I always think to myself what a bunch of really bad people cunts to do that shit.  Even the females ugly ass whores that were there were slapping the guy when he was on the ground and shit should be sent to the penitentiary. Ruffians!! Assholes!.

Obviously they all know they are going to the penitentiary soon because they all deleted their social media accounts and started making anonymous threats on  I guess they thought they were going to intimidate an army of anonymous /b/’s but the /b/’s were having none of that.  They started digging deep and got Aaron Jacob Parson’s phone number (443)-633-8508, his Myspace, Facebook etc., posted the video on (which was taken down by the interesting management pussy fucks at youtube…God I strongly DISLIKE hate youtube).

It was put on Here’s the link for that UPVOTE FOR JUSTICE:

It was pretty funny to read all the tough talk coming from those cowards on their twitter accounts only to have them delete their own accounts and run for the hills like the dastardly dopes pussies they are.  I for one, sincerely hope they are arrested and sent to prison for what they did to that poor guy.  Darn Fuck them.  And dudes….you guys hang out with the loveliest females ugliest, skankiest looking, stinky ass whores I’ve ever seen.

You guys are mean!! Die Fuckers

Aaron Jacob Parsons, hitting the guy was one thing. Turning out his pockets when the dude helpless on the ground yet another.
Not entirely sure that I understand the need to take off everything including another mans panties
i’m so sorry for being SUCH A meany BITCH
no matter what the color of my skin is i am an hero asshole
Hi, I’m Aaron, I enjoy sweater vests and long walks on the beach…


Here is Aaron Jacob Parsons Facebook

Then and there I got a sinking feeling in my chest, I knew what was coming was something that our oblivious victim in the green mountain dew shirt was not going to enjoy terribly much. A cowardly assault I could handle, shit I’ve seen millions of them live and on the world wide.  I pretty much have numbed myself to getting emotional about matters out of my control and to be honest there is just so much out there in cyberspace, much of it exponentially more horrifying then this but…..and yes there is a but….I do not claim to understand myself well enough to even try and figure out why some stories just take hold of my brain, to the point that i cannot move from my chair until my heart tells me that i have done everything possible to investigate and figure out why (mostly) this or that fucked up situation took place.  i get so mad at some of these people and i feel so sad for these victims that my own internal justice center compels me to doggedly pursue every scrap of clue out there, looking under every rock, reading every thread, google data mining myself into oblivian,  until my brain and heart sigh and i’ve somehow killed six hours and i’m fucking starving  dying of thirst need to piss so bad…i’m drained…dead to the world bemoaning the fact that all my good intentions for a session of real productivity handling tasks often crucial to my survival on the planet, let alone my well being have been thrown out the fucking window yet again.  I never have anything tangible to show for my efforts which is a shame because if i’m honest and not just tooting my own horn, i’m saying about myself, “the kids got talent”.  there is no denying it, i’m smart, savvy, well educated and tenacious as a badger.  you would probably be shocked if it i told you to what lengths i’ve gone to fully immerse myself in one of my quests to understand what basically boils down to the pig headed, evil nature of quite a large percentage of the population roaming the planet today, and every day before today.  i learn some of the craziest shit in the strangest ways and it probably serves no purpose except between me and the victim, especially if they have died as a result of whatever it is i’ve latched onto,  i feel this weird connection and i can’t stop myself from continuing whether my right shoulder is aching my fingers and feet are numb like they are right now or not, i can’t stop until i feel like the victim feels that i’ve done my duty to get to the bottom of whatever it is that caused them to be victimized and usually die.  its respect and sadness and overwhelming empathy that drives me and its truly for the most part a personal thing. i do write this blog but nobody reads it and i really couldn’t give a shit for the most part, i’m just doing my part to keep striving, searching for answers to queries that will never be answered to my satisfaction.  i get clues but true satisfaction never. i’m always in search of that story that the world has got all wrong, one where the perpetrator is the victim, one where my faith in humanity can somehow be restored a little. i can’t even define for myself  what my quest even is so i’m definitely doomed.  how can you find the answers you are looking for if you don’t even know what the question that you’re asking is?  that’s a devastating thought to me it really is.  but what am i supposed to?  all i can do is resign myself to another long session of data mining until i have followed every thread, investigated every possible correlation among the minutia available at my fingertips.  using a machine to try and understand what motivates a person its fucking retarded.  its not good for me to dwell when i’m in this reflective, yearning, questioning mood, on nights exactly like tonight when the room is quiet except for the sounds of my fingers, the humming of the piece of shit tower i’m using, the sound of the rice cooker popping to signify that its done.  my face is hot, my ears and cheeks are burning and i’m babbling.  there is some point to this exercise if i could just figure out what it is and let the profound truth of it just release itself and in doing so release me from this chair i would be so grateful.  when i wrote the post i’m editing right now (why by the way has been reblogged on this site should you choose to have me shut the fuck up and just get to the content you came here for) i was in a different mindset.  if you are ever bored you should spend a day going through all my posts.  there are unquestionably some brilliant things that i’ve written lurking in my archives.  the truly special ones i reread in awe, never even remembering writing them and i get that sense of twitchy freaky hairs on my arms standing up sorta creepy (but not) feeling coursing through my head and my narcissism lulz take over and i know i am fated for something more then an ordinary existence.  lol aren’t we all. for fuck’s sweet sake.  killing me.

I tell you what, i’m not deleting this stuff but i’m going to do you all a favor and move my original content back up and this literary mumbo jumbo bullshit to the end and i’ll even warn you before you start reading it that you will end up cursing my name and muttering to yourself if you choose to continue past a certain point.  

I’ll just do that now …hold on….

I find myself often (rightclick/copy/openlink)ing anything remotely interesting on the internet and this was no exception. I probably had thirty windows open and refreshing (we have the worst slow shitty dsl) and my routine usually is to stay on whatever i’m on at the time until i know its safe to start clicking on the new batch of bullshit.  Its fun, its addicting, you learn a lot of useless information but you feel connected to the world at the same time so whatever.  anyways i digress as usual.  sorry about that. 

Fucking Horny.


got such a yearning for some completely ethereal woman goddess to  come steal my soul and force me to worship her.  its like this ache that is more than sexual.  i mean obviously although i have tried to talk to myself into believing that one of the many girls from my past was meant to be my destiny none of them actually were.  that makes me super sad in a way but also really relieved and happy in a way too.  maybe it was all my fault in each and every doomed relationship but so be it man.  whatever the case may have been i was obviously not content enough to conform to the unspoken boundaries that i know and they knew i was confined to. no matter what the reason was for my deliberate hard headed stubborn  way of living the bottom line remains the same.

my destiny woman, if she even exists which i doubt, but i hope, will be a woman who i can throw my whole being into and  who i never have to even care if we are at home or out living in the forest by ourselves or in a big city because she so fully captivates me and i her that the rest of the world ceases to exist in any meaningful way.  the one.  everybody talks about the one.  do they even know what they are saying what they are hoping for what they are dreaming about.

i have had wondrous nights of incredible leave this planet kind of lust filled sexual frenzy tongue in mouth until lips are chapped can’t get enough of her or her of me.  hundreds of those nights with probably a hundred girls.  why couldn’t i sustain that zest that passion that look at her always and be horny in my heart and in my pants?

just give me my soulmate make it clear to me that she is my soulmate and let me fend for myself with her.  i don’t want riches i don’t want fame (well yeah i do unless i get her) just give me the woman of my dreams who is searching for the man of her dreams and when she dreams she sees my face and touches my lips and i hers.  give her to me while i still have time to enjoy her.  i want to experience that great love that rare as fuck love the kind that you don’t talk about cuz its so fucking amazing you don’t even have time to brag or boast all you have time to do is stare at her and miss her when she is gone its not an obsession but you can’t live (happily) without being by her side where a weekend away is pretty traumatic.

i will trade it all for her.

woman if you are out there look for anthony mandich and find him before it is too late.  universe if it is someone i know now let me know.

Letter To My Incarcerated Girlfriend

Dearest Kristen,

Hello my little love monkey ha ha ha.  Just kidding I was going to write you a letter chock full of soupy sappy moronic pet name talk and actually send it to you but seeing that it made me throw up in my mouth a little before I even got past the first line, I decided to forget my evil plot and just write you a more normal letter instead.

I’m sitting in the garage at Heather’s house and smoking a disgusting Marlboro Light and flicking the ashes on the carpeted floor like an asshole and listening to her gay dog Sancho whine to be let out of the gate where Heather and Riley are outside in the driveway saying hi and bye to Shirley who is Heather’s mom and who has come to pick up my daughter Ciara.  Ciara goes to high school right down the street from here at Tustin High School but she lives in Costa Mesa with her grandmonster Shirley.

My daughter made me some lunch today.  It was a bowl of rice with won ton filling stuff on top of it with some soy sauce and wasabi.  The won ton filling stuff was left over from last Sunday when Heather made some won tons when Ciara was over here with her Asian boyfriend Aeneas.  And no (before you ask) I have no idea what kind of Asian parents name their kid Aeneas.  Beats me.

Now I’m heating up some fragrant oils in an oil burner which if you haven’t seen one, looks a lot like the pipes the kids use these days to smoke speed out of.  Crazy youth of today.  They’ve gone wild I tell ya.

So maybe tonight I will take my $40 and go play some poker at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. $40 isn’t much to play poker with to be honest, so there is a good chance I will drive over 30 miles one way and end up being there for only a few short minutes. When you only have one buy in things can go wrong quickly.  I’m a bit of a gambler at heart so I will probably give it a go anyway.

I’ve been thinking a lot about your vagina lately.  In particular I’ve been thinking about the night we stayed on John Chase’s couch on Pueblo (in Cathedral City).  You remember that house right?  Of course you do!  It’s the last place you were as a free woman ha ha!  But do you remember the night that I’m referring to?  I got you some blankets out of my car and tucked you in on the couch.  I was also laying on the couch but at the opposite end.  Ring any bells Kristen?  No?

Well maybe this will refresh your memory.  When nobody else was in the living room and the lights were out I decided to go under the blankets.  When I was under there I pulled off your jeans and your panties.  I threw those in a heap on the floor next to the couch.  Then I proceeded to put my head between your legs.  There I found a wonderful thing.  It was your hairless pussy and even though it was pitch black under those covers which rendered me blind temporarily, I could tell that your pussy was a beautiful prize.  I then opened up this prize that I had been lucky enough to win by spreading your sexy legs and putting my wet tongue inside your hot hole.  It tasted so good and smelled so good that I couldn’t stop licking it and touching your asshole with my fingers.  I kept switching it up, fingers in ass-tongue in pussy then tongue buried in your ass-fingers gently massaging your perfumed clit in a circular motion until before long my face was covered in wet pussy juice.

I kept up a relentless rhythm pussy ass pussy ass pussy ass until after a while I was able to shove my entire inside your ass and french kiss it while your pussy continued to leak all over my face.  After 20 minutes or so I stopped and I could feel your back arching your pussy searching for my tongue.  From then on I let you beg for it the only way you could….by grabbing my head with both of your hands and burying my face between your legs where you held it while you grinded your clit against my face until I thought I was going to drown in an ocean of pussy.  Finally right when I was about to pass out I felt a series of violent shudders and low howl sprang forth from your throat.  Your ass was moving around like a goldfish who is suddenly taken from its bowl and placed on the counter.  You were flopping around so much and my mouth was filled with the sweet nectar of your pussy juice squirting into it.  I plunged my tongue up your ass one last time until you finally quit shaking and twitching and you breathlessly whispered “that was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had, thank you Anthony”.  I was like, no problem baby.  Anytime.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane Kristen.  I look forward to a summer full of gratuitous sex with you starting when you are released from the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility no later then May 21, 2012.


your boyfriend,  Anthony J. MandichImage

Current Events or 15 Ways to Love your Leaver

Kony 2012 is a video I have decided that I don’t have any desire to see.  I don’t know why I don’t know what Kony 12 can kiss my butt.  Sorry I just woke up after a pretty long period of rest on the couch at Heather Batchelder’s house in beautiful, picturesque Tustin, California.

I’m  not too sure how the Encyclopedia Dramatica does it. Their entries all have hundreds of links to all sorts of interesting and exciting content.  I can’t imagine how fucking long it takes them to write each of their posts.  Kudos to them.  Although I can’t claim to know a quarter of the shit about the internet that they do and therefore I am often lost trying to keep up with what they are talking about, starting with any one of their entries is a good fucking way to get fucking lost in internet hell for a day.  Or longer.  The internet, the real internet, wow….it’s truly a scary place full of hidden gems and content galore and if you don’t have control over yourself (and I don’t) then you can easily find yourself losing whole chunks of time basically doing nothing except filling your head up with knowledge, theories, half assed suppositions, biased reporting on demented and seldom heard of topics, gore and death with a sprinkling of funny, feel good shit but mostly a lot of sex and death to be honest. Okay, so I’m reading the paragraph I just typed out and imagining all of the different psycho locations I could take you guys on just by linking to the words I’ve written and it comes over me that I have quite a bit of power in these attractive hands of mine.  If you have read this far then that means I’ve got you on the hook and really its up to me  not you where that hook can take you.  Do you want to go to heaven or hell? Would you rather get the hell part over with while you are on this mostly hellish planet or do you want to forego all the suffering and experience divinity firsthand while still alive?  Good question you say.  Or maybe you don’t who really gives a fuck?  I don’t because I know that I don’t even have one true fan of my rambling writing.  Nope there isn’t even one person out there that can honestly say that they can’t wait for my next post, or that they have read everything I have ever written.  Nobody could pass even a simple trivia test based on the many posts that have preceded this one.  I don’t even think I could.  After all, I was higher then a kite for the majority of the posts on this website and I have never really had the time to go back through and read over every single one of them.  I’m not a professional blogger.  I don’t get paid jack shit for writing this.  I can’t even tell you why I bother writing this (we’re back again to NOBODY GIVES A RAT’S ASS) blog.  I know its not fresh or hip or cool. I know I sound like a fool and a tool and most of you wish I would drown in a pool or fall off my stool.  Lame.  All of it.  Lame.  The same.  Shame.  Fame is something I will never get.  Yet I seek it.  Couldn’t even tell you why but I assume the answer begins with the buzzword Narcissism.  Okay listen I’m sorry for sounding so stupid in this paragraph. I’m going to stop with the stupid now and tell you guys a good story .  So if you’ve somehow risen above (whatever that means) and made it to this point of this story then you are in luck because you are about to get a true story from the archives of my life.

Ian McCall Was Robbed By Inept Australian Official

Apparently Australia Department of Sport and Recreation head Craig Waller needs to undergo some remedial math training in wake of his error tabulating the judges scorecard after the Ian McCall-Demetrious Johnson fight held on March 2nd, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. He nonchalantly added up the scores and somehow got it wrong which led to the fight being declared in favor of Johnson.  This in turn led to the public, the UFC, McCall and Johnson being denied the opportunity to take part in, or witness what would have been an exciting finish of Johnson by McCall in the fourth round.  Funny, the whole reason they put this caveat in place to begin with, was for situations just like this where the fight was a draw according to the official results turned in by the Judges.  It was only announced later, at the press conference, that the initial result was in fact pure bullshit and that the official result was a draw. The two combatants didn’t seem overly perturbed by the whole idea to be honest but Joseph Benavides, who awaits either Johnson or McCall (definitely going to be McCall), is now unfairly going to be forced to wait for a rematch before his shot at the inaugural UFC Flyweight Championship takes place.  Not that I give two shakes of a lamb’s tail on how long Benavides has to wait because, shit, who cares, but still its just added consequences of a dumb mistake by this dumb official.  Craig Waller, what were you thinking?  Actually, don’t answer that because nobody cares about what you were thinking.  You fucked up kid, pure and simple, and I would be crucifying you even more apart from the fact that you did seem pretty sincerely chagrined and apologetic about your mistakes.  

The fact that this was going to be called a draw to begin with is a travesty of justice as well, in my opinion.  Ian destroyed Johnson in the third round, basically beating him senseless and dominating him from the mount.  Certain moronic viewers in various chat discussions have said that the draw was the correct decision because in their opinions, Johnson had won the first two rounds.  Again, I must emphatically say, BULLSHIT.  If I have to , on pain of death, concede anything to Johnson, it would possibly be a razor thin 10-9 win in the second round.  Other then that, fuck that.  


Ian McCall won.  I know it and so does anyone else with a brain.


Here was my reply to one of these brain dead guys who thought that the draw was correct.


MtlBen (anonymous) 11 hours ago
Gave the first two round to Johnson but the third to McCall, but still the first two to mighty mouse, he rocked McCall in the first… But beside the controversial decision….great great fight and McCall is gonna have the first fight against the futur champion so he’s gonna have a chance to prove the judges were wrong.
New Reply
AnthoMandich 0 seconds ago
You are full of shit and so is vespaman. Johnson did not win the first two rounds. That is just plainly not true. He might have squeaked out a 10-9 in Round Two but no way did he win the first round. I wouldn’t call a slight stagger straight to happy grin and no apparent effects from the blow being rocked. That punch where “he rocked McCall in the first….” was his only highlight in a round where McCall showed superior octagon control, wrestling etc. The third round was complete and utter destruction for McCall. That is definitely a 10-8 round. Even calling this fight a draw is pure bullshit. No fucking way it was a draw. Ian won. Straight out. How many take downs did Ian get as opposed to the big fat ZERO posted by Mighty Mouse (perfect name)? Something like 4-0. Bottom line is you are full of shit. Suck it.

By the way Ian McCall earned a $50,000 bonus in this fight which makes me very very very very happy.

Sociopath School Shooter Salad:

Sociopath School Shooter Salad:

First you take deviant teenagers with hormonal imbalances and an inflated sense of self importance that borders on narcissism.

Toss in their desperate need to seek out attention whether it be positive or negative, a warped sense of unjustified entitlement in a world that refuses to go along for the ride.

Mix with a pathetic built in excuse from their upbringing (sexual abuse, bullying, lack of affection, poverty…whatever).

Sprinkle example (Columbine) after example (Virginia Tech) after example (University of Texas) after example (Westside Middle School) of those that have paved the deranged way for these impulsive little sociopaths.

The little bastards probably beat off to pictures of Dylan Klebold dressed in black with a pool of blood surrounding his ugly head while Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” plays over and over ad infinitum.

The focus of the media and all of her sycophantic followers (of which group I freely admit belonging to) is on the sensational and shocking thrill killing of the day week month etc.  The antihero perpetrators of these terrible deeds are made immediately infamous.

Remember that need for attention I pointed out above?  Infamy is attention.  There is a gratifying payoff in the form of the surrounding hoopla and intense, (albeit temporary)  microscopic scrutiny to which we subject these doomed children of a lost generation to after they commit these senseless crimes, and it is apparently a sufficient trade off for their lives.

The bright light is focused on these losers in an effort to answer the unanswerable question (WHAT COULD WE HAVE DONE TO PREVENT THIS?)

Sad that in this day and age, 15 minutes of infamy is more then enough to provide these former nobodies all the evidence they need to believe that they have made their mark and will go down in history.

Apparently no one these days sees the forest through the trees.  The outlook for mankind as a whole is not the brightest in my opinion.

Is anyone else sick to death of this shit?  There is no end in sight.  Its really all a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy if you ask me.  Kind of a psycho salad.


The teensy weensy tip of the iceberg called PIECE of SHIT File.

Katherine Nadal, a bitch from Texas,  was allegedly high on coke, Xanax and methadone when she got the bright idea to cut off her son’s penis and testicles, effectively ensuring him the life of a eunuch from here on out.  Her son was five weeks old.  Thankfully she received a ninety nine year prison sentence.  On the  Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s online inmate locator, Nadal has a projected release date of May 10th, 2106.  That is not a typo.  She is scheduled to be released from prison next century after having been convicted on one count of Injury to Child SBI.

Jacquiline “Nikki” Reynolds was 17 when she killed her adopted mother for no apparent reason.  I stumbled across this crazy chick when combing through the State of Florida’s online inmate locator.  Just randomly popped in the name Reynolds and started checking out all the seemingly interesting looking inmates.  This girl Nikki Reynolds had a hot prison id photo so I started researching her online before possibly sparking up a little letter writing relationship.  Good thing I did because the chick is psycho and got all obsessed with some guy named Carlos Infante in high school and ended up stabbing her mother to death one fine evening.  Even after watching her “Snapped” episode and listening to her interrogation video and reading everything I could find about her, I still can’t come up with the twisted  reason behind her stabbing mom.  She is getting out of jail soon…

Asshole,  Joe Smith,  killed this poor girl Carla Brucia on Super Bowl Sunday in 2004. He was high on cocaine and horny I guess.  His life was super shitty because of his addiction problems and family problems and this and that and whatever blah blah blah.  So he decided to abduct this poor little 12 year old girl, and it was caught on CCTV from the car wash where it happened.  He raped her, strangled her and left her body on the grounds of a church.  He blamed everyone but himself  for his horrible crime and he got sentenced to death.  Thank God for that.

This past weekend some dude at a Seattle Home Show got arrested when he was caught with a little video camera attached to his foot with a mirror all going through his iphone.  The hot MILF he was trying to videotape was concerned the dude was standing so close and looked to her husband to help.  Hubby came through and tackled the dude.  He got charged with voyeurism.  He was an old looking ugly bastard. 





if you smell the sirens of her

if you smell the sirens of her

the rain thunder clouds in the sky are like moon drops on a pistol

pistol can turn brown

just turn green

budweiser sexy

you’re never be mean


i just asked batchelder to give me a quote to name my blog post for the day and the best she could come up with is “why you so gay tony”.  whatever.  it works for me.  so i haven’t been blogging lately even though i have been up to so much no good it’s insane but i haven’t even been close to a computer except to do work for my boss tom.  so much shit has been going down i feel lucky to be alive and in one piece.  drugs complete scandalous sexual liaisons with so many girls all of them crazy hustler chicks who work over dudes on a regular basis but have met their match with me who works over chicks on a regular basis so we all sort of even each other out.  i can’t even give you all the names of the chicks because some of them are wanted by the law.  this one girl who i have really been seeing quite a lot of is super hot as fuck and really smart but really gangsta as hell and way into really bad drugs.  Met her at a casino in the inland empire.  She is the only one that I have been with more then twice. i also have met two chicks from hemet at the same casino and had sex with one and just cuddled with the other one.  Again not naming names cuz these chicks are sorta like skinhead chicks and they run with a bunch of crazy white power dudes.  I’ve met like three of the dudes and they seem cool and all but there is always that element of danger around them and actually around the girls as well.  I met a half Mexican half white gang banger chick at the same casino and we had a pretty insane adventure that involved me skateboarding at like 4:30 in the morning to the casino gas station to put five bucks gas in this chicks car so her and her three homies could make it home to Beaumont or banning or Yucaipa I’m not sure which one but definitely one of those three.  Anyways I have no record for any kind of drug related offenses and I’m not on parole or probation so I still presumably have my 4th amendment rights which on this night came in pretty handy.  I was bombing this rad little hill that leads directly into the gas station showing off for this sexy little mama whose name I will say which is heather.  Truly the only reason I was doing this was because for some unknown reason the gas station although physically open was literally closed for ten minutes according to the clerk.  So while we waited I skated.  Makes sense to me.  Well this one cop who had said hi to me like ten hours before while he was patrolling through the casino garage parking lot in his black and white followed me down the hill on my third attempt as I was skating over to this heather chick sitting in the car we were putting gas in.  long story short the cop said he was surprised to see someone skating at this time of the morning which I didn’t give a shit about what he was saying because I wasn’t holding anything illegal and like I said I still have my rights.  I was totally unconcerned even when he asked me if he could peek at my drivers license.  I gladly gave it to him but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that heather was cringing and looking pretty unhappy.  Turns out she had been busted for drugs and a bunch of other shit in 2007 and had been to prison and stuff and so she had search terms which basically for all you laymen means that the cops can tear up all your shit looking for contraband without having any reason whatsoever except that they want to.  This cop was totally cool with me and with heather actually.  But even though they didn’t even search me and basically relegated me to the sidelines where I skated for the next hour, they definitely searched heather and the car she was driving which wasn’t hers.  They found a bunch of checkbooks in the car that one of the homies had come across somehow I have no idea about any of that part of the story since I had just met this chick and we were just flirting and shit in the casino.  Anyways it was Christmas eve so they eventually let her go but it was pretty close to her being hauled off to jail.  Just goes to show you that its pretty important to keep a clean record if you can because it helps when dealing with law enforcement officials.  I never got to stick my dick in that heather chick I think she was  a little jaded about my skating being responsible for her getting hassled by the man but fuck it she is one of many.  And in fact a couple of days after Christmas I met this other heather chick at another casino this time in palm springs and I won’t even tell you the details of what happened but put it this way I met her at 7 pm and I was sticking my cock in her by 8:30 pm and that is no lie and she was a hot little bitch in fact I stuck it in her again on the day after new years so there you go.  Well this is just a little tiny smidgen of an update on whats going on with Anthony mandich hero to the degenerates.  Oh yeah one more thing props to this website I started checking out last night called the dreamin demon.  They have stories of so many fucking assholes who hurt kill destroy and spread their evil around indiscriminately every single day that it makes me feel a lot better about myself.  Man, people are really fucked up motherfuckers.

No Shame: The Anthony Mandich Saga

thanks swingin’ utters for that tasty title.  you control your rage and you resist the crime because you’re the next in line. i am simply pumping the utters right now in my squalid den.   this place is worse then it was when i wrote the story about cleaning the hovel i call a room a year ago.  believe me you don’t want to see it.  its fucking horrible but actually pretty rad.  i’m in rare form today.  especially with the murder city devils singing about sailor’s girls and trucker’s wives as they are now.  the only thing.  the only thing i ever wanted is going to fuck you over is going to fuck us up.  to be left behind.  you should know.  like a smuggler like a trucker. etc. etc. etc.

so the royal wedding has taken place obviously.  i got an email from Life magazine informing me of the availability of the pictorials.  i went and violated the copyright law and “grabbed” on with my special “grab” tool and went crazy on it for an hour or two just totally uncontrolled crazy millions of gradients and erased spots and color fill layers and trasnparent red spray paint on inverted colour burnt layers probably maybe 50 layers and all copy merged and transformed and filtered liquified and color dodged and rasterized and just nuts.  then flattened the whole fucking thing without saving any of my work and here that is okay.  (as rhianna is singing “so if you feel me let me know know know ” HAHAHAHA SOME PUNK ROCK TOUGH GUY I AM) fuck it.  shut up and read.

once i ran to you now i run from you.  now i know i’ve got to run away i’ve got to get away.  (social distortion singing about tainted love) don’t touch me please i cannot stand the way you…..

ramble on and make no sense and expect everybody to follow your manic episode hahahaha.  i love you though you hurt me so .

now i’m (literally) going to pack my things and go.

i sold the tascam 38 8 channel reel to reel recorder that i got from james morris via the city of rancho cucamonga and so cal sandbags.  on ebay.  the highest bidder was francisco from monrovia.  francisco drove over to my house yesterday to pay me exactly 265 dollars.  that was the winning bid.  awesome.  i was so stoked.  it was so needed.  don’t forget that i have to be out of this house by sunday thats in two fucking days my friends.  two days.  jesus mary and joseph.  i’m not even packed.

but i am listening to thriller by michael jackson which is pretty bad ass.  before that was stone cold crazy that metalliica song.  i went to pechanga with the 265 last night.  i know it was stupid but i need so much more then 265 if you know what i mean.  i owe my buddy landon 100 bucks and he’s go tone of my best paintings in hock until i pay him.  the thing is he needs the money and i need cash to move.  at least 500 for that etc etc etc.  so i walked out of pechanga with 1300.  that was pretty bad ass.  played SOME POKER on the big kids table (100-300 buy in) and got lucky with pocket aces my second hand and doubled up easily.  went on to pretty much fuck shit up at that table and walked downstairs with my pocket STUFFED


full of $5 chips.  rad.

won all night basically.  and walked with it all.  went straight to the donut shop lol got my chocolate milk glazed twist and choccy twist and then went and got car insurance for $178 before my registration gets suspended on the 9th of may.  i was reminded about that when my friend stephanie burns told me about some dude friend of hers who got pulled over by the cops with a shit ton of meth on him.  he got five years in prison.  and why did he get pulled over?  oh because he had suspended registration on his car like a moron.  poor guy.  not that i’m driving around with shit tons of anything illicit but still it reminded me that it would be a pretty good idea to get  insurance.  so i did that.  yay for me.

only my die hard admirers will have read this far in this post cuz its a bullshit post to be sure.  by the way “we can be heroes” at least according to david bowie.  i’ve got a couple of options for places to

she is known the world wide as eighth letter.

live now which is cool….one’s in eastvale and one’s in crown town by the golf course where my sister used to bartend at.  i heard some incredibly disturbing stories about my sisters deasth last night.  i’m not gonna say who told me or what they told me because there is litigation going on but its fucking horrible and it put me in a sick goosebumps on my head horror stricken mood for a couple hours last night.  i am going to tell our lawyer about it.  enough about that.

by the way i apologize for any times i’ve ever been a fair weathered friend to anybody i know.  just saying that for sincerely reals i won’t say why on that one either but yeah i had to put someone in check actually two someones in check last night.  i know i’m a taker lots and not always a giver materially but i do feel like i am a giver emotionally and friendship wise but if not sorry about that and i can only strive to improve myself.

well shit i got shit to do you guys so thankfully for you i’m going to close this shitty little entry out.  hope you can forgive me for the

call her what you will she's still my mom

terrible incomprehensible shadowy sing song say nothing chant of a rant that defines the makeup of this story today.  i’m sorry.  my mind is in a million and one places you have no idea.  talk soon.

sometimes i feel i’ve got to run away i’ve got to get away

Blow Me: Straight talk about Gay Men

The following is the verbatim chat log that happened on Facebook between Anthony Mandich (representing the Straight community) and Stephen Haproff (for the Gay community).  Note:  the language contained within this chat will shock and offend most, if not all of you, including gays, straights, and whatever else there is on this kinky planet.  Don’t say you weren’t warned…..

If you are not of the legal age to at least buy cigarettes in every state of the great USA, you have no business reading this entry and I command you to close this browser window immediately.  Thank you.

Anthony Mandich


11:46 Anthony mandich

you too sweetie

11:46 Stephen haproff


do you know who you’re talking to?

11:47 Anthony mandich

of course i do jackal breath

it was meant to be a shocker

listen to this song immediately or i will kill you

11:49 Stephen haproff

listening now

but my computer is slooooooow buffering

11:49 Anthony mandich

well make it happen or i will buffer you dude

did you know that i am a handsome motherfucking DEVIL???

11:50 Stephen haproff

wow so hostile


you are handsome

11:50 Anthony mandich

i’m naturally aggresive thats what thats all about i’m a king

11:56 Stephen haproff

okay, I listened. now what

so, you dont kill me…

maybe you could blow me?

11:56 Anthony mandich

did you like that song?

depends how big your cock is lol

11:56 Stephen haproff

I loved the song

I actually remember it

my cock is mmmm… lets see… 6.5ish

11:57 Anthony mandich

did you remember tha ti am bad ass

11:57 Stephen haproff

how could I forget

you keep reminding me

11:57 Anthony mandich

thats not enough girth for for me kid

11:58 Stephen haproff

thats the length…

its REALLY fat

most cant take it

but the size queens love it

11:58 Anthony mandich

yeah fucking right.

you talk like your a slut but we both know your a one man man


get it ]

11:59 Stephen haproff

i get it

11:59 Anthony mandich

a one man man


thats fucking priceless

11:59 Stephen haproff


11:59 Anthony mandich

don’t patronize me stephen

11:59 Stephen haproff

the funniest thing about that is how funny you think it is

I would never

11:59 Anthony mandich

well you are

and i will stab

with the flesh knife

11:59 Stephen haproff



no one has stabbed me with the flesh knife for a loooooong time

12:00 Anthony mandich


i was just kidding

don’t get all turned on via facebook chat dude thats crazy talk my man

12:01 Stephen haproff

now Im hard as a rock and leaking everywhere

12:01 Anthony mandich



i’m making this into a blog

send me a pic

12:01 Stephen haproff


12:01 Anthony mandich


12:01 Stephen haproff

of my fuckstick?

12:01 Anthony mandich

no you deviant

just a stupid picture of you and some of your gay friends being gay

come on now don’t dilly dally

thats my new saying by the way

come on now

you say it like this


12:02 Stephen haproff

cum on my face

12:03 Anthony mandich

cuz its time for me stop this jibber jabber and hey enough of the erotic fantasy shit dude i’ve known you since i was a young school boy with rouind buttocks and a cute smile

12:03 Stephen haproff

and a tight ass

what happened to you? you were such a cute kid

trouble for sure, but cute

12:04 Anthony mandich

if you don’t send me that stud necklasce immediately to 2654 steeplechasee way norco california 92860

we’re all gonnnnnnnnna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:04 Stephen haproff

I will send it to you!

no one could wear it like you

not even me

12:04 Anthony mandich

i am dead serious

12:04 Stephen haproff

that shit was fucked up

12:04 Anthony mandich

you better wend that shit

12:05 Stephen haproff

you can see that I was totally tweaked in that pic

12:05 Anthony mandich


thats okay twizzzzzlah

12:05 Stephen haproff

thats my favorite “before” picture

tells it like it was

12:06 Anthony mandich

you were rolling the glass cock around like a champ. now are you really gonna send me that necklace or does shit have to go down?

12:06 Stephen haproff

Im going to go home tonight and see if I can find that necklace

I think its in my “junk” drawer


12:06 Anthony mandich

thanks. okay i will hold off on sending my boys over.

12:06 Stephen Haproff


are the boys as hung as you?

12:06 Anthony mandich

alright stephen my favorite homosexual man of all time i will have to let you go now.

12:07 Stephen haproff

hasta la vista baby

12:07 Anthony mandich

how do you know how hung i am? have you seen my cock?

12:07 Stephen haproff



not that I recall


then how would you know the size of my glistening, erect, love tool

12:07 Stephen haproff

unless it was in that brief period in West hollywood when you were turning tricks on santa monica blvd

12:08 Anthony mandich

i never turned any tricks. i gave it away

12:08 Stephen haproff


12:08 Anthony mandich

you like my erotic descriptions

12:08 Stephen haproff

thats what my mom always told me… “stephen, how you gonna make a living at it if you keeep giving it away”

12:08 Anthony mandich

lol i knew you would your a simple yet elegant pervert is what you are sir. i am going to tell my mom on you.

12:09 Stephen haproff

I know how big it is cuz you always tell me


it aint all that

those who have, use it

those who dont, brag about it

12:10 Anthony mandich

btw have you ever seen the show

trust me i use that shit all the time doggy

12:11 Stephen haproff

mmmm hmmm

course you do

12:11 Anthony mandich

uh huh…huh

okay so listen. this is being published on the public internet so i just want you

12:12 Stephen haproff

you want me?

I knew it

12:12 Anthony mandich

to know that (lol) the hesitation was so perfect)

you are so easy to lead

i wish you knew how to play poker joker

12:12 Stephen haproff

baby, I am NOTHING if not easy

I always say so

12:13 Anthony mandich

don’t forget my stud neckalce i mean it you didnt even get me a birthday presebnt and i was shocked and horrified about that.

12:13 Stephen haproff

I got your present right here, I was just waiting to see you before I shot it all over you

12:14 Anthony mandich

you’re in the wrong

12:14 Stephen haproff




12:14 Anthony mandich

thats not nice man i ‘m telling catherine happroff on you

12:14 Stephen haproff


she knows how wrong I am

12:14 Anthony mandich

hey you know who i really used to want badly badly badly is your sister andy happroff.


i have masturbated with your sisters face in my mind many many times

12:15 Stephen haproff

I believe you

she still lives in that same house on Vicentia


12:15 Anthony mandich

whats she up to these days

12:15 Stephen haproff

now you’ve crossed the line


being a mom

2 girls

18 & 14


12:16 Anthony mandich

is she hot still

and there is no lines between us pal

jocelyn had some nice boobs and a helluvan ass



its so unfair really cuz you can’t say anything about my sister she’s dead

12:17 Stephen haproff

I know

12:17 Anthony mandich

so i get to abuse you

12:17 Stephen haproff

I made out with her once though

12:17 Anthony mandich

and you have to take it

12:17 Stephen haproff

at cassy’s wedding

12:17 Anthony mandich

who natalie?

you bad boy

12:17 Stephen haproff


12:17 Anthony mandich

thats hot

12:17 Stephen haproff

we were both trashed

my sisters were pissed

I was already gay

12:18 Anthony mandich

natalie would love this convo actually she would think it was so funny and that i was retarded

12:18 Stephen haproff

we both are

12:18 Anthony mandich

why were your sisters pissed

12:18 Stephen haproff

thank god

they thought being gay meant that I shouldnt get pisssed drunk and make out with chicks

I guess

12:19 Anthony mandich

thats gay

pardon the pun

so back to your sister andy

12:19 Stephen haproff

I dont think that was a pun, I think it was simply redundant

12:19 Anthony mandich

i wanna do things with her that make me feel all funny inside

it wasn’t redundant dunce

don’t try to come across as some brilliant poet


12:20 Stephen haproff

I aint


nah just kidding you are a brilliant poet

12:21 Stephen haproff

you are

12:21 Anthony mandich

but can we please get back to andrea happroff and her catholic school uniform? that does things to me that you shouldn’t really be knowing about sir.

12:21 Stephen haproff

no I shouldnt

are you whacking off right now?

12:23 Anthony mandich


but i have before

to andy and jocelyn not catherine

12:24 Stephen haproff

I can honestly tell you that I never jacked off to you

does that bum you out

12:25 Anthony mandich

not at all. i would be actually horrified and shocked if you did

can you try to be a good kid for once though

12:25 Stephen haproff

it’s my lifes goal to horrify and shock you, so if you’ll excuse me for a moment I gotta go and…

okay, I’ll be good

12:26 Anthony mandich

bye stay tuned for a nice blog

Fuck me running

Anthony Mandich is the boy in the Bubble

Sometimes I start to think that I’m sick in the head and that my soul is in peril.  It would not be a huge leap for anyone that knows me to believe that my middle name was actually Trouble.  Trouble and me are pretty close friends but thankfully we haven’t gone too far down the road together.  I guess I like cruising around on the periphery of his world but I wouldn’t want to get caught behind the Trouble County Line after dark if you know what  I mean.

Hard for me to take any kind of credit for that though.  I’ve been blessed beyond belief with a mother who has always stood by me regardless of the circumstances.   My mom’s name is Heather and I am not worthy of the generosity she has bestowed upon me with not much in return thus far.  I could write a book.  A literal book filled with story upon story of Heather saving my ass time after time after time.

Have you ever had someone in your life who you cared about and tried to help?  Yes you have.  How about someone you have helped but they didn’t seem to care?  As in not much gratitude was shown.  I’m sure most people can answer yes to this as well.  The number of downward spiraling questions I would have to keep asking to get you to the point where I am with my mom would boggle the mind.  I mean my mom could have answered yes to the second question when I was 2 probably.

How about this?  Have you ever gotten mortally sick and fucking tired of helping someone that doesn’t get it?  Like they are fucking retarded or something.  And you get sick of helping them and putting yourself out for them.  They don’t appreciate it.  In fact they seem to resent you for it as shocking as that seems.  After a while you get sick of that shit right?  Eventually you come to a point where enough is enough and you have had it up to here with this ungrateful sob.  You have it out with him/her and announce that you are “done” and thats the end of it.  They pretty much cease to exist for you in any tangible way and you just move on because there are too many deserving people in this world to justify wasting any more time and energy on a selfish know it all idiot who doesn’t learn from his mistakes.

Well my mom has been “done” with me at least 1,256 times in my life.  I have been so stupid its almost a fucking joke to consider.  I have no idea why that woman has continued to love me and help me for as long as she has.  This is not to say that she doesn’t get super pissed off at me and stuff.  She does.  Super pissed.  The amazing thing about Heather, my mom, is that she really doesn’t hold a grudge against me.  After a bit, if I genuinely seem to change my attitude and start trying to do the right thing, its easy to get her back on my side and believing in my inherent “good sonlyness”.

I’m not explaining this in order to make light of the situation in any way.  I’m not trying to point out that my mom is a sucker that should have opened her eyes to reality years ago and written me off for good back then.  Many people would be agreeing with that sentence though.  I’m sure she hears it from all sorts of people.  In fact, I know that she does.   I can’t blame them and certainly I would never blame her if she did just walk away and wash her hands of it all.  There would be no guilt on her conscience because she has done 1,000 times more then she should have to make sure that I have chances to be a happy and productive kid in this big bad world.

I just know that if I didn’t have my mother around, I would be hard pressed to continue to believe that the world is essentially a good place.  My mom is that stable, firmly grounded and steadfast rock that has always kept my head above water and I am truly grateful for her continued support and love.

Everyone thinks that they are special.  I know it sounds incredibly stupid but “I KNOW that I’m special”.  God has a plan for me, a destiny that I need to survive long enough to fulfill.  Has anyone ever read “A Prayer for Owen Meany”?  If you have you know what I’m talking about already.   If you haven’t then sorry.  I don’t have time to explain it.

I want something good to die for to make it beautiful to live.

Some days like today for instance, I get the hairs on my arms standing up and this really super deja vu-ish feeling that flows through my head and keeps tantalizing me with the idea that I am an integral part of God’s master plan for my era.  Shit, that sounds so delusional.  Unrealistic delusion of grandeur.  Classic symptoms of any one of a dozen personality disorders.  Still, the feeling is unshakable.

And so I continue  to bob and weave the punches I throw at myself.  Finding my way to this destiny has been a journey that I wish upon nobody.

I have a hard time staying out of my own line of fire.  If there is a devil, and I’m pretty sure there is, so far he’s just laughing at the lack of a challenge that I present.  He doesn’t even have to throw any of his demons my way.  Why waste assets when I’m doing a fine job of fucking things up myself?  I guess my only real resolution for the year 2011 is to possibly find a way to let the natural blessings that are bestowed upon me bear the fruit they are intended to bear.  How dumb is that to consider?  Real dumb.  That’s all that God is asking of me at the moment.  Just to stay out of my own way for a little bit.

Its not to much to ask.  I may be finally ready to do this.  Let’s hope so.

By the way that picture of the adorable little tyke and the woman that you can see at the beginning of this post is me and my grandmother.

The sexy woman standing in back of those two crazy looking little kids standing in their butthuggers is my mother, Heather Bayne.

Looking for an Art Agent

Personality Profile Results for Anthony Mandich

This is Part 1 of my Personality Profile.  If you know me read this shit and tell me if you agree or not.  I will post my opinions on the matter sometime next week when all 5 parts have been posted.

Introduction to Extraversion
Some days you want to hang out by yourself, not answer the phone, and make the world go away. The next day you e-mail everyone, schedule lunch with a friend, and try to find an evening gathering to take part in. It may be the phases of the moon, or something you ate; some days are just like that. In actuality, your desire to be with others or to be alone reflects something deep in your personality. Some of us are more comfortable by ourselves or with one or two friends, while others of us crave the crowd and can’t stand it when the house is empty or the phone doesn’t ring. The following paragraphs describe your fundamental desires about being with other people; whether you are generally an outgoing person or more reserved, if you seek adventures with others, if you tend toward assertiveness or kindness.

When it comes to Extraversion you are:
Words that describe you:
  • Friendly
  • Gregarious
  • Full of Life
  • Unreserved
  • Kindhearted
  • Talkative
  • Emotional
  • Spontaneous
  • Vigorous
A General Description of How You Interact with Others
I just did this last night. I rock. My name is Anthony Mandich

You know how to communicate. You listen well, the first rule of good communication, and then, when it’s your turn, you talk vigorously and with animation; in your uninhibited way you give all that you’ve got to the encounter.

In situations where you feel very safe, when you know and trust the people you’re with, you can be very kindhearted and unrestrained. You let your affection for and pleasure in being with others flow freely. You’re wide open And when you get back this same kind of unrestrained warmth, you are deeply satisfied. Because you are so friendly and full of life, these are among your favorite moments.

Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You
As much as you like being with other people, not everyone will like being with you. Hard to believe, but your gregarious and warm manner is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are more cautious than you in personal encounters; others think the work place should be more formal, more impersonal than is comfortable for you. Still others, who may want more of the spotlight, will find you too much to compete with once you get your lively and outgoing self in motion.

Here’s another word of caution. You’ve been at this warm and open way of relating for a while, but for some people it’s a brand new experience. They may be protecting something inside themselves, some fear or guilt or shame, or some private part of their story that they’re not yet ready to share. Your openness might threaten them, and they’ll take a step back and be reluctant the next time to engage you in the kind of exchange you find so easy and satisfying but they find so dangerous.

Positive Responses Others May Have Toward You
Many people, most probably, will be glad to be in the room you’re in. At work you make the environment livelier and the banter more interesting, so the time moves swiftly and the experience is a happier one. At home you keep everyone connected because you engage each of them in the conversational action, and as a result they are more connected as well with one another. You make home a warmer and more interesting place for everyone who lives there.

You might also be helpful to some people. There are those who need to talk but aren’t very good at it. They don’t know how to begin the kind of conversation that would allow them to share whatever is in their personal stories that they’d like or need to talk about. You could make that easier for them with your way with words. Some people just need an example and a little encouragement to come out of their shell and get into the greater fun and personal connectedness that will make their lives so much more satisfying. Again, you might be just the right person to make that happen for them.

So almost everyone will be glad to be with you, you make life more interesting for those you live and work with, and you could help some of your friends who need just a little encouragement to open up and find in themselves the kinds of energetic and warm connections that you thrive on. Not that you are a pushover; in fact, you are often quite assertive. In taking care of yourself you also make sure that others are engaged and energized.

Charles Died Devastation at STellar Bar

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–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Subject: Charles
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 00:53:19 -0700

Date: Aug 9, 2005 12:29 AM
Subject: The Legend of Bo Di Kai——–I am Fucking Shattered
Body: Honestly in all my life experiences I have never been as distraught, emotionally wrecked, torn to pieces, sad, angry, and overall just a mess as I was and AM STILL over the stupid senseless killing of my friend and companion and kindred brother Charles McEldowney on the Second of August, 2005 in LA.
Some fucking jackass who obviously can’t handle their drug intake of ice tripped the fuck out of his head and had some delusion of Charlie doing something threatening somehow someway and actually killed my friend Charles.
I have suffered through many fucked up things in my wonderful life to date. None has affected me quite as much as this. I live in Australia now and I can’t fucking even go home to the funeral. It’s so fucked.
If you never met Charles your life is not as fulfilled as it should be let me just tell you that. He was a great personality and the most funny, generous, twisted and delightfully evil man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know that I will never meet another like him.
If you only knew how many nights in the last twelve years that Charles and I have seen the sunrise together, talking shit, philosophizing, tinkering, drawing, partying, driving, planning, laughing, eating and just being brothers it would boggle the mind.
Fuck yah we were on drugs. Hooray for that. After Charles moved from OC to LA, I got a job at Ticketmaster in LA and was working down on Wilshire Blvd right there in Chinatown. And he lived there off of 8th Street and Grammercy. Literally 5 minutes walk from my work. I used to go over there at lunch and Charles would rescue me from the hellish hangover I would be enduring, with some hits of that dirty pretty ice pipe and we would have the best times. I don’t give a fuck if you think its lame. Drugs or any of it to tell you the truth. It was real and it was never the same and the adventures in LA with Chuck were legendary.
When I moved to downtown LBC with my Australian chick Ella, me and her used to go to Charles mobile house about three nights a week and pick up shit like maybe a half gram or something. It would always be like at 4 in the morning seriously and I would be covered in paint from whatever masterpiece I was working at the time and it was just so NOT THE SAME as the millions and billions of sheep living in California.
Charles sold drugs. Yah for Charles. I trusted him more than I have ever trusted anyone in my life. Implicitly. You know what that word means? Implicitly. Well I don’t know the exact dictionary meaning either but it’s a word that comes to mind when I think of Charles and trust. Like as in, it goes without saying. The dude had my back, any time any place. When I had money I gave him money. When I had none, he took none. It would not be an exagerration to say that Charles has actually given me my stash for the night AND GAS MONEY TO get back home AND A LITTLE MINI STASH for my chick and some sort of tool or gadget, a porno, and some food at least 100 times when I was living in Long Beach.
I would always be broke, being a degenerate gambler, yes its true. But Charles never gave a fuck about that. Literally didn’t give a fuck. Always made the time for me. Always. I tell you what. Straight up. The man meant more to me than almost anyone in this world. I love Charles. I thought he was the coolest person ever and he is my hero. Seriously my life will never be the same and the prospect of visiting California again isn’t even half as appetizing now that he is dead. I am that crushed.
I just found this shit out yesterday and I can’t stop welling up with tears about every 5 minutes. Is there anyone in your life that every time you see this person you feel this swell of affection in your heart and a smile just comes to your lips? Like you guys are so genuinely stoked to be in each others company whenever you get the chance in your busy lives? And once you start talking, all the other people in the room can’t even follow what you guys are talking about because they are just not on that wavelength. That is what we had man. Not in a gay way either for fucks sake. But in a non gay way Charles was a soulmate of mine and I really miss him so terribly much as I am typing this right now on a cold and rainy Melbourne Tuesday, the ninth of August, 2005. I miss you Charlie and I am fucking not very happy about any of this let me tell you.
As always with me and Charles he is paving the way. Charles was the stuff that legends are made of. Let the storytelling start now. I would say Rest in Peace but Charles liked staying up. Not resting. I do too. So all I can say is I love you brother and I miss you and not a cliche here: I will think about you every day for the rest of my life and thank you so much for every little thing you have ever done for me. You fucking rule. Bye Chuck