pius heinz wins wsop main event

After starting the final table as a short stack this bluffing machine from Germany, heinz caught fire at the right time. he entered Tuesday nights 3 handed finale with the chip lead and promptly saw Ben Lamb spew off the majority of his stack on the first hand with an ill timed all in bet holding king jack off which was called by Martin stazko. Stazkos pocket 7’s held up and Lamb’s hopes for a main event bracelet to top off the world series of a lifetime were all but extinguished. It seemed inevitable when Lamb was officially ousted on the fourth hand of the night…again by Mr. Chess federation expert, the nerdish Czech stupor star stazko.

The battle was then on….it lasted over one hundred hands and the grind of heads up play seemed to be wearing on young heinz. His chip count fluctuated greatly up and down and to my eyes it seemed a near certainty that the older and more patient stazko would eventually take down the hardware.

All of a sudden a huge hand developed on a king ten club flop. A raise of 4 million after the flop was made by heinz. As he had successfully done many times previously in their heads up battle, the wild and woolly Czech nerd king stazko came over the top of our hero heinz with a 3 bet to 11 million. After some boyish hollywooding by heinz he announced he was all in. His propensity to 3 bet light so often earlier in the tournament made stazko’s ill timed call with queen nine of clubs seemingly an easy one. Heinz turned over red ace queen which h meant he was ahead pending a sure to be stressful sweat of a turn and river that needed to be red on the head linear dick on a dog if our pal Pius had any chance of winning the massive 160+ million $ pot and taking the chip lead back from stanzko….by a huge margin.

Well the turn and river were no where close to helping the Czech bastard and he found himself sitting across the table looking up at a truly immense tower of chips in the hands of his maniacally spewy opponent Pius heinz who sealed the deal ten minutes later when he woke up with ace king in a hand where the Czech stazko shoves with 10 7 suited. Heinz made the easy call the board was a piece of shit that did nothing to improve either of the contestants hands thereby making ace high the hand that cemented a rather large first place prize of 8.7 milion US$ for the 22 year old heinz. the win was pretty bad ass and. I want to congratulate Mr. Heinz on a job well done.

If he could send me a thousand for writing such a nice feature story about him that would be so sick.

I, Anthony Mandich, promise to pretty much piss everybody off here

I don't ask for much these days and I don't bitch and whine if I don't get my way

What should I talk about today hmmm?  All sorts of shit perhaps?  Okay, well I feel like a pretty big star right now because Antonio Sabato Jr., that hunk of a man posted a little thank you blurb on my Facebook wall a little bit ago.  What a nightmare for that poor guy really.  I mean how does one deal with one supercreepy yet oddly popular little fella like me?  I am doing an unauthorized and definitely unsolicited yet supremely fucking cool painting of his girlfriend cheryl and i posted a copy of it on his wall so he came on my wall and said thanks.  I mean he doesn’t want to appear ungrateful to his fans and shit so that’s understandable but still though, how many sicko fans does the dude probably have?  I can only imagine how many dumpy dowdy mid western fatty housewives from Kansas or Kentucky or Nebraska or some shit are members of his fan club.  My God, the thought horrifies me for him.  All these wanna be sexy, wanna be cougars (without the cash, class and with triple the ass) who fell in love with Antonio when was on General Hospital way back when….wow.  I’m sure tons of them have painted portraits of him or baked him cookies or sent him their size 124 extra stout soiled panties in the mail, total delusions of grandeur running through their fat little heads that Antonio really wants any of this shit.  That Antonio wants anything more then to be left alone lol.  But still, he is a very successful public figure with a cultivate heartthrob image and has probably always felt obligated to personally thank everyone for whatever little gifts they send, no matter how fucking insane they might actually be.  And he’s actually totally fucking cool.  I mean I know plenty of my own REAL FLesH AND bLOOD FRIENDS,  who feel it well within their rights to delete my posts or censor me or whatever.  To his credit, everything I have ever posted on his wall, is still there.  So I respect him for reals and I feel sorry for him too.  So I try not to be too much of a creep with my celebrity friends and anyways fucking hell the painting is sick as fuck.  Its rad.  So maybe I’m a delusional midwestern cougar fatty myself and if I do send him the painting someday, it will probably end up God knows where but doubt if its gonna be hanging over the dining room table lol.  Well thats my first topic at a close.  Bottom line, don’t be hard on Antonio Sabato Jr. , as he is a cool mother fucker, a handsome mother fucker, with a hotter then goddamn hell girlfriend, and he’s not a dick.  Alrighty moving right along….

Actually Anthony Mandich is not worthy to paint this Goddess

Wow I could go in so many directions right now.  Should I talk about this chick Kendra that I made out with for brief interlude on Saturday night in Los Angeles, should I talk about Steve Jacobson and how good he has it with his sexy ass girlfriend who is down to be his sex slave basically, should I talk about Ryan Johnson, that suave debonair friend of mine, with a face whose cheeks you just wanna squeeze he’s that handsome of a specimen?  Should I talk about my last sexual encounter(s) with _ _ _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _ _?  Should I talk about the many beautiful young ladies I fell in love with at the Apoolcalypse party on Saturday August 21st, 2010 at Dystopian Studios? There were many new faces such as Toni, H (8th Letter)-WOW!, Sasha, Kim.  There were many faces I’ve seen before but only strengthened my love for like Eunice, Eden, and Heather.  There was one notable face missing, that I’m pining over, Erica.  So yeah we could go there and stay there for a couple of blogs. 

I could talk about the termination of all contact forever with my ex wife Briar.  There are plenty of untold scandalous details to unfold for you captive readers.  Since she can now officially “suck it” she is fair game so perhaps that’s a topic?

We could get into some really taboo stuff like my dealing with Rodney who none of you are familiar with at the moment but you would be fascinated with learning about.

Gambling is a topic I am aching to get into with you all.  I have a horror story hand to tell you about but I’m still sickened by it myself so I don’t actually know if i I wanna go there right now.

We could even gloss over a few little sentences about my buddy Sean Stenlake’s sexier then goddamn hell little princess of a girlfriend Natasha who is a real life Playboy Playmate who Sean is privileged enough to ravage on a daily basis about forty feet from where I know find myself perched.

LA in general is not a bad topic and i have lots to go over on that end as well.  We could get into a little Area 33 discussion, we could talk about Jacen Onda and his antics.  I could finish by previously started series about my ex girlfriend “Polly” or was it “Dolly” who is now safely back in her husbands house in “Texas”.

My fat dog Woodie getting owned, punked and probably butt fucked by Snickers on a nightly basis, is a topic I have alot of enthusiasm to discuss.  My brother Jon, wow, I would love to do a special series just on Jon alone.  He’s a special and unique young creature of the night and we could spend many an hour together about him.

We are both urban legends. Anthony Mandich and Jon Mandich.

I’ve got an MMA fighter friend named Ian McCall who I plan to get up to some mischief with really soon.  We could talk about him and his competitive sexual nature.  He’s definitely a kindred spirit although I’m not too sure he  would be really that proud of such a horrible fact.

Casino Junkie Crew is one topic I plan on spending several hours regaling you with tales about.  Probably I will end up writing a book about topic alone if  live long enough.

Codependent’s reunion show, Jim Kennedy’s birthday bash, Ricky Menace’s return to the stage….all on three consecutive days starting this Friday…we will get into all the gory details of that weekend but lets wait until that weekend happens.

What else?  The Christian Facebook Army, Caffeine Magazine and my exclusion therefrom, JoJo Meadows art promotion efforts on my behalf in the UK, the state of the union of my art career and life in general, the chaos that is my room.  All of these are worthy topics and I want to get to all of them.  As you can see we have lots to discuss and I  think I’m gonna leave everybody with that for now as I have a poker tournament to play on Full Tilt at the moment, as well as a painting I am working on.

Bye Everybody.  I miss you Michelle and Kellie the Bear Woman

Freaky Shit from Chris Gultch to Anthony Mandich

I’m about to play a No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament on Pokerstars and I just checked my Facebook Account quickly.  The first thing I noticed was that my buddy Chris Gultch (Death Mickies) posted the following link on my wall.:


You follow that link and it takes you to some chicks Myspace account and this fucked up music.  Slow Jamz is her name from Massachusetts or something.  The song is like some soupy love song where the dude is saying “I wanna know what turns on”. 

By the way in the poker tournament I called a FIVE WAY all in preflop with KKJJ and flopped trip Jacks and took down $7,500 on my first hand.  Moved me up to 6/6009 players.

What Anthony Mandich has been up to

Hello to my adoring public, its your favorite jackass Anthony Mandich here again to spread a little peace, tranquility and poker know how on a Wednesday at nearly HIGH NOON.  Actually its 11:59 a.m.  as we embark on this thrill ride through my brain.  I know I’m excited and I sure hope you guys are too.

All things considered, I couldn’t be happier really.  My art career is starting to gather some momentum which is just unreal.  I’m super stoked about that.  I work so hard at it that I feel as if I am killing myself slowly by even partaking most days but I just can’t help myself.  Like the world of poker, the art world is just so fascinating and complex and subtle and beautiful.  Hold on a second am I describing myself  or art?  LOL.  Both actually…..

Seriously though, perhaps I can leave my mark in some small way upon the world through a painting I may do in the future.  I’m no Rembrandt but I’ve got imagination and I know this:  lately when I finish a piece, whether its graphic art or a canvas, I get goosebumps because I know I’ve created something that personally, if I was at an art gallery or at an opening or even at someone’s house and I saw something like what I just created, I would have no choice but to get that wierd feeling I get that I’m looking at something unreal and just so damn cool.  I haven’t sold that many paintings and an artists life is a tough one so there has got to be some reason that I’ve been going at it since 2001 hard out.

I love the fact that I’m improving, that my pieces are put together in a more polished manner every time.  I’m no way near to having reached my potential with my art career.  No way near.  And that fills me with the happiest, warmest and most satisfying feeling I can feel.

Halfway through the graphic side of a painting I'm doing for Kitty Lee

20 Hours Straight Using Photoshop 7.0

Human beings need hope.  Hope not only sustains life, it causes life to thrive.   God promises to give life and give it abundantly somewhere in the bible and I think I know what He’s talking about with that one.  Poker and Art are two mainstays in my life and they always will be.  The simple reason is that both of them are a microcosm of life and I will NEVER know all there is to know about either one of them.  In fact there is so much information readily available about Poker and Art that its like overload to my brain.  How can I ever be bored if that is the case.

Maybe its not the greatest purpose ever but at least I have a purpose.  For that today I am grateful and thankful.

Does anyone else feel a little bit choked up right now?  LOL hahahahahahahahahahahaha what a bunch of sissys.  LOL.  God I’m good.  Anyhow I should cut off this Emo Kid post before I dig myself in deeper.  Besides I need to make a phone call to a very special lady name Krista who works at Sole Technology.  (More about that later….)


Rafting Down The Meat River With Sean Stenlake

Stenlake the Monkey Boy just sent me a text to inform me that Poker Stars is  having a $370 World Series of Poker Main Event satellite tournament on the 20th of June, 2010.  Is he new or something?  Poker Stars probably has ten satellites to the main event every day.  Actually let me hold on a second before ridiculing him.  I’ll go check out the Poker Stars website and see what’s really going  on.  Hold on one second.

Well it turns out that Sean is kind of correct in a sense.  June 20th is in fact the LAST day to qualify for the Main Event via satellite and for the $370 dollars you can in fact directly buy in to the last Mega Satellite Tournament.  There are 200 packages to the Main Even guaranteed but in all likelyhood there will be many more seats then that actually won.  Its a pretty cool package too and includes spending cash, accomodations at the Palms Resort and Casino where I stayed with Briar on our wedding night, and more, including huge bonuses for anyone who qualifies through Poker Stars that actually wins the tournament, as well as your choice of prostitutes to enjoy during your stay, tickets to see Wayne Newton perform live in Henderson, Nevada, and a complimentary Poker Stars hat and bumper sticker.  All in all, a compelling adventure for sure.

Forget for a moment that our chances of being in the top 200 of that tournament are Slim to None.  It would be great to win.  Forget also for a moment that I don’t have a Poker Stars account anymore, in fact, I play on Poker Stars using a fraudulent account with Sean Stenlakes name.  You see, when I first started learning how to play poker a few years back I went a little bit cookoo and sort of wrote about ten electronic checks that sort of bounced.  Ever since then I’ve had trouble getting Poker Stars to see my side of the story.  Being a degenerate, tilted out of my mind, donkey boy poker player at the time is not an excuse they want to hear.

Sean Stenlake, you’re a good kid.  Thanks for the heads up on that tournament.  I truly wish I could play in it.  Alas, I cannot.  So I will continue rafting down the meat river alone forever.

Check out the screen shot. It says it all biotch.

I Just Shit My Pants

Uh huh.  Sure I did.  I’m feeling combative.  First of all I’m tripping on either Heather Batchelder or her boyfriend Aaron DeLavergne.  I’m not sure which one of them actually was doing the typing when they commented on my last blog that I shouldn’t be fronting myself off on Facebook.  What the hell does that mean?  I got no idea what that is supposed to mean at all.  There was also a comment about drugs.  Something along the lines of “Drugs are cool?  Really?”.  I went back and visited my post and couldn’t find a reference to drugs being cool.  Not directly or indirectly.  But you know what?  Now that I’ve been accused of it, fuck it, DRUGS ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, I’m being combative.  I’m really starting to hate this blog thing too.  You have no idea the amount of things that I ‘m holding back on discussing.  It’s starting to piss me off something fierce.  Things I would like to discuss but am restraining myself from actually discussing:

1.  Grandma Shirley the Tyrant

2.  Online gambling, particularly the casino segment of poker rooms.

3.  Indian gaming casinos such as San Manuel Casino and Pechanga Casino.

4.  The inane individuals who I see on Facebook.

5.  Reasons why I agree with the statement “Doing the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

There are many other topics that fall into this category.  It totally sucks because I’m coming to find out that I am actually just a pussy.  I come across like I don’t give a fuck about anything and that I can say or do anything I want to say or do.  It’s not the case.  It’s not true.  I mean truly I’m a coward if you think about it.  I can’t even LIST some of the topics I would like to discuss.  Hows that for self censorship.

Now I’m even getting more pissed so I gotta go.  Fuck my life. Just kidding.  But seriously though….Fuck my life.

Suck Me haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Stiff Little Fingers to Air to Chimara

My musical tastes are as scattered as my varnish filled brain.  I can’t be fucked coming up with a mood playlist on my Media Player or even put the damn thing on shuffle so I’m getting full career sets by each band that comes on.  Tonight I’ve already heard 25 SLF songs at least, 4 Radiohead Albums, St.Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley, 3 Air Albums, Chimara, The Airborne Toxic Event  who I had never heard before tonight and I did like one sappy song they did.  Somehow I even have 4 Air Supply songs.  Just what I need at 3:30 in the morning when I’ve been painting for fucking what seems like forever.  Painting and playing poker.  Thats all I seem to do.  Paint and play poker.

Gambling, Art, Women, Drugs, Skateboarding, Punk Rock, Cocktail Making, Writing, Chick Music, and Very Little Sleep.  Those have been the overriding themes of my life for a very long time.  We can go back at least ten years and I promise that those same ten topics were still in play.  Maybe more of one and less of another but pretty much consistently I’ve been a prisoner of the same shit.  Prisoner?  Well I don’t know if that is the right word but you get the point right?  I’d really like to expand my horizons or something.

Perhaps getting rid of a couple of the more toxic elements and adding a few neglected elements and my life would be more satisfying, fulfilling and in balance.  I don’t know.  It’s  just a thought.  Boring….I’m going to spare my 5 readers any more philosophy from my inane brain.

So I’ve gone on one of the biggest graphic rampages of my life in the last two months.  I have plenty of sincerely awesome pieces that I want to transfer to canvas.  In fact I have enough to keep me busy painting for a year at least.  I want to have an art show before then though.  I’m thinking September or October maybe.  Hopefully some people will come and get excited and spend thousands of dollars and  that would be just so fucking cool.

I’ve got a poker tournament starting on Full Tilt right now so I think I should go soon.  As if you care.  Honestly, its the fact that I can type and I like typing that keeps me putting out this blog.  I really don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute.  I also don’t feel like I can be completely candid in the way that I really really want to.   There are definitely some things I would love to discuss but for various reasons I can’t.  Which sucks.

Sean Stenlake, my good friend, and I, are playing poker today at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino in Gardena.  I can’t wait.  My hot little friend Kirsty Paulus works there as a dealer and she is so nice to look at.  The cutest face the hottest ass.  I mean the hottest fucking ass.  And she thinks I’m the shit.  So I love her.  LOL.   Sean and I are going to LA anyways to go to Dick Blick Art Supplies.  I got too many brushes in my recent art supplies order and I want to trade some of them in for some other shit I need.  I have an ART Patron who is currently financing this current run of paintings.  This person is the shit.  I can’t really name this person because I don’t think this person wants to be publicly outed as a sucker for my art!  I don’t blame this person for being a sucker for my art actually because well I don’t know but I think its kinda nice and stuff.  LOL.  Anyways…..I digress.  As usual.  By the way I just donked out of my tournament on Full Tilt on purpose.  I didn’t feel like playing it so I just open shoved the flop after calling a preflop raise with 7 – 5 off.  Who cares.  I’d rather save my prowess for the live  casino.  I’ve been killing it lately in poker.  Well mostly killing it.  Well actually yeah, killing it in poker and then getting sucked into other forms of gambling, losing when I should win, getting angry and spewy with my money and losing it back that way.  Its a common enough plight with poker players, even brilliant ones.

I”m not saying I’m a brilliant poker player but I am at least a fearless and thinking and aggressive player.  I’d be willing to play anybody that reads this and wants to challenge me heads up.  No problem at all.  Especially if you come over to my house and play me heads up in my art studio because I am currently 12-0 in sessions since April 1st with a net positive gain of over $550 dollars.  Which isn’t bad for poker with friends and stuff.  One guy who I will be glad to name here, Freddy, my friend for quite a while from the casino, lost his fucking ass to me so bad and he wouldn’t stop and built himself up an impressive debt of over $460 dollars to me which he as not paid.  He just doesn’t call or come over anymore which I laugh at and scorn him in my mind.  What a major pussy!  Oh I could tell you some funny fucking stories about those sessions and maybe I will but not right now because I am sick of typing and wanna work on my painting for a bit longer, take a four nap and then get up and go play poker.  I really don’t have too much money because I spent most of it on art supplies on Friday.  Which is actually a good thing I don’t want to risk anything meaningful on poker this weekend.  Which means I will probably kick ass.

Wish me luck in all of my endeavours because I sincerely wish you all luck in yours.   Bye kids.

P.S. I’ve included one of my recent pieces of art.   This is one of the finest pieces I’ve ever personally created.  It’s really a complete piece and if you have the ablility to look at it at a pretty good size it should keep you captivated for a few minutes at least.  Enjoy!  Don’t steal it though okay?  Thanks.

Anthony Mandich , A Beautiful Man

Anthony Mandich's Original Art Depicting Marilyn Monroe in a Familiar Pose

Don’t Read This Unless You Are Bored As Hell

ANTHONY MANDICH aka tonymandichsan on Full Tilt Poker


System: The Daily Dollar Rebuy ($1 NL Hold’em) will be starting in 8 minutes. $10,000 is guaranteed!


Nikolay TTTT: Fck

tonymandichsan: NikolayTTTT+Phaggot!=HOmo boy from russia

Nikolay TTTT: гандон по русски пиши

tonymandichsan: shut up russian phaggot

Nikolay TTTT: я тебя поимею!

tonymandichsan: i said shut up you dumb homo


tonymandichsan: nice POT homo boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikolay TTTT: здарова! че то янки взбунтовались

tonymandichsan: that didn’t hurt me ya phucking bean curd

Nikolay TTTT: нинзя хуесос

tonymandichsan: Пидарас NikolayTTTT

tonymandichsan: Stupid Ниггер

tonymandichsan: Мудак

Nikolay TTTT: о русский выучил хуесос ебаный

tonymandichsan: whatever you Блядь

Nikolay TTTT: отсоси

tonymandichsan: you do love to suck the Член

Nikolay TTTT: пидарас потаму что тебя ебу?

tonymandichsan: and of course you constantly eat my жопа

tonymandichsan: Niikkalay you stupid pussy why don’t you just иди в жопу

Nikolay TTTT: в твою? я и так там!

Nikolay TTTT: учи русский хуесос

tonymandichsan: NIka just иди на хуй

tonymandichsan: your nothing but a сука

Nikolay TTTT: это твое

Nikolay TTTT: al in пидор

tonymandichsan: Do you know what a burn it is that I ‘am insulting the phuck out of your commie &&% in your own language? That has to hurt huh litlte puppy lenin lover?

tonymandichsan: don’t you know that i am a agentura innostrannyx specsluzhb

Nikolay TTTT: you next

tonymandichsan: its up to me to iz”yatie ostatkov vrazhdebnyx klassov

Nikolay TTTT: ну и отсоси тогда KGB рулит

tonymandichsan: i have heard that your father is a rastlennyj and a zagovorshchik

Nikolay TTTT: хуерщик

tonymandichsan: i will give you the smertnyj prigovor if you are not careful little vyrodok

tonymandichsan: because you are just really a vrag naroda

tonymandichsan: can you believe it ? i shat myself yet again.

tonymandichsan: a l’stec

Nikolay TTTT: эй лошера ты че раскуарекался

tonymandichsan: all you do is nizkopoklonstvo

tonymandichsan: just a silly xuligan

tonymandichsan: really nothing more then a bezdel’nik

Nikolay TTTT: al in&

tonymandichsan: you certainly don’t scare me vzbeshivshayas’ sobaka;

beshenaya sobaka

tonymandichsan: my poker skills are like a vzbeshënnaya volch’ya svora

Nikolay TTTT: yes russian mad dog

tonymandichsan: your grandfather was a bezrodnyj kosmopoli

tonymandichsan: your brother is a merzavec

tonymandichsan: nice call swishy

tonymandichsan: bye bye lisa BIOTCH

tonymandichsan: nice pot tilty swishy little baby biotch

tonymandichsan: yippee cayay puto

tonymandichsan: thats right bi tch

tonymandichsan: your not really laughing your choking back tears of homosexual rage

Swish777: i will get it back

tonymandichsan: sure you will sluttage

tonymandichsan: uh huh. sure you willl

Swish777: you just holding it for me

tonymandichsan: yeah you’ll get it back

tonymandichsan: uh huh

tonymandichsan: sure i am

tonymandichsan: more like i am kicking yoru !!%# in the dirt

tonymandichsan: LOL

tonymandichsan: who wants an extreme man loaf? any takers? going once going twice get your extreme man loaf right here sir. its good and good for you completely nutritious and just lovely as phuck

tonymandichsan: i wanna shove my love straight down your throats scum90

tonymandichsan: you should have al ook at the triple chambered calf kidney i have in my small intestines

tonymandichsan: hydrojuicer why not hydrojuice my balls

Waspaloy1: again

System: The $4,000 Guarantee ($24+$2 PL Hold’em) will be starting in 6 minutes.

tonymandichsan: eat my butt hydrojuicer butt cheese loving aphrodisiac

tonymandichsan: eat my bals eat my shorts eat my butt hydrojuicer ya ba%#&& @$@& boy

tonymandichsan: now hydro boy lick me suck me eat my butty

curry2121 (Observer): jurgy u suck

System: A $50+$5 satellite to the $750,000 Guarantee will be starting in 7 minutes. At least 10 seats will be awarded!

System: A $2+$0.20 Satellite to MSOP #24 will be starting in 2 minutes. At least 5 seats will be awarded!

curry2121 (Observer): jurgy?

tonymandichsan: jurgy died

tonymandichsan: jurgy’s in doggy heaven now sorry buddy….he’s ruff ruff ruffing away in the sky

System: A $50+$5 satellite to the $750,000 Guarantee will be starting in 2 minutes. At least 10 seats will be awarded!

tonymandichsan: jurgy ….. come here puppy ….thass a good puppy dog lips

System: The $26 Ticket Frenzy ($6+$0.50 NL Hold’em) will be starting in 6 minutes.

tonymandichsan: adios shaka kahn lips

System: A $0.90+$0.05 $3 Main Event Satellite will be starting in 7 minutes. At least 20 seats will be awarded!

tonymandichsan: SEND IT

System: The $30,000 Guarantee ($100+$9 NL Hold’em) will be starting in 8 minutes.

tonymandichsan: in your mother phuggin face bioooooooottttttttttch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

System: The $15,000 KO Guarantee ($24+$2 NL Hold’em) will be starting in 4 minutes.

tonymandichsan: damn agsone up you just straight OWNED

tonymandichsan: owned like the dog you are osn

tonymandichsan: son

tonymandichsan: just owned

tonymandichsan: eaten alive for breakfast lunch and dinny din din

tonymandichsan: yowza

tonymandichsan: yikes


System: The $30,000 Guarantee ($100+$9 NL Hold’em) will be starting in 3 minutes.

tonymandichsan: so gagsoneup how does it feel to be completely and utterly and ultra convincinly OWNED?

tonymandichsan: did i mention that I OWN YOU AGSONEUP?

tonymandichsan: THAT I’M ABOUT TO felt you?

tonymandichsan: FELTED

tonymandichsan: DESTROYED


tonymandichsan: ITS PUPPY LOVE BETWEEN YOUR BIG PINK TONGUE AND MY ballllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

tonymandichsan: OH YEAH….YOUR OWNEC

tonymandichsan: OWNED

tonymandichsan: OWNEDD

tonymandichsan: ONWEDN

tonymandichsan: OWNED

tonymandichsan: AGSY?

tonymandichsan: ARE YOU OWNED YET?

tonymandichsan: DO I OWN YOU

tonymandichsan: RUFF RUFF

tonymandichsan: RUFF RUFF

tonymandichsan: RUFF RURFF


tonymandichsan: HOW BOUT AN “OWN” ?

tonymandichsan: NOT A BONE BUT AN OWN!!!!!!!!

tonymandichsan: LOLLLLLLY LOLLLY

tonymandichsan: owned

tonymandichsan: come here dog’

tonymandichsan: doggy

tonymandichsan: ruff ruff

tonymandichsan: bow wow

tonymandichsan: come here little owned little whipped doggy

tonymandichsan: come here gilr

tonymandichsan: but yeah you’ll get it back

tonymandichsan: it smells like goat semen in this poker room for some reason

tonymandichsan: zen master pete would your monkey &&% care to lick my balls . ? you can pretend its just a big banana down there

tonymandichsan: slawa my balls russia you are a ball licking wunderkind.

tonymandichsan: pusssys

tonymandichsan: kingtrxtrme lick my balls jackass

tonymandichsan: i had total air nothing not a thing

tonymandichsan: thanks milfy

System: A $0.25+$0.05 $1 Main Event Satellite will be starting in 2 minutes. At least 20 seats will be awarded!

tonymandichsan: next time i’ll take it all so watch out bitotchhhhh’

tonymandichsan: lol lawdy dawdy we likes to pawty we don’t cawze trouble we don’t bother nobody we’re just the man thats on the mike and when we rock upon the mike we rock the mike ritght

ohhhhh owwwwy someone name tsnljnnknlnloloo just got owned. ….owned like the biotch that he /she is

ANTHONY MANDICH aka tonymandichsan on Full Tilt Poker

Gratuitous (spelling?) pic of some chick I had a little cuddle with in Feb

Cleaned the Hovel I call a Room

Today was a topsy turvy crazy kind of a day.  Memorial Day and to be honest I still have not taken even a minute to remember the men and women who have died in support of the political machine i mean quest for more oil i mean fifty united states of america.  Well I threw in (and then used the incredible strikethrough feature on) some rather snide and sarcastic remarks before rallying and pulling “fifty united states of america” out of my asssssssssss.

I’m not really looking to fight that battle to be honest.  I think I just did it to impress my militant punk rock friend and brother Steve Jacobson.  He’s a pretty intensely politically incorrect sorta fella and what not.  Anyways.  Should we bow our heads now in a moment of silence to remember not just the veterans who have died for causes both just and unjust, but also to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us.

They don’t necessarily have to be dead, although thats the usual criteria I suppose.  Perhaps you are a psycho and someone you loved (obsessed, stalked, harrassed) obtained a restraining order against you so they are no longer with you.  Disturbing yes, fits the criteria for moment of silence?  Yes.

Perhaps like me, you were physically removed from a foreign country for overstaying your tourist visa by 716 days.  Its now out of your hands and you are no longer among many people and animals you have grown to love.  That fits too.

I’ve attended the funerals of my sister Natalie Anne Amador (Mandich), two of my much loved Aunts, Monica Monceaux and Nell Monceaux (in the last ten days) and they definitely count.  Aunty Nell’s funeral was today, this morning at St. Ireanaus Catholic Church in the police mecca, Cypress, California.  That was a lovely service.  It was incredible to see some cousins I used to get wasted with as a youth.  The service was presided over by a rather handsome priest Father Mac (i think thats his name).

Father Mac is interesting for a couple reasons other then the fact that he committed my Aunty Nell’s spirit to God.  He’s also the first priest I’ve personally ever seen who looks like Chris Cornell in the early Soundgarden days.   He’s also the first priest I’ve personally ever met who is John Wayne’s grandson.  Thats pretty bad ass actually. He was totally cool and of course for some wierd reason, he sought me out after the funeral  during the reception/lunch to ask me what my story was.  He thought I was either in a band or some kind of an artist.  Bingo.  So yeah anyways….

I saw my daughter Ciara over at my incredibly cool cousin Donna’s house in Anaheim Hills.  Man is she loaded.  They have a radical house, a full  skate park on the property complete with two bowls,  a bunch of ramps and a whole street course set up.  Sick.  And she has an excellent bar.  I turned her on to Caipiroskas.  I’m a bad ass bartender.  We’ll get into some bartender stories later but yeah I rock.  She was in love with them immediately and later when I was kicking my Uncles and Cousins asses at No Limit Texas Holdem (Blinds $1 and $2), she kept hitting me up to make more.  Thats when you know you basically dominate as a bartender by the way.

So I did see my daughter, who I love to death.  I bamboozled my family with poker skills, I shared lots of pics of my art with loads of family at the funeral.  I got to mingle with, chat to, and hug lots of people I love and I sat next to the hottest chick in church.  Actually I sat between two of the hottest chicks because I sat next to Donna, my cousin and this other nectar mama whose name I did not catch but whose arm and dress and sort of leg  I did come in contact with many times.  The sad thing is she must be young because she is my cousin Yvette’s daugher Alyssa’s friend.  But fuck man, she is definitely of legal age and smoking hot.  Yikes.  We hit it off definitely.  She thinks I’m hot definitely.  She thinks I’m cool definitely.  I want to bed her.  Definitely.  Yowza.

What else?  Shit I could go on and on because I am a pontificating wind bag who thinks nobody has anything better to do then read about my life.  Really I have no point in this post or any posts ad infinitum.  Trust me.  You don’t wanna follow me.  Thanks for stopping by today but really just spend your internet time more wisely in the future.  There are plenty of informative and incredibly interesting web sites out there that have the potential to actually enrich and nourish your need for worthy content.  This is not one of them.

God Bless us everyone!  Bye bye.

P.S.  Let me give a shout out to the following cousins, all children of my Aunty Nell, and some of my favorite people on the planet.

Alan Monceaux (wonderful man, balding, yet still ruggedly handsome, suffered a major heart attack at a young age and the telling of that story is frickin fascinating)

Cindy Monceaux (all time favorite cousin, we almost drowned together in Mexico, which is a special bonding moment)

Roseanne Monceaux (also all time favorite cousin, she gave me $40 bucks for a buy in at Hawaiian Gardens Casino when I was broke. I love that woman)

Richard Monceaux (unable to attend funeral but a very bald man who is a very cool cousin of mine.  His son attended in his absence and has a very wierd Pittsburgh accent, but a cool young bucka lucka nonetheless)

Patrice Monceaux (she is married so obviously has another name, I have no idea what that name is.  however her husband is quite cool, and she has two very pretty daughters)

Nadine Monceaux (for some reason I’ve always kinda thought of Nadine as a hippy  (Ish).  She is a lovely very cool and very hot cousin of mine. but yeah i dunno why she reminds me of the beatick  movement in all its glory)

Yvette Monceaux (two lovely daughters and she’s a lovely lady herself.  saw her ex husband today (steve) i haven’t seen him in years. so that was cool.

Ian McCall, MMA fighter and Facebook afficionado

Hello world!

Anthony Mandich and Briar Scragg

Little did I realize that I had a post already.  Funny. I don’t remember posting a Hello world entry.  Must have been a typo, if I was thinking correctly it would have been Hell World.  That’s a direct reference to the state and condition of the hovel I refer to as my art studio/bedroom.

In retrospect I’m quite pleased that an entry exists that I can edit because I want to take a second and let my three readers know what is going to be going on in this here jaunt through cyberspace.  First my name is Anthony Mandich.  I am the king.  Of my room.

I was talked into beginning this from a friend named Michelle Manire, a self professed genius who is carving her own little slice of fame and fortune out of the internet.  Since our paths don’t directly cross, and I don’t feel she is a threat to my continued rise out of obscurity I can give her props.

She will live to regret encouraging me like this.  Giving me a license to say what I want to say is like giving a skid row bum the keys to the liquor store.  Not a good idea.

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Those are just some of the topics and more that I will be expounding upon in the coming days.  Enjoy faithful readers.  Bye Bye.