AXM stands for Anthony Xanadu Mandich

In 2017 the author, aging so slowly that whispers began to permeate regarding his nefarious dealings with the devil, decided that it was time to call in all of the favors he had managed to squirrel away over a decade of decadance and begin his own personal crusade to wring out every drop of life from his life, becoming a hero of some kind and getting all the chicks, while saving the world.
To be honest the details were a little sketchy still but the combination of PMA, boner pills, a harsh workout regimen and tons of mangos was beginning to become impossible to ignore and fascinating to be a part of.
You are lucky enough to enter this sordid yet enthralling world with Anthony X. Mandich, and at the very least, bear witness to his indomitable spirit, dashing good looks, plethora of lady callers and fierce fighting skills in the coming months.
Allegations of impropriety between Anthony X. and Dracula’s bride still persist but in this day and age a simple vampire encounter resulting in immortality is not interesting or controversial enough to make the jaded citizenry of the greater Los Angeles area even take notice of let alone talk about and this allows for Mr. Mandich and his cohorts to enjoy some much appreciated anonymity while the details of his crusade are being finalized.


Welcome…take my hand and lets begin.

beware the wrath of /b/ 4chan/b/ versus @flyguyparsons

Screen shot taken from the twitter account of Aaron Jacob Parsons

Its been an interesting day in Cyberspace.  A perfect storm of sorts has come together and unleashed her fury on in the form of thousands and thousands of views of an article I wrote regarding Aaron Jacob Fosters yesterday.  As of 7:01 p.m. tonight I have had 6,938 people from 11 countries visit my website and read what I wrote. There 3,583 clicks of links that I provided that contain more information/corroboration of the crimes that are proven alleged by what I have written, all of which originated on the /b/ forum on  I want to take this opportunity to give props to the guys and girls who reside at /b/.  They might be a little warped but collectively they hold a great deal of power in their fingertips.  It was awesome to be a witness to this power as it unfolded.  Awesome as in I was awestruck and still am.  Certainly it is not a good idea to get on the bad side of a group that has this kind of power at its disposal.  Even worse to do it when they are bored and frothing at the bit for something to do.

It seems a bit of a foregone conclusion that the consequences are going to be severe and swift for the individuals responsible for the degrading beat down and robbery of the still unnamed victim in this case.  I feel absolutely no sympathy for the perpetrators.  I don’t give a shit what they have to say about it or what their excuse is or if they even remember what they were doing because of intoxication levels , temporary amnesia etc.  I really hope that prison is the end result for Aaron Jacob Parsons and everyone else involved, especially that annoying drunk bitch wearing her black panties parading around the street like she was some glamour queen.  Fuck her.  (man she STILL pisses me off)

The haters calling me racist can all suck it to be honest.  I am not even going to bother addressing that accusation.  It’s not true and my life and anything I’ve ever written in the past will attest to that FACT.  So, hate on haters.

I got a call from a reporter named Justin from the Baltimore Sun.  We talked for quite a few minutes about the origin of this situation, 4chan’s /b/ forum and more.  His view, stated to me anyhow, was that this is an instance of the internet being used for good and he was quick to show his admiration for the detective work done by the /b/ forum lurkers.  I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment.  Choosing to fight against the “forces that /b/ is the ultimate example of the idiot who brings a knife to a gun fight”.

Have a good night everyone……Anthony Mandich

ImageADDENDUM: I replied to an email from the reporter I mentioned.  Here is what I had to say.  And I quote:

hey justin it was good talking to you.  i’m sending you this stuff before i even blog it so i must think you’re cool.  just don’t get me killed lol.

here is a quote from me if you want
“aaron jacob parsons is a wanted man”….post after post on /b/ repeated those words. it was late i was annoyed.  the arrogance shown by @flyguyparsons and @CASHton-Kutcher by posting the video of themselves proudly separating a man from his dignity really angered me.  they acted like it was so funny and so cool.
to beat down a guy like that, seemingly with impunity when: 
(A) he didn’t deserve it  and 
(B) couldn’t do anything about it but bleed and sit there bewildered, humiliated and alone and 
(C) further add to his pain by taking everything of value in his possession, stripping him naked, and letting some ugly drunk annoying bitch slap him open palmed across his face while he’s on his back  just didn’t sit well with me.
and the poor guy took it like a champ.  he didn’t defend himself (which was probably smart in this instance because this was a bear that you had to play dead against for sure.  so yeah he didn’t defend himself but he also didn’t bring further dishonor to himself by crying, pissing or moaning.  
two things resonated strongly with me.
1. the images of parsons mugging for the camera before the humiliation began and then creeping up and start digging through the guys pockets like it was a big joke.  i really hated that.
2.  that ugly chick wearing her panties with her big old ass all drunk grinding on the guy before it all started and then when he was down on his back she’s there standing behind his head and starts slapping in his face HARD and he can’t even see where these blows are coming from because she is standing behind his head.  that was particularly cowardly and thinking about it right now gets my blood boiling.  
you asked me what was different about this video as opposed to the many other millions of videos that are out there on the internet.  I am going to answer that with a post i did on some girls from a sorority at bowling green who were tragically killed in a car accident a few weeks ago.  my answer is obvious.

Surfing in the Sea of Shorts

My friend Josh Erlenmeyer went out of his way to send me seven special texts today to show me how much he cares and loves the man meat.

A          E        S          S        H        O        L     —those were his texts.  Do you think he is trying to tell me something?  Apart from his atrocious spelling, I can glean that he thinks I’m an asshole.  Fair enough.  I want to say something dirty like you are what you eat.  So I will.  You are what you eat.  As long as its clean, female and lovely to look at, chances are I would put my tongue in if invited.  So thanks Josh.

If I were to take the time and energy needed to reply back to Mr. Erlenmeyer it would be:

P      E        N       I       S .  But I don’t have the time to fuck around with lightweight insults with Josh today.  I’m too busy you see.  I’m too busy watching ESPN’s coverage of the 2011 World Series Of Poker Main Event Final Table and working on some 2010 financial statements in support of a client getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

So, I went and visited my friend Stephanie Kelly on Sunday.  It was pouring rain, I had just gotten in an altercation with a big fat piece of shit rent a cop dick head security dude at San Manuel and I wasn’t in the greatest of moods.  Stephanie just had a face lift on Thursday so she was looking pretty much like she’d been attacked and beaten to within an inch of her life.  It was crazy actually.  I took some great photos.

You know what that’s all I have for now.  I’ve been super busy preparing for this audit on December 8th.  I also have to write a Freshman Anthropology term paper for the sushi chef from across the street by Thursday.  I’m getting paid $150 for a four page paper on “Comparative Standards of Beauty”.  It shouldn’t be a real problem for me.  After all, when I first got home from New Zealand in 2008 I took an RN class online for this chick Dava at RCC.  She paid me $500 and I had to take all of the tests, write the paper etc.  I got only a B in that class but its not too bad considering it was an Intermediate RN class and I’m not a male nurse.

The WSOP Final Table for 2011 wasn’t overly dramatic.  This kid Pius Heinz started the day in 7th (out of nine) place and he pretty much just ruled it all day long.  Ben Lamb is a killer and bided his time, picked his spots and made it through to tonights Final Three.  Heinz made it through as well and with the overwhelming chip lead.  Stazko who started the final table off with the chip lead made it as well but with only like 22 million.  I give the nod to Ben Lamb to make it all the way through even facing a large chip deficit going into play tonight.  Heinz is a little too spewy in my opinion and will possibly end up donking off a shit load of chips to Lamb and or Stazko.  We shall see.  I can’t wait.  Totally jealous of those fuckers actually.



Online Poker As We Know It Has Died

Looks like I'll be playing alot more live poker now that full tilt is gone

Here is an update on the stunning and shocking blietzkreig  served up today by the attorneys at the U.S. Southern District of New York on the owners of several banks and online poker sites, including industry giants PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, along with Absolute Poker and several lesser known entities.

According to Matthew Kredel, of,

The indictments revealed by the U.S. Southern District of New York against the owners of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker are serious. The short-term outlook for online poker is grim.

PokerStars already has stopped serving the U.S. market. I expect Full Tilt Poker and probably Absolute Poker to follow. I would not expect these sites to serve the U.S. market again until after online poker is officially legalized, licensed and regulated in the country. Even then, the chances of these sites obtaining a license have been severely impacted. Americans with money on the sites likely will get it back eventually but, as it did when the Neteller founders were indicted, it could take a while.

Innocent until proven guilty is the credo of the U.S. justice system. But the Southern District of New York is the strongest arm of the Department of Justice. It doesn’t make indictments based on conjecture. It doesn’t go all-in on draws. It waits until it has you drawing dead, then shoves. That the court is making these indictments public now means it is certain it has damning evidence

I also learned from Kredel that the most damning of the charges directed at the owners of the sites are that they deliberately disguised financial transactions to make them appear to be unrelated to internet gambling.  Even worse, it is alleged that one of the defendents, Chad Elie, along with cohorts, pressured several small, and financially troubled banks to process internet gaming transactions in order for high fees and cash investment in the banks themselves. 

Some of you may not be so interested in the details behind this drastic action taken by the FBI and the Southern Justice District and are more interested in matters having to do with practical things like:

1.  Will I receive the funds I have in my online poker account back?

Tentatively, I would say yes, but it will be a bit of time before that takes place.

2.  What does this mean for the future of the major companies involved, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars? 

PokerStars has already withdrawn from the U.S. Market and these charges make it less likely for them to somehow reenter the market once online poker is fully legalized and licensed etc.  Full Tilt may follow PokerStars but it is not known when or what is going to happen once poker is legalized.

3. What does this mean for the push to legalize internet poker in the USA,  particularly during the last year or so?

Well, I think it is definitely going to hold back passage of any legislation legalizing internet poker.  It goes without saying that this is a bold move made by the US Southern Justice District’s attorneys and as Mr. Kredel made clear, this is not the type of move they would make without the nuts.  Its doubtful a case like this will go to trial, as it is a sure loser for the defendents.  Its much more likely that a negotiated settlement will be reached.  In any event, this move makes the issue more of a political hot potato and I’m not sure anyone is going to want to get their hands burned by taking this cause up again for a year or so.  Not the best scenario I realize but I’m pretty sure its close to the reality of what is going to happen. 

I’ll update this situation tomorrow and I’ll try and find out reactions from within the poker community from guys like Phil Laak, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Phil Helmuth, Daniel Negreanu etc. etc. 

Have a good night…..

 Read more:

Fuck this! Fuck that!

What does it say about our nation when 59 of the 94 hits I have gotten on my blog today are from people doing searches on google?  Before you answer consider that 90% of the searches had some variant of the word “ass” in them.  Ha Ha Ha!  I don’t even remember which post I did that included all this ass people are searching for.  I have posted one hot pic of these Catholic School chicks  just looking so fuckable its insane here let me show you that one again.

The blonde chick has the hottest ass and I want to eat it.

Come on Can you Really DENY the essential horniness in this picture?  I’m not asking the eunuchs in the house.  Actually are there any eunuchs that read my this blog?  Doubtful.  Do you even know what a eunuch is?  According to the online dictionary Merriam Webster:


noun \ˈyü-nək, -nik\

Definition of EUNUCH

1: a castrated man placed in charge of a harem or employed as a chamberlain in a palace
2: a man or boy deprived of the testes or external genitals
3: one that lacks virility or power <political eunuchs>
eu·nuch·ism \-nə-ˌki-zəm, -ni-\ noun

Origin of EUNUCH

Middle English eunuk, from Latin eunuchus, from Greek eunouchos, from eunē bed + echein to have, have charge of — more at scheme

First Known Use: 15th century
Here’s a sample test to see if you “might” have eunuch tendencies.  Do any of the pictures on this blog post make you feel like shedding your clothes and doing crazy things with appropriately aged, consenting females?  If you answered no then you have definitely better get yourself checked for Eunuch Disease.

Too Bad She wouldn't marry me

Anyways, so yeah I’m not really talking to the eunuchs in the house because I don’t want to skew my results but for everybody else even girls isn’t there just a raw sexuality to that picture?  Fucking Hot is what I say! Getting off the path of righteousness here but its hard to concentrate with that ass staring at me and taunting me hahahaha.  This is how shallow I am.  I wanna marry the girl with that blonde ass.  You heard me.  Sight unseen, can’t even pretend to know what her face is like but just the ass alone is enough to make me want to leave my entire fortune to her. That’s so fucked up.
How would I go about finding her?  And if I did somehow find her what would I say by way of introducing myself?  “Umm…hi, ever since I saw that picture of you doing dirty things with your school girl uniform on, I’ve really wanted to get to know you better?”  She’d be like, “okaaaaaaay stalker”, as she pulls out her pepper spray…
I had these good intentions to write a good little farcical tale on how depraved the people who find my blog through google searches about ass are and look what has happened! I’ve sunk down to their levels.  I’m one of them.  I can’t deny it.  I’ve probably searched for gnarlier shit then the people who end up here anyways.  Nothing comes to mind really but I can remember more then one time, trying to type one handed looking for some good old internet porn.  One handed as in with the left hand because the right hand was all greased up lol hahahahaha.  Too much information Mr Mandich.  nobody wants to hear about your sick self love episodes!  (that’s what i have to keep telling myself).

She's pretty fucking hot. She dumped me lol.

My favorite kind of writing is this sing song nonsense, the computerized version of talking because you like the sound of your own voice.  I’ve had a lot of hits on my blog lately.  Enough for me to start thinking that maybe I’m something special (should have known better).  Here is the exact numbers from the six days prior to today:  140, 108, 133, 117, 147, 124 and last time I looked maybe an hour ago I had 94 for the day already.  I just looked now and I have 97 for the day.  Last night on Excel, I quickly extrapolated those numbers and figured out that I’m averaging 900 views per week, 4000 per month, 48,000 per year.  So I started to get a little bit of a big head like I said.

Anthony Mandich is still very much in love with Marilyn Monroe

But I dug into the numbers a bit and that’s when I noticed that the only thing carrying my pathetic blogs numbers are the different variations of “ass” searches on google.  Sad but true.  I guess I need to really work on the quality of my content in order to gain more readers.
That’s all, and have a happy Sunday my friends.  (All seven of you!!!)

Anthony Mandich gets a funny feeling inside when he sees this girl