Its been a long time

I was not allowed to use my blog for the last three months because of some glitch with the credit card that I used to upgrade my account.  Glitch meaning wordpress doesn’t appreciate when people use stolen credit card numbers to pay for domain names.  Hahahaha just kidding.  So anyways, moving right along…

I don’t have time to write a full on post right now.  I’ve been putting off my run for like the last two days and its time to pay the piper.  There is a bunch of other shit that takes precedent over blogging right now to be honest.  Running is one.  Girls is one.  Painting is one.  Watching movies on HBO to Go is one.  Coordinating the task of getting my driver license  back is one.  Trying to move out of LA back to OC is another one.  Seeing my daughters before I die is another huge one.  Arranging sexual liaisons with girls is one.  Meeting potential candidates for sexual liaisons is another one.  The list goes on and on.

Honestly I can’t be honest in my blog anymore either.  For a lot of reasons, when it comes to discussing me or my personal life I just need to shut the fuck up.  Therefore, I am announcing that from now on my blog will not be about me anymore but rather I will be commenting on certain stories and whatnot that the public is interested in.  Hopefully you will be into it.  If not, you can fuck off.  LOL just kidding.


Give it a chance.