A Ray of Light in these Dark Times

These comments were written by Anthony Mandich after reading various online stories.   Mostly dreamindemon articles.  If you are not sure what that means check this out


Anthony Mandich…..

on Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Baby Bear Blu Like A Bird: Twitter Reacts [VIDEO] – International Business Times 03/27/12 05:57 PM
Who really cares how Alicia Silverstone feeds her kid? It’s not that gross. Like big deal. Let her raise her kid the way she wants to. She’s not hurting anyone. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure all the haters have something better to do with their time and bigger fish to fry then Alicia Silverstone and her peculiar feeding habits. Penguins do it. All sorts of birds do it. As long as it’s not hurting anyone then just live and let live okay? Thanks people.

on Woman Arrested Woman Arrested

Woman Arrested After Throwing Coffee Into Passing Car 03/27/12 03:59 PM
In the days of my youth me and my friend Thadius Daniels were driving from Newport Beach (California) to Corona, where we lived. Our friend Jimmy was being a dick in front of us and throwing pennies out his windows which were hitting Thad’s VW Rabbit. So I took a piss in a Carl’s Jr. cup and filled it up all the way cuz we had been drinking beers all day on the beach. We came to a kind of a traffic jam and we pretended everything was all cool like, and pulled up to Jimmy, motioned for him to roll down his window. I had the cup in my hand but with a lid and straw so it looked like the real deal. He rolled down his window with a big grin on his face. As soon as he did, before he could even flinch he was covered and I mean covered in recycled beer. It was pretty epic. He was fucking pissed.

on Sierra LaMar: Girl

Sierra LaMar:  Girl Who Resembles Missing Teen Spotted in Watsonville 03/27/12 09:30

I hope they find her alive. I have a 15 year old daughter named Ciara. This hits a little too close to home

on  Exposing Himself

Iowa Man Jailed For Exposing Himself And Eating Marijuana 03/27/12 09:24 AM
Can someone please explain to me what a black man is doing in Iowa City, Iowa to begin with? Let’s start there and I think all the pieces of the puzzle will fall together.

on Woman Pleads Guilty

Woman Pleads Guilty To Dismembering, Setting Fire To Disabled Man 03/27/12 09:22 AM
This insane person is fucking crazy.

on Inspire Children

Did Cartoon Inspire Children To Set Fire To Mom’s Bed? 03/24/12 11:59 PM
Whatever the case may be I personally think we should send the little bastards into the corn fields a little earlier then normal. I’m pretty sure Malachi and He Who Walks Behind The Rows would welcome these children of the corn with open arms.

on Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Collings In Rowan Ford Case

Jury Recommends Death Penalty for Collins in Rowan Ford Case 03/24/12 11:52 AM
That bemused expression and those black soulless marbles for eyes…collings goes to some incredibly dark places in his mind. he is malignant and must be put down…

I’ve literally got goosebumps on my arms.

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