Cathy Tretola: Shame Shame Shame! (Women who CRy Wolf but Look LIke DoGS)

Have you guys seen the video starring Cathy Tretola yet?  In it she stars as some pathetic, older hag who just got done watching the Clint Eastwood movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and wants to copy that chick Clint boned in the movie but didn’t want to give a ride home to.  That chick just exited the room in her bra and panties and yelled “Rape” at the top of her lungs until Clint Eastwood opened the door, pulled her back in the motel room, slipped her a wad of cash and told her she could get a taxi home.

In this version the girl is not even close to as hot as the chick in Clint Eastwood’s movie and not nearly as young.  This version’s girl is an ugly older lady with saggy tits who runs some kind of a boarding house place called Brookside Manor, in Quincy Massachusetts.  Apparently, the old wolf cryer, Cathy Tretola went into one of her tenants rooms uninvited with two male companions and started berating the guy for allegedly pissing out the window.  She started punching him and beating on him and telling him to hit her and all sorts of other shit until he finally started videotaping.

Just watch it here and you will see what the hell I’m talking about.  What a dumb bitch.  Here is the link:

Its scary to think just how many million times shit like this has happened.  Girls really shouldn’t use this tactic because pretty soon nobody is going to believe anything and someone is going to get killed.  Just saying…..