Anybody ever heard of the Lifetime Movie Network?

Well if you haven’t let me tell you something, you are really missing out on some great drama.  I watched this movie called “Satan’s School for Girls” with Shannon Doherty the other morning and it was really just compelling and captivating.  They have other great movies too.  It seems like it’s kind of a girly channel because all of the commercials are about special douche treatments and sanitary napkins and stuff but still even if it is geared toward the females, there is no reason why a dude can’t get right into some of those movies.  I remember sitting at home with my girlfriend Christina Schwarz the other night and we were watching this movie about Cinammon Brown and it was really good too.  The dad was a real asshole and he had sex with these 14 and 15 year olds and got them to rob banks and blow up buildings and kill people and shit.  It was fucking rad.  He ended up getting executed at the end.  They hung him.  I didn’t even know that it was still legal to hang people in the United States of America but apparently it is.

There was a movie with Elizabeth Berkley the chick from “Saved by the Bell” and “Showgirls”.  It was totally bad ass.  I forgot the name of it though.  It was about this teacher named Christie Dawson who fully seduces all the students in her class and they have orgies and shit for months and nobody ever finds out until one day the principal of the school walks in the class to deliver some pizzas paid for by one of the parents and finds the whole class naked, eating ass and everything.  Berkley, as Christie, is the ringleader of the whole scene and I guess it was just a big front for some porno ring operating out of Cambodia.  Trippy ass shit.  Totally good movie.  Right there on the Lifetime Movie Network.  Or my LMN as I like to refer to it. 

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your day.  And no, I did not get paid shit for writing this glowing endorsement of the Lifetime Movie Network.


recently i was up to my usual tricks, playing poker with money i didn’t have, at lake elsinore casino.  i didn’t have any smokes so i asked some blonde girl outside if she had a smoke.  she gave me one and then asked me for a ride.  now this story is not about the blonde girl, although she does have a part in it.  this story is about the blonde girl’s friend who i met maybe five minutes after asking for that cigarette.  her name is christina and i don’t want to jinx myself by saying too much about her because who the fuck knows what’s going to happen in the future.  i just have to tell you all that she delights me like no other.  just constantly delights me in every way.  that’s all i have time for today. 

Fucking Horny.


got such a yearning for some completely ethereal woman goddess to  come steal my soul and force me to worship her.  its like this ache that is more than sexual.  i mean obviously although i have tried to talk to myself into believing that one of the many girls from my past was meant to be my destiny none of them actually were.  that makes me super sad in a way but also really relieved and happy in a way too.  maybe it was all my fault in each and every doomed relationship but so be it man.  whatever the case may have been i was obviously not content enough to conform to the unspoken boundaries that i know and they knew i was confined to. no matter what the reason was for my deliberate hard headed stubborn  way of living the bottom line remains the same.

my destiny woman, if she even exists which i doubt, but i hope, will be a woman who i can throw my whole being into and  who i never have to even care if we are at home or out living in the forest by ourselves or in a big city because she so fully captivates me and i her that the rest of the world ceases to exist in any meaningful way.  the one.  everybody talks about the one.  do they even know what they are saying what they are hoping for what they are dreaming about.

i have had wondrous nights of incredible leave this planet kind of lust filled sexual frenzy tongue in mouth until lips are chapped can’t get enough of her or her of me.  hundreds of those nights with probably a hundred girls.  why couldn’t i sustain that zest that passion that look at her always and be horny in my heart and in my pants?

just give me my soulmate make it clear to me that she is my soulmate and let me fend for myself with her.  i don’t want riches i don’t want fame (well yeah i do unless i get her) just give me the woman of my dreams who is searching for the man of her dreams and when she dreams she sees my face and touches my lips and i hers.  give her to me while i still have time to enjoy her.  i want to experience that great love that rare as fuck love the kind that you don’t talk about cuz its so fucking amazing you don’t even have time to brag or boast all you have time to do is stare at her and miss her when she is gone its not an obsession but you can’t live (happily) without being by her side where a weekend away is pretty traumatic.

i will trade it all for her.

woman if you are out there look for anthony mandich and find him before it is too late.  universe if it is someone i know now let me know.