Throwing in my Two Cents Whether they like it or not

i just came across this draft fr0m 2012 which is basically a compilation of my comments on various websites.  i am a pretty witty little fellow or at least i was.  not sure why i never published this but lets go ahead and rectify the situation.  these are pretty entertaining even without the story which i am commenting on being known when reading my comments.  i’m that stupid is the reason why.  these are mostly dreamin demon articles.  if you are not sure what that means check this out


Anthony Mandich…..

on Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Baby Bear Blu Like A Bird: Twitter Reacts [VIDEO] – International Business Times 03/27/12 05:57 PM
Who really cares how Alicia Silverstone feeds her kid? It’s not that gross. Like big deal. Let her raise her kid the way she wants to. She’s not hurting anyone. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure all the haters have something better to do with their time and bigger fish to fry then Alicia Silverstone and her peculiar feeding habits. Penguins do it. All sorts of birds do it. As long as it’s not hurting anyone then just live and let live okay? Thanks people.

on Woman Arrested Woman Arrested After Throwing Coffee Into Passing Car 03/27/12 03:59 PM
In the days of my youth me and my friend Thadius Daniels were driving from Newport Beach (California) to Corona, where we lived. Our friend Jimmy was being a dick in front of us and throwing pennies out his windows which were hitting Thad’s VW Rabbit. So I took a piss in a Carl’s Jr. cup and filled it up all the way cuz we had been drinking beers all day on the beach. We came to a kind of a traffic jam and we pretended everything was all cool like, and pulled up to Jimmy, motioned for him to roll down his window. I had the cup in my hand but with a lid and straw so it looked like the real deal. He rolled down his window with a big grin on his face. As soon as he did, before he could even flinch he was covered and I mean covered in recycled beer. It was pretty epic. He was fucking pissed.

on The Snitch – Erin Sherbert – Sierra LaMar: Girl Who Resembles Missing Teen Spotted in Watsonville 03/27/12 09:30 AM
I hope they find her alive. I have a 15 year old daughter named Ciara. This hits a little too close to home

on Iowa Man Jailed For Exposing Himself And Eating Marijuana 03/27/12 09:24 AM
Can someone please explain to me what a black man is doing in Iowa City, Iowa to begin with? Let’s start there and I think all the pieces of the puzzle will fall together.

on Woman Pleads Guilty To Dismembering, Setting Fire To Disabled Man 03/27/12 09:22 AM
This insane person is fucking crazy.

on Did Cartoon Inspire Children To Set Fire To Mom’s Bed? 03/24/12 11:59 PM
Whatever the case may be I personally think we should send the little bastards into the corn fields a little earlier then normal. I’m pretty sure Malachi and He Who Walks Behind The Rows would welcome these children of the corn with open arms.

on Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Collings In Rowan Ford Case 03/24/12 11:52 AM
That bemused expression and those black soulless marbles for eyes…collings goes to some incredibly dark places in his mind. he is malignant and must be put down…

on Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Collings In Rowan Ford Case 03/24/12 11:50 AM
I’ve literally got goosebumps on my arms.

on Houston Elementary School Principal Arrested On Drug Charges 03/23/12 07:06 PM
Well here is another genius who seems to be a few grams short of a pound. Interesting to note that she is an educator in Texas. I would have thought she would have been a better fit at someplace like Roosevelt Academy in the Polk County School District. I’ll give you one guess what state Roosevelt Academy is located in.

on Man Calls 911 Because Wife Wouldn’t Let Him Browse Facebook Alone 03/23/12 06:59 PM
Domestic turkeys have been known to drown in a heavy rain shower because they didn’t realize that it would be dry and safe inside their hutches! Others are so brainless that they can’t even remember how to eat, and must be fed by the farmer.
Seriously this guy Hardwick’s driveway doesn’t quite reach the road. I’m stupefied and actually less intelligent now then I was before I read this article.

on Man Calls 911 Because Wife Wouldn’t Let Him Browse Facebook Alone 03/23/12 06:51 PM
I am just curious. Is this “person” a real human being? I only ask that because in his booking photo he looks somewhat like a marionette puppet. Combine that with the fact that he has to be literally the stupidest fucking moron jackass clueless breadcrumb brained idiot savant I have ever even heard of, then throw in the buzzword “Florida” into it, and all of a sudden I’m thinking some kind of low level alien being or perhaps he is actually a domestic turkey in disguise as a human?

on Mother Accused Of Choking Infant Six Times While In Hospital 03/23/12 11:17 AM
I remember a similar case where some black chick from Texas name Shaniqua Scott or something like that did the same fucking thing and she got 25 Years! I hope for the same here. If not more for being so stupid.

Cedric on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 09:06 AM
“Time of night ? It’s morning in Texas … where the Hell are you man ? PS ~ It was a big ass book,with no paragraph separation,but I did in fact read all of your comment,and I must say – I enjoyed it.Thank you for sharing Sir.”

on Naked Home Invader Shot By Police 03/23/12 09:03 AM
This is my pistol
this is my gun
this is for fightin
this is for fun.
I think he might have forgot which one was for fun

on Has Hailey Dunn Been Found? 03/23/12 05:43 AM
When I first saw the title for some reason in my delirious state of mind I was thinking that maybe she had been found alive and that the reason for the question was that maybe she was in a cult or something and refused to give her real name. As far fetched as that may sound it sure sounds a hell of a lot better then what appears to be the reality. Sorry for Hailey having to miss out on 70 plus years of life just so someone could have a few minutes of sick sexual gratification. If the goofy looking step dad did it well at least they live in texas a state that is pretty good at erasing killers from the planet earth.

on Police Say 8-Year-Old Consented To Sex On School Bus 03/23/12 05:34 AM
kids will be kids lol..hahahaa just kidding. castrate the little 13 year old romeo? shit whatever maybe the cops are right just let this one die. they are both under 14 so really neither can consent to shit but its pretty hard to say the 13 year old is a rapist if the 8 year old said hell yeah lets do it (presumably in american sign language) and did you see those kids? the eight year old is taller then the 13 year old and outweighs him by at least 15 pounds. i’m sure she could take him an mma fight.

on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:25 AM

on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:25 AM
LOL sorry. I was just pissed off. i didn’t really think anyone would read it. especially at this time of night.

malq on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:24 AM
“ “To be honest I could go on and on and on ”

impqueen on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 05:24 AM
“One name that stuck out for me is Amber Dubois. If you don’t know Amber’s mom Carrie McGonigle and Team Amber, you should. Carrie is awesomeness, and I consider her a friend. Her dog Amber found Michele Le, and Carrie has been a tireless advocate in the Hailey Dunn case. Also: ditto on Colings. And I would like to suggest spaces between paragraphs. 🙂 Also, go here and buy mah book. I read yours 🙂…”

on Christopher Collings Convicted of First-Degree Murder of Rowan Ford 03/23/12 04:06 AM
I love to data mine. That’s what I call it when a topic interests me and I spend several hours tracking down every fucking name involved in the story and putting them through every internet search available to mankind. It becomes an obsession and sometimes its probably not the healthiest of obsessions because as much as I like to joke around about the majority of the shit I read on this and every other website, there are certain stories that when I read them, I have to read them over and over just to make sure I have the ludicrous and seemingly ridiculously impossible set of facts down because I just can’t really actually fathom that people supposedly created in God’s image can behave so unspeakably disgusting. These are the stories that anger me greatly. Oh I ballyhoo on and on about “off with his head” and “let me guess….florida” and that sort of shit but for the most part those stories only reach me in a place that’s not too terribly deep not because I don’t care but more for the fact that my soul and heart and mind can only feel so much empathetic pain, disgust in the human race and so on. if you let every story touch your inner heart then sadly you are going to end up either an emotional and paranoid and distrustful basket case or an unfeeling emotionless apathetic robot. Every man has his limits. And supposedly, allegedly, God only lets a person suffer what He knows a person can take. I want to deny the essential truth in that statement. I want to scream that its a lie but I can’t because in my personal life which is the only life I have, although i’ve been to some extreme places in my head due to circumstances at a given time, so far the statement has held true. I’ve been able to somehow handle and get past everything life has had to offer good and bad thus far. I’m grateful for that and selfishly I don’t want to test it by getting myself personally emotionally involved in every single tragedy that I read about on the internet. There are just too many stories. Do you feel me? Too fucking many. I don’t try to pick which ones I’m going to get in an uproar about either. I just read the initial report, do my research and take it from there. The ones that get me, the ones that i feel have the power to destroy me if i let them are few and far between for the most part. They are the ones that almost immediately get my anger slowly building up, usually because a trusted member of a vulnerable and pretty helpless victim does something horrible that I know caused not only terror and fear and pain for a victim but also bewilderment, confusion and disbelief. Always followed by incomprehensible demoralization and ultimately death. Either a trusted member of a family or a complete and utter stranger. I get really really mad and really really sad. And I just want nothing but horrible things for the perpetrators of these acts. Before i started staying abreast of these sorts of events i could pretty honestly say that i didn’t hate anybody. No matter who had wronged me I didn’t hate them. I have wronged more people then have wronged me and I don’t feel any specific hatred from anybody so why do I have the right to hate anybody. i don’t. so i didn’t. I know this is a long comment and I’m sorry but I just wanted to say that as a result of my interest in the people of this planet who fall victim to pieces of shit and my empathy for them and furious anger at the ones responsible for their always incredibly sad plight, I can now freely admit that I have added “hate” as one of the everyday emotions that I experience. And it really bums me out. As stupid as this may sound, especially if you personally knew me, I feel like a big portion of my innocence that was somehow still intact after all these years of pretty crazy living has been stolen from me by the monsters that I hate. I just want to list the ones that come to mind when I think about hate and i pray for bad bad things to happen to these people. You may not know them all but who cares I want to say them. Its all from memory so sorry about any errors. John Gardner killer of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King. Joseph Smith who killed Carlie Brucia on Super Bowl Sunday. Christoper Collins and his Tubbyass partner David Spears who just fucking defy description with the unspeakables they did against Rowan Ford. Gertrude, Paula, John
Baniszewski, Richard Hobbs and Coy Hubbard who killed that poor, poor, poor girl Sylvia Likens. (really hate them so bad), Skylar Deleon and John Kennedy who killed the Hawkes couple in the Newport Beach yacht case (case absolutely fucking horrifies me the way these two were killed) Harold Braddy the bastard who threw that girl Quatisha Maydock into a swamp nicknamed Alligator Alley for obvious reason. Fucking BASTARD. Raul and Cathy Sarinana from Corona who killed, tortured and so much more. the victim? their nephew Ricky Morales who was 11 fucking years old. Sharon Hinojosa the traitor cunt who betrayed her kids and let them burn to save a shitty relationship with some fucking asshole. Russell Williams the Canadian Air Force colonel dude who killed Marie Comeau and some other chick. Scary fucking twisted non feeling bastard. Stacey Joy Bordeaux who killed one son and caused the other to be basically a brain dead vegetable. Omaina Nelson who killed and dismembered her older husband who loved her and trusted her and got killed for financial reasons just a fucking cunt. Tyler Hadley the little fucking bastard from Florida who killed his parents with a hammer. Fucking asshole. James Troutman a 24 year old sicko fuck who killed this girl named Skylar Kauffman, a cute little girl with the nicest smile you will ever see but who got killed at age nine in a horrific murder/rape/beating. Michael King who randomly kidnapped this lovely young wife named Denise Lee, raped and shot her. For no good reason. To be honest I could go on and on and on and it sucks to have such hatred in my heart for my fellow human beings. But I do. I got a sick and twisted glee out of the fact that Christoper Collins that six foot six tall piece of dufus shit fuck got found guilty of capital murder and i can’t wait until he fries or gets injected or hung or shot or whatever happens to him. I just want him to feel fear and pain and humiliation and confusion. I want him to meet the devil with a mind filled with cobwebs and cottage cheese, whimpering like a broken man. I hate him. Sorry to say it but I do.

on Husband Accused Of Knocking Out Wife With A Pineapple 03/22/12 11:17 AM
Exactly how the fuck do you knock someone unconscious with a pineapple? I can’t imagine that one smack upside the head would do it, would it? Seems like he would have had to beat her upside the head with the thing for quite a while.

on 400-lb. Man Sought In Dunkin’ Donuts Groping Incident 03/22/12 11:13 AM
I believe he has been located. Here is a pic the corpulent pile of shit.

on Woman Stabbed Man Because She Was Sick Of Cooking For Him 03/22/12 11:07 AM
Do I even have to ask if this manly man beast of an ugly ass peroxide headed no make up wearing she male is from Florida? No I didn’t think so.
Her picture is making me vomit in my mouth….
Just a little….

on Woman Gets Prison Time For Killing Son With Meth-Laced Breast Milk 03/22/12 11:05 AM
I speak from experience when I say unequivocally that meth users do not partake only
“a couple of times a week” . Its a daily drug and she is full of shit. If she really could stick to that schedule then why would she do it at all, knowing that she is fucking lactating and feeding her baby tainted breast milk? I’m all for the use of drugs if you can use responsibly. That being said, this bitch is giving tweekers a bad name hahahahahaha.
Oh yeah….off with her head.

on Two Men Arrested Aboard Gay Cruise for ‘Buggery’ 03/22/12 10:59 AM
The gaiety of this is just too much for me to take. I believe that all pickle sniffin’ should go on behind closed doors. I don’t have anything against turd burglars in general but I just don’t want to be a witness to any pillow biting while out for a friendly snorkle on some crazy island somewhere. All man lovers please don’t hate me for being beautiful……

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:54 AM
here’s the cd cover just in case you guys are into a little punk rock and roll

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:52 AM
Can’t say that i have but has anyone heard of:
1. Thank Heaven for Little Girls
2. Satan
3. Speed Demon
4. Blood Brothers Revenge
5. Blag the Ripper
6. Licky Tonight
7. Who’s Fucking Who
8. Fuck ’em All
9. Anybody But Me
10. Three Seconds
11. Fuck Around
12. Dairy QueenNOTES: Released 11/1/91. LP w/Johnny Glue w/o Dairy Queen. CD and CS
w/Dairy Queen w/o Johnny Glue.Released: November 1, 1991

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:50 AM
andy andy andy you never heard of parking the old beef whistle in the meat wallet? where have you been hiding my man?

on Woman Charged After Hiding Bottle Full Of Urine In Her Vagina 03/22/12 10:49 AM
okay so what i’m thinking here is……isn’t it a waste of taxpayer’s dollars in FLORIDA (where else for fuck’s sweet sake) to go ahead and test the piss in the bottle for drugs too? what was that for? just to rub it in the chick’s face…….FAIL and oh yeah had you pulled it off FAIL anyways.
and jesus wept.

on Police: Baby Found Covered In Dried Feces, Gagged With Used Wipe 03/21/12 10:11 PM
what a dumb fucking drunk bitch

on Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy After Watching Porn With Him 03/21/12 10:09 PM
good god what a nightmare it would be to wake up and have this asspirate behind you

on Couple Accused of Caging Child, Making Him 40 Pounds 03/21/12 04:37 PM
Of course I was right…..LOL. and after reading this article, I’m saying a prayer that the dude dies.

on Couple Accused of Caging Child, Making Him 40 Pounds 03/21/12 04:35 PM
Just looked at the picture of that freaky looking dude and thought Florida……not sure if I’m right but that’s what my initial reaction is…..

on Woman Gets Stabby Over Pet’s Medical Bills 03/21/12 04:34 PM
Sounds like something that would take place in Florida….

on Video Captures School Bus Driver Yanking Child To The Ground 03/21/12 04:33 PM
no comment

on Boy, 12, Charged With DWI After Crime Spree Ends In Rollover Crash 03/21/12 04:19 PM
damn those kids are gangsta

on Public Official Claims Explicit Emails Were Plan To ‘Uncover Corruption’ 03/21/12 04:04 PM
Ahhhhh hahhh now I get it.

on Dad Demands Sex From Daughter In Exchange For Her Seeing Boyfriend 03/21/12 03:42 PM
I was reading through the defendant’s litany of aggravating factors which led to the insane decision to have sex with his daughter, thinking “bullshit” or “fuck that” after every one of them. Finally, at the end of his list of pathetic excuses there was one that made perfect sense and turned it all around in my eyes.
I am referring of course to his allergy to peanuts.
Let him out of jail immediately.

on Teen Who Blamed Devil For The Murder Of Child And Cellmate Pleads Not Guilty 03/21/12 03:31 PM
Perhaps this young hell-bound whelp of the devil should have stuck with bath salts as his modicum for getting high. Once he partook in the smoking of marijuana laced with the devils dandruff, his life seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Next time try hugs not drugs.

on Kony 2012 “Invisible Children” Filmmaker Detained For…Drunken Masturbation? 03/18/12 05:49 PM
I’m not going to watch his video. To be honest, I just don’t need any more hot button issues in my already crowded brain. Uganda is just going to have to deal with this one themselves. They are big kids. They can handle it. I’m sorry but that’s all I got.

on Maplewood Man Accused Of Killing His Family Tree 03/17/12 02:03 PM
tyler hadley has this guy beat hands down.…

on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM

FrikkenFrak on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Back in my partying days, I left more than a few “party favors” laying around….. ”

sherrdbw on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“My kinda guy! ”

newstarshipsmell on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Okay, well in that case…”

iLLusionS on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“I said I’d let the porn stay on…and he could keep the panties! If it makes you feel any better I would have sold the coke I took off of him, and enjoyed smoking the pot! :)”

newstarshipsmell on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Well you’re no fun. ”

iLLusionS on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“He’d have been found dead in my panties, on my couch, porn still rolling.”

FrikkenFrak on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“Doesn’t everyone do this? .”

blubberdong on Man Found Watching Porn In Neighbor’s Home While Wearing Her Underwear 03/17/12 02:00 PM
“An asshole in a pair of panties is really not that unusual.”

on Teen Stabbing Suspect Tells Police Ouija Board Made Him Do It 03/17/12 12:45 PM
Ouija boards are not toys and should not be fucked around with. Seriously there have been a few too many tales about people jokingly summoning up spirits using the ouija board and then having inexplicably tragic things happen to them. Best to not fuck with things that you have no real knowledge about. In my opinion…..

on Mom Blames ‘Evil Presence’ For Daughter’s Stabbing Death 03/14/12 02:21 PM
Sorry but FUCK that! Off with this nappy headed bitch’s head.

on Toddler Shoots Himself In Head After Family Stops For Gas 03/14/12 02:14 PM
This is unbelievable. Why would the toddler purposely seek out the gun that his father had, just moments before, stashed away (presumably in a safe spot)? Then to make matters worse, the young child put the gun up to his own head and pulled the trigger? Why would he do that unless he has seen someone else doing something like that before?
All of this took place while the father was paying for his gasoline? How long does that transaction take? Maybe two minutes? Seems fishy to me. I’m sorry but it does. Do they have this incident on camera? They should since I’m pretty sure that all gas stations have CCTV operating at all pump areas and inside the store.
If it went down like it says it went down in this post then all I can say is what a terrible tragedy for all involved. To me it seems a bit suspicious though…..

on Woman Finds Child’s Fingers In Hawaiian Dumpster 03/13/12 08:20 PM
Reasonably sure, based on the little I’ve read in this article, that this is not going to turn out well for the female child aged between 2 1/2-4 years.

on Police Looking For Man Who Exposed Himself To Girls In Hobby Lobby 03/13/12 08:17 PM
They should make a place called Pedo Island and send all the Chi Mo’s over there and let them have their own little land to live in. Except of course they should all be chemically spayed and neutered first.

on Woman Bit Off Husband’s Lip During Argument 03/13/12 08:15 PM
Don’t give me no lip! Stop that jibber jabber.

on Girl Forced To Wear Embarrassing Shirt As Punishment For Shoplifting 03/13/12 08:13 PM
Apart from the fluoro green the shirt is not really that bad and I don’t see it as being much of a deterrent. I actually like the graphic she did. I’m wondering if that lady wants to license that graphic out to me to so I can include it in my line of T’s?

on Congrats On The New Face, Dallas Wiens 03/12/12 11:44 PM
Oh my God. This story brought tears to my cynical eyes. Unbelievable.

Athena on Body Of Krista Dittmeyer Found In New Hampshire Retaining Pond 03/12/12 11:13 PM
“Andy, darling… most people actually have to TRY to sound this moronic. As Morbid documented well in another response to you, the “Missing White Girl Syndrome” (or whatever people choose to call it these days) is a well-documented phenomenon, not a “theory”, and certainly not Morbid’s “theory”. Besides, one exception, or even 100 exceptions, does not disprove a rule. But, let me guess, global warming is a myth because it was colder than average in your city this year. (Insert dramatic sign and eye-roll combo here.) ”

on 03/12/12 10:18 PM
I just don’t understand the testicles on his forehead. What is it supposed to mean? And what happens if, God forbid (lol), he gets into some kind of physical (gasp!) altercation while incarcerated? Will those things pop inside of his head? Is there danger of causing a possible aneurysm? I don’t know…it just seems risky to me to have testicles implanted into one’s forehead purposefully. It is possible that I’m way off base here. Who knows.

on Police: Man Rapes 12-year-old, Forces Girl’s Mother To Watch 03/12/12 09:35 PM
hey this didn’t happen in florida did it?

on Woman Sentenced To Prison For Molesting Teen 03/12/12 08:16 PM
My computer screen is all blurry right now. This wouldn’t have happened to have taken place in Florida would it have?

on Sex Offender Accused Of Sodomizing 13-Year-Old Boy In Library 03/12/12 07:45 PM
jesus christ, king of the jews, that is a terrible story right out of the city i live in tustin. holy jumped up jesus palomino….getting sodomized in the library bathroom…sweet jesus..that’s pretty fucked up. jumpin’ jesus on a pogo stick, my 14 year old daughter goes to tustin high school for christ’s sweet sake. jesus mary and joseph i’m glad they caught this little bastardo.

on Navel Gazing – Matt Coker – Joseph Hyungmin Son, Dr. Evil Henchman Random Task in Austin Powers, Gets Life for Torture 03/11/12 06:37 PM
I’m so glad this douche is in prison for life. I really am. Idiots that attack women, rape them, torture them and get off on the thrill of degrading other innocent human beings deserve nothing but contempt from society. The society in which we live shows its contempt in the only legal way we know how to, by locking scum away in jail, to rot and never see the light of day again. Joe Son, you are a douche. You sucked bad at MMA and I was also happy to see you get your balls obliterated in UFC 4 by Keith Hackney. That was great. Ha ha ha ha ha. Enjoy prison you douche.
Off with his head…..

on John Hock Is An Entertainer 03/11/12 05:41 PM
thanks a lot dreamin demon. researching this article led me to places i didn’t want to go. ever. my lord. i really had no idea the extent of insanity prevalent on this thing called the fucking internet. wild shit.

captaingrumpy on Police: Grandma Let Drunken Pervert Molest 3/11/12 03:48 PM
“where’s the picture of the dumbass grandmother.??”

on Police: Grandma Let Drunken Pervert Molest Girl 03/11/12 03:48 PM
i’m getting so good at this dreamin demon stuff that i read this whole article and didn’t even have to ask myself what state an idiotic bitch whore slapper of a grandma would have to be from for this type of shit to take place.
of course we all know its fucking florida. where else could it be?
lol. florida you are the proverbial red headed step child of the usa. red on the head like a dick on a dog. off with the state of florida’s head.. lol

on Teen Caught On Camera Having Sex With Neighbor’s Pit Bulls Teen Caught On Camera Having Sex With Neighbor’s Pit Bulls 03/11/12 03:40 PM
just wondering from a practical point of view…how do you continue life on the planet, especially as a young black man, after being caught in such a compromising position? how does a dog fucker face his wife/girlfriend for instance? seems a bit of a reach to use “my girlfriend….”
1. doesn’t have time for me (but pit bulls do? well actually he might have a valid one there. i mean dogs love attention from their human masters although maybe not this type of attention )
2. is always talking about work. what about me? (shit he might have another valid one. when was the last time you heard your golden retriever bitching about a long hard day at the office?)
3. spends all her time taking care of the children. there is no “us” time. (again, score one for the pit bull, dogs are notorious for letting their kids fend for themselves starting at a young age)
4. talks to her friends on the phone all the time. (well shit again….pit bull is starting to look more and more like a viable alternative to MY girlfriend now too)
5. spends hours on the computer (dammmmmmmmmmmit that does get on my nerves. i’m calling the animal shelter in a minute)
6. is always complaining about something as soon as I walk through the door. (don’t you fucking hate that? hey maybe this dog molesting bastard is the smart one and normal guys are the dumbasses)
7. never kisses me any more. if I don’t initiate sex we don’t have it. (hi dog pound, say you guys wouldn’t have any staffordshire terrier females available to adopt would you? i’m looking for three, maybe four mature ladies, errr, doggies to help guard my property)
8. blames me for not making enough money (hey is this beastiality thing a crime in EVERY state? surely there is a place i can go to get my swerve on with lassie and not be subject to the judgmental eyes of the ignorant world…)
9. looks like hell. she was beautiful when we first got together. now she’s a dog (lol maybe this is where the whole ugly scenario got started. our dog fucker thought that these days his lady wasn’t looking much different then flicka out in the backyard and flicka didn’t come with all the extra shit like numbers 1-8 above)
i guess when you break it down maybe 19 year old bernard archer is not as crazy and demented as we initially thought. maybe he is the normal one and its all of us that are fucked in the head. just saying……
sorry ladies lol. you know i’m just kidding lol.

on Homeless Couple Busted Having Sex On Stage At Ice Rink 03/09/12 02:55 AM
Talk to me Heather. Tell me what you see. I don’t even know what I did there myself so please fill me in you sexy mama.

Heather_Habilatory on Homeless Couple Busted Having Sex On Stage At Ice Rink 03/09/12 02:54 AM
“ I see what you did there!”

on Homeless Couple Busted Having Sex On Stage At Ice Rink 03/08/12 03:08 PM
damn…he is fuckin’ hot. if i was at the ice skating rink and i ventured on up to this sexy couple i would definitely inquire about the possibilities of join in a three way? he floats my boat man. especially that lack of teeth thing. its a definite turn on.

on Man Arrested After Girlfriend Killed By Exploding Cannon 03/08/12 03:05 PM
thats a ridiculous story about a ridiculous man. off with his head.

on Police Caught Inmate Smuggling Drugs In Her Vagina 03/08/12 01:12 AM
she should be charged for impersonating a woman and for being an ugly bitch

on Mother Arrested After Two Kids Eat Pot-Laced Cookie 03/08/12 01:11 AM
Same fucking thing happened to me one time at my old house. My roommates were total heathen pot head hippie fucks and they made some chocolate chip weed cookies that were sitting out cooling when i got home from the skate park around the corner. I had a hankering for one of those cookies and actually ended up eating two. They were totally yummy and all but when I got to the casino about an hour later and I was walking around I started feeling really fucked up and weird and creepy and shit. Then it finally dawned on me that I ate their stupid cookies. As retaliation I pissed in their milk.

on Two Teens Labeled Sex Offenders For Life After Bullying Incident 03/07/12 11:53 PM
this story was posted on my birthday. just thought everyone would like to know that considering i’m a narcissist

on Mother Charged With Having 6-Year-Old Daughter Videotape Group Sex 03/07/12 10:56 PM
i’m speechless.

on Man Arrested For Sodomizing Toddler Claims He’s Just A ‘Bad Tickler’ 03/07/12 10:54 PM
i feel like tickling that fat bastard with my switchblade

on Fired Teacher Kills Head Of Episcopal School Then Kills Himself 03/07/12 10:15 PM
Is that like a rhetorical question?

CT on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 10:13 PM
“Oh to be young again and fall for the just the tip bullshit. Memories…like the corners of my mind. ”

kimbev69 on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 08:38 PM
“Woo woo ;0)~”

on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 08:38 PM
Lena Lena Lena Lena….do you know how many times I’ve heard that? Too many to count. My other favorite is, “okay we can be naked but I’m NOT having sex with you tonight”…..
uh huh. sure.
and believe me i’m not date raper, or any kind of force the girl into doing anything that they don’t want to do….no means no….but stillll
uh huh sure……….

on Man Charged With Biting Off Another Man’s Nose During Fight 03/07/12 06:10 PM
That’s so gross. Imagine all the stuff that got into his mouth. What a freaky bastard hole of a man boy. He’s a dick dick dick dick dick dick boy.

on Armed Thief Leaves Fingertip At Crime Scene 03/07/12 06:09 PM
That used to be one of my heavily used techniques too!!!! Let me just put the tip in baby I swear we won’t go any further lol. Girls can’t handle that without having the whole thing buried to the hilt…. at least the girls that I’ve been with…..
can’t believe i just shared that

on Fired Teacher Kills Head Of Episcopal School Then Kills Himself 03/07/12 06:04 PM
Let me guess……Florida?

on Exposure Of Fake Genitalia Leads To Real Charges 03/07/12 06:01 PM
This guy is a dumb ass. What is the point of showing off a fake twig and berries? I’m glad he got charged anyways. Just for being a dumb ass. Which should actually be a real charge in my opinion.

on Mom Accused Of Pimping Out 6-Year-Old Daughter To Homeless Men 03/07/12 05:58 PM
Oh yeah I forgot…..
Florida is just too fucking much. Sink that fucking state.

on Mom Accused Of Pimping Out 6-Year-Old Daughter To Homeless Men 03/07/12 05:54 PM
I haven’t read the other comments as I am supposed to be working at the minute and not commenting on dreamindemon stories. So, please excuse me if I say something already said.
Besides the other obvious shit about this evil bitch pimping out her kid and blah blah blah, I am just wondering, why, if she was going to pimp out her kid, would she pimp out said kid to members of the homeless community, who, for the most part, are not known for being particularly well off. What was she hoping to get from them?
1/2 a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20?
A sip of day old Budweiser?
First choice on the day old donuts that Old Man Sylvester got out of the dumpster behind Winchell’s,the ones that were sitting on the bag of used kitty litter and that only had a couple cigarette butts and snotty napkins in the vicinity?
A handful of grimy change, mostly stuck together pennies and nickels with one tattered dollar bill?
Maybe a care package of cigarette butts from the local mall, with 2 benson and hedges menthol 100’s (complete with red liptick), a marlboro light with a soggy butt, a brand new camel filter that someone lit upside down so the filters all melted away, and three of those long brown ciggies, More Filters)?
I would never pimp my daughter out to anyone for fucks sweet sake, but Jesus, this bitch surely could have aimed higher then a bunch of bums…
I hate her. Off with her head.

on Judge Resigns, Accused Of Showing iPhone Full O’ Penis To Worker 03/07/12 05:38 PM

on Boys, 12 and 13, Killed Friend With Rifle Then Hid Her Body In Trash 03/07/12 05:35 PM
All of these “alleged” accidents that take place when minors play with guns seem to be easily preventable. The parents of the little bastards could have used modern contraceptives to prevent themselves from becoming pregnant in the first place. I mean, obviously they could care less about their fucking kids so why make the rest of humanity suffer the consequences of their selfish, lazy, thoughtless procreation? Better to just let the little fucks die inside the condom before they are ever born and spare mankind the trouble of having to clean up their fucked up kids messes. China or whoever it is that makes prospective parents obtain a license to have a kid is on the right track…

on Man Decapitates Woman, Pins Her Nipples To Door Frame 03/06/12 07:35 AM
Soon as I saw the part about the nipples in the title I knew it would be from Florida. Of course. duh. ……….yawn………….

on Mom Accused Of Letting Son Drown Because She Hated Him 03/06/12 07:30 AM
As for this BITCH…what can I say? As brutal as it sounds I’ve grown quite accustomed to these types of insane and disgusting stories to the point of being somewhat immune to them…Yes its sad as shit but honestly I’ve read about much worse shit then this one. Much much much worse.
Fry the bitch and feed her to the sharks. Seriously. Just boil her and dump her overboard. No talk, no idle threats, fuck her mental state, fuck her childhood, fuck her period. I want the sharks or alliator to get her while she is conscious of whats going on.
I say all of that and you know what? I’m really not that mad at the stupid cow. Thats the sad part for me.

on Mom Accused Of Letting Son Drown Because She Hated Him 03/06/12 07:25 AM
As soon as I started reading this article, and I swear to God this is true, I thought to myself, this bitch looks like she is from India or Pakistan but this sounds like she has got to be from Florida. I know that is says Florida plain as day at the beginning and whatnot but believe me I just glossed right over it. I really started paying attention in maybe the third paragraph. Of course I was correct. Something is wrong with the residents of Florida I’m telling you. Florida, hands down,does tragic and heinous, along with stupid and pointless, along with selfish and depraved, along with evil and hellbound, along with sick and twisted along with many many many more expressions of BAD better then any other geographic location. I fly into Miami every summer on my way to the Cayman Islands and its very beautiful to see the keys and stuff from the air. Enchantingly beautiful. I have a feeling that the whole area though, is something like the MicMac burial ground in Pet Sematary. Just an evil place where bad shit happens. Florida, you suck.

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:52 AM
well he didn’t do it but i’m sure he must have felt like an idiot after she was killed for talking shit to her

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:49 AM
she was definitely more then moderately attractive i’m sorry. she was fucking beautiful.

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:48 AM
exactly…drunk co-eds are way awesome. who ever said that lame and ignorant “who give a shit about a drunk ass coed” should be thrashed to within an inch of his life. not to mention this girl was dead the whole time you all were debating this.

Morbid on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:46 AM

Who gives a shit about a drunk ass coed
Uh, drunk co-eds are awesome.”

on Brianna Denison Is Missing – Possible Arrest Made 03/06/12 06:42 AM
Wow she was heartbreakingly beautiful and seemed so full of life. After a couple hours of internet stalking on this case it even seems more of a tragic and despicable act by this dude James Biela. First of all why rape these girls (there were several)? He had a girlfriend so he can’t really say he was deprived of sex. Second, why oh why oh why in God’s name did he have to graduate from rape to rape/murder? No conscience? That much of a narcissist that he just has not one iota of a shred of a speck of compassion or empathy for anyone else but himself? I just really don’t get it. All I would want to do to that girl would be to love her. In a million years, it wouldn’t cross my mind to snuff her out, end her existence…..murder her. What a dick. An evil dick. An evil asshole who actually has a kid in like first or second grade that has to deal with that lovely stigma….it boggles the mind. It really does. He got the death penalty so he’s fucked. But you know what he is fucked anyway. You can’t kill something that precious without it completely destroying your soul and your eternity. Good riddance asshole.

on Man Charged After Shooting Boy In Eye With Crossbow 03/05/12 03:57 PM
ballsy little guy to take the fucking thing out himself. damn. doubt if i could actually pull that off.

on Man Charged With Killing Neighbor Over Dog Feces 03/05/12 03:52 PM
What a shitty thing to do to his neighbor. I hope someone beats the crap out him. He’s in a world of shit now. Up shit creek for sure.

on Guilty Charge For Man Who Infected Toddler With Genital Warts During Rape 03/05/12 03:49 PM
I don’t understand how or why you would have sex with a one year old fucking child. Animal bastard

on Chad & Diana Carey Beat Puppies And Children 03/04/12 10:41 AM…
bankrupt cocksuckers

on Jose Cuevas Earns His Wifebeater 03/04/12 10:25 AM
Guess what three years later this piece of dog shit is still in prison. Check it out:
Date of Sentence03/16/2009DescriptionAGGRAVATED BATTERYTerm in Years / Months / Days120000000Type of ConvictionFBIndiana Citation Code35-42-2-1.5Cause Number45G04-0805-FA-00021County of ConvictionLAKEProjected Release Date02/15/2015

on Erin Markes Didn’t Starve Her Baby After All 03/04/12 10:13 AM
That story made me cry man.

on Lisa Maas: Murdered by a Smelly, Stabby Neighbor 03/04/12 09:58 AM
That poor, beautiful, sexy young lady did not deserve to die at the hands of that stinky fucking bastard. Hopefully that stinky fucking bastard is suffering every second of every day.
Terrrrrrrrrrrence? I forgot to say one thing! You fucking stink you fucking stinky piece of shit. You stink like shit. Stinky bastard. God damn dude take a fucking bath pig pen boy.
You smelly piece of rat shit. Die fucker.

on RSO Lucifer Hawkins Accused Of Raping 6-Year-Old Boy 03/03/12 04:50 PM
his ass ain’t getting out until at least 2036

on Boy Charged With Killing Baby Sister After Becoming Frustrated With Video Game 03/03/12 03:47 PM
He’s an ugly little potato head from Oklahoma. I say we make mashed potatos. off with his head.

Domino on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:34 AM

Pete Puma on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:33 AM
“It’d be a bummer to land in juvie over a handjob…don’t know if that’s what it was what was goin’ on…just sayin’.”

GrimReaper on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:33 AM
“I have read alot of this lately to and to add to your public service announcement, if the little ladies and or the ladies are willing to do this and then change their mind when they get caught then that makes them just as bad as the guys that want their wee wee pleasured. I think this is most likely the case with the younger kids when they get caught the girls know all they have to say is he forced me and they will get out of trouble, which is fucked up cause in most cases the guys lives are getting ruined over it. I just thought I would throw that out there. ”

on Boy, 13, Accused Of Forcing Girl, 12, Into Performing Sex Act On School Bus 03/03/12 05:33 AM
food for thought…

on Rape Charges Dropped Against Teen After His Accuser Hangs Herself 03/03/12 05:31 AM
really sorry to hear about that leah…..i can’t stand rapists. they make me want to get violent which is not the answer either but fuck man its so frustrating. my daughter is 14 almost 15 and if anything ever happened to her i would become unglued….

on Angela Boyd May Face Charges For Faking Daughter’s Funeral 03/03/12 05:23 AM
Scumbag bitch.

on Police: Cabbie Rapist May Have More Victims 03/03/12 05:20 AM
He isn’t even in prison I just checked. He looks familiar for some reason too. I think I might have seen this fuck stick ahoy at one of the Indian Casinos I frequently visit. I’ve got my eyes peeled for this shit stain trust me.

on Police: Cabbie Rapist May Have More Victims 03/03/12 05:18 AM
This fucking asshole is from my neck of the woods. Good old Orange County, California. I’m in Tustin right now which is bordered by Santa Ana. I promise if I see this fucking dickhead walking the streets I will alert everyone within screaming distance exactly who he is. There are all kinds of gangs and other assorted tough guys in Santa Ana who will be glad to serve this guy up.

on 19-Year-Old Accused Of Raping Friend’s Mother 03/03/12 05:12 AM
I was reading the title of this story and already thinking to myself….this idiot has got to be from
F-L-O-R-I-D-A- our nations red headed step child of a state. Is it something in the water? What the Fuck…..?

on Teacher Arrested Fourth Time In One Year For Abusing Husband 03/02/12 11:51 PM
I have to admit to being sexually attracted to this little vixen.

on Aunt Arrested For Having 6-Year-Old Back Out of Tight Parking Space 03/02/12 09:21 PM
Stupid case. If it can be determined with any kind of certainty that the aunt is telling the truth about what happened and that she wasn’t really trying to encourage the six year old to start destroying shit then apart from being held financially responsible for the damage committed by the little girl, she should be allowed to continue her life without facing any further penalty. Its obvious a stupid mistake but in my opinion it seems like a temporary brain fart rather then the more serious and prolonged diarrhea of the brain disease that is apparently so contagious these days.
(sorry about the poop references i just got done reading about the poopy frosting triplets being sentenced to hard time cleaning out porta potties and changing bed pans so i kinda got shit on my mind. plus my stomach hurts a little. might be something i ate)

on Two Teens Charged With Raping Girls In San Diego Park 03/02/12 09:14 PM
Race is irrelevant in this case in my opinion. Whether these two motherfucking pieces of shit are white brown black yellow green or blue makes literally no difference in my mind. They are animals who have taken what does not belong to them to take. They were caught. Law of the jungle dictates that they be expunged from the face of the earth. Which I think a nice little 325 year prison sentence does quite nicely. Enjoy eternity boys.

on Teen Girls Sentenced After Serving Classmate Birthday Cake Frosted With Human Feces 03/02/12 08:50 PM
Many questions come to mind after reading this fascinating article.
In who’s butt did the poop originate from?
Who transported said poop from toilet to frosting bowl?
Was it mixed with anything lol?
How do you not smell this frosting when you are near it?
How do the pranksters keep a straight face when serving the poo cake?
What did this chick do to deserve this fecal surprise?
If she didn’t like the first piece why did she bring it home for mom and dad to enjoy?
Who is the girl in the picture?

on Jury Rejects Reality TV Defense, Finds Woman Guilty Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill Husband 03/02/12 07:44 PM
I love the state of florida

on Five Teens Could Get Life In Facebook Extortion Case 03/02/12 07:36 PM
sick twisted tale of depravity and illicit sexual crimes….perfect for the demon….off with their heads is my verdict. (their little heads) hahahahha

on Girl Suspected In High School Stabbings Has Depraved “Bucket List” 03/02/12 07:32 PM
what to do what to do….i really don’t have any idea what the right answer is in this case. its a tough one. i guess, with only the information at my disposal right now, i would say to keep her as a juvenile and send her to the state of washington’s hospital for the criminally insane in order to receive treatment. if she is successful in being treated, let her out when she has reached the age of 21. anyone else agree with this?

Cassy_Again on Girl Suspected In High School Stabbings Has Depraved “Bucket List” 03/02/12 07:24 PM
“I disagree. She is obviously very mentally ill and she readily confessed her issues to everyone who listened and they dropped the ball instead of treating her. She seems worried about her own thoughts and is unable to control them. Everyone had ample warning this was coming. I would say, “what does she have to do to get help” but apparently she answered that, and she’s still not getting help probably, just put on trial. They’ll let her out, untreated, more of a menace than she ever was. It’s like they finally had the opportunity of catching a serial killer/child killer just at the moment she was being created and changing her if possible…and they did nothing.”

on Police: Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Set On Fire By Two Teens 03/02/12 06:18 PM
I certainly would not be surprised in the least. Maybe he was trying to freebase some coke like Richard Pryor did when he burned up his face. Actually I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what did happen. Please notify the media that this was all just a big mistake.

Jaded on Police: Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Set On Fire By Two Teens 03/02/12 06:16 PM
“I have to wonder if maybe the kid didn’t set his own face on fire doing some kind of stupid ass teenage boy shit and was forced to come up with a story to save his own ass. Not saying it didn’t happen the way the boy said it did, but it’s not every day you hear about someone just randomly setting another person on fire for shits and giggles. ”

on Innocent Bystanders Killed By Psycho With A Splitting Maul 03/02/12 06:11 PM
I doubt if anyone read my comment on the other post about the chick facing thirty years for giving her boyfriend the keys to her car to drive. In it I mentioned how 95% of the stories I read on dreamin demon make me wish that each state had their own firing squads set up to eradicate people LIKE THIS MOTHERLESS FUCK immediately and spare the taxpayers the time and money spent on sending them to prison, housing and feeding them etc. If I could have ever dreamed of a more perfect example to illustrate my point, then this guy would be that example.
What a waste of space piece of shit loser motherfucker this asshole is. god damn.

Michael Heldman on Innocent Bystanders Killed By Psycho With A Splitting Maul 03/02/12 06:06 PM
“No, there is actual proof that he voted for your favorite Republican. He also had lunch with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh then they trotted over to Palin’s to view Russia from her doorstep. Now that you know this to be fact, try being an independent and actually forcing the politician to earn your vote, asshat. The Republicans are not your favorite sports team, you don’t have to root for them every waking moment. Before you reply and probably shit all over yourself while drooling let’s get this out of the way first: “You’re what’s wrong with this country”, “I bet you voted for Obama”, “Typical liberal”, and anything else you can regurgitate from faux news. Kill yourself.”

on Woman Faces 30 Years In Prison For Handing Drunk Boyfriend Keys 03/02/12 06:01 PM
I certainly agree with the last point made, that a telephone call could have avoided the whole situation from happening in the first place. Hindsight is always 20/20 as they say.
To charge this girl with the exact same crime as her dumb drunk boyfriend is pretty over the top in my opinion. Not to make light of the tragic fact that two young lives were lost as the result of a pussy whipped drunk idiot bowing down to his girlfriend and agreeing to drive drunk but the dead will not be resurrected by ensuring that two MORE lives are lost by holding the girlfriend equally culpable.
She was not behind the wheel. She had enough sense in that pretty little head (figure of speech) of hers to realize she was wasted and should not be driving. Who is to say that she knew that her boyfriend was drunk as a skunk? Just because two people, boyfriend and girlfriend or not, go out together doesn’t mean that either of them are keeping tabs on the other’s intoxication level.
America is a prison country as it is. The prisons are overcrowded beyond what is safe as it is. This is the reason why. Overzealous prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves by appearing to be tough on crime to the point of ridiculousness. I understand that it is a fine line between being too lenient and being too punitive. Its a hard job, no doubt about it.
Believe me when I say that 95% of the stories that I read on this web site especially, make me question why we don’t just have firing squads set up in every state to spare the taxpayers the time and money needed to house some of the pieces of human shit that grace the front page of this site day after day. I understand that some people are just so inherently fucked that they are beyond saving.
That being said, this girl should not be held accountable on anywhere near the same level of accountability as her really really dumbass boyfriend, the guy that doesn’t know how to steer clear of pedestrians when he’s had a few drinks. Let the poor girl go.
That’s all I have to say.

on Kenny McCormick Look-Alike Wanted In Sexual Assault 03/02/12 05:39 PM
It might be this guy Walter L. Treadwell that I outed last night for being a sick pervert on my blog

on Sofa King Banned 03/02/12 12:20 PM
That is bullshit bullshit bullshit.

on Noel Kelly Is A Bad Babysitter 03/02/12 06:14 AM
Your comment from the Noel Kelly post about a year ago got to me big time. The shit about Walter Treadwell taking you in his plane and all that really pissed me off and I was seeing red for some reason. I guess maybe I’m sick of all of these bastards harming kids. You know what I’ve had like 6 girlfriends that have been molested or otherwise fucked with by trusted adults including stepparents and siblings. Fucking sick of that shit. I didn’t realize you commented on all sorts of shit on this site before I fucking outed Walter Treadwell. Go Check out what I did about it on my blog. At the time I figured I was speaking up for you thinking that you just wrote that one comment on that old story. It didn’t seem like anything had been done about it so I took matters into my own hands a little. Hope it doesn’t piss you off but Fuck Walter Treadwell.

on Man Suffers Gunshot Wounds After Shooting At Caged Raccoon 03/02/12 05:57 AM
Your comment from the Noel Kelly post about a year ago got to me big time. The shit about Walter Treadwell taking you in his plane and all that really pissed me off and I was seeing red for some reason. I guess maybe I’m sick of all of these bastards harming kids. You know what I’ve had like 6 girlfriends that have been molested or otherwise fucked with by trusted adults including stepparents and siblings. Fucking sick of that shit. I didn’t realize you commented on all sorts of shit on this site before I fucking outed Walter Treadwell. Go Check out what I did about it on my blog. At the time I figured I was speaking up for you thinking that you just wrote that one comment on that old story. It didn’t seem like anything had been done about it so I took matters into my own hands a little. Hope it doesn’t piss you off but Fuck Walter Treadwell.

on Jordan Brown, 11, Shot And Killed Kenzie 03/02/12 04:55 AM
this little bastard ended up getting his case handled in juvenile court and he gets out he is of age. hopefully someone shanks him in there or something.

on April Martinez Is A Cold-Hearted Cunt 03/02/12 04:48 AM
So what ended up happening in this case is the mom got 12 years for injury by omission, and the bitch she was living with lyzette vasquez got 20 years for SBI Injury to Child and her husband Hermes Vasquez got 35 years for SBI Injury to Child and he also lost his manager job at McDonald’s.

on Shane Arrigo Raped His Little Girl 03/02/12 03:54 AM
Check this shit out. Its a pdf of the complaint. What a dick head.

on Bodies Of Two Children Found Packed In Luggage, Floating In Florida Canal 03/01/12 10:13 PM
I don’t know if anyone has followed up on this story so forgive me if I am repeating old news but if not…oh my fucking god this is a sordid and twisted tale. Read this story…

on Bodies Of Two Children Found Packed In Luggage, Floating In Florida Canal 03/01/12 09:59 PM
Dude you are so right. It seems like every fucked up story out there is from Florida or Texas. I could rattle off so many cases from both of these states but to be fair where I live, California, has its fair share and then some, of people infected with pieceofshitism

on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 09:50 PM
you’ve got some nice tits purehoney. just saying. i’d like to suck them.

JGo555 on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 09:45 PM
“Allowed= to be permitted to do something aloud= to speak Just sayin’…”

JGo555 on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 09:44 PM
“NPD would work here: Nacissistic Personality Disorder. I’ve been gobbling up information on this disorder.”

on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 02:02 PM
Don’t Forget the age old adage about having a fool for a client either dumb ass.

on Rapist Advises Victim To ‘Give Your Pain To The Lord’ 03/01/12 01:55 PM
I am pretty sure God doesn’t like his name being bantered about in trite, condescending, and patronizing ways. This fool is in no position to dispense advice to anyone, let alone the victim that he terrorized. Hopefully his sentence was increased by a few years as a result of his advice. I really don’t understand the smug attitudes shown by these criminals as they are being sentenced to insanely long prison terms. It’s like they are trying to make it appear as they have somehow gotten over on the victim, the justice system and society as a whole when in fact, we are all out alive and free and a “hole” is where this guy is headed. Enjoy your life in prison. I sure hope that your two, two minute chump pump sessions with the 12 year old are worth what you are going to endure FOREVER. Remember, “Give it to the Lord and He will take care of it for you.”
Pray for mercy sir.

on Would-Be Vagina Sniffer Jailed 02/29/12 09:29 PM
I’ll send him some of my crusty tidy whities if he is keen for the scent of another man. But I want twenty bucks.

on Couple Charged After Using Craigslist To Arrange Sex With Dog 02/29/12 09:26 PM
Damn that chick is pretty hot. I would love to do her. “Doggy Style” of course. LOL

on Man Charged With Possessing Images Of Child Rape, Bestiality 02/28/12 01:36 PM
I’m very sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with the police officers initial assessment that this bald chewbaca looking motherfucker is technically humanoid. Has anyone performed a DNA test to ensure this diagnosis? I think not….

on Ohio School Shooting Leaves 1 Student Dead, 4 Others Injured 02/28/12 12:02 AM
Sociopath School Shooter Salad:
First you take deviant teenagers with hormonal imbalances and an inflated sense of self importance that borders on narcissism.
Toss in their desperate need to seek out attention whether it be positive or negative, a warped sense of unjustified entitlement in a world that refuses to go along for the ride.
Mix with a pathetic built in excuse from their upbringing (sexual abuse, bullying, lack of affection, poverty…whatever).
Sprinkle example (Columbine) after example (Virginia Tech) after example (University of Texas) after example (Westside Middle School) of those that have paved the deranged way for these impulsive little sociopaths.
The little bastards probably beat off to pictures of Dylan Klebold dressed in black with a pool of blood surrounding his ugly head while Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” plays over and over ad infinitum.
The focus of the media and all of her sycophantic followers (of which group I freely admit belonging to) is on the sensational and shocking thrill killing of the day week month etc. The antihero perpetrators of these terrible deeds are made immediately infamous.
Remember that need for attention I pointed out above? Infamy is attention. There is a gratifying payoff in the form of the surrounding hoopla and intense, (albeit temporary) microscopic scrutiny to which we subject these doomed children of a lost generation to after they commit these senseless crimes, and it is apparently a sufficient trade off for their lives.
The bright light is focused on these losers in an effort to answer the unanswerable question (WHAT COULD WE HAVE DONE TO PREVENT THIS?)
Sad that in this day and age, 15 minutes of infamy is more then enough to provide these former nobodies all the evidence they need to believe that they have made their mark and will go down in history.
Apparently no one these days sees the forest through the trees. The outlook for mankind as a whole is not the brightest in my opinion.
Is anyone else sick to death of this shit? There is no end in sight. Its really all a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy if you ask me. Kind of a psycho salad.

on Police: Daughter Wastes Away In Her Own Filth While Dad Drinks At Bar 02/27/12 03:55 PM
why is this guy still alive? i hate him

on Teacher Suspended After Making Remarks About Students On Blog 02/27/12 02:27 PM
She’s a jaded bitch for sure and probably shouldn’t be teaching. By the way this is my real name. I’m not afraid of saying what’s on my mind on the internet. Maybe I should filter my thoughts more but really I don’t think so. I’m not a pedophile, don’t enjoy kiddies, horses, dogs, killing people, beating up people, burning shit down, oppressing anyone or in anyway causing the world to be more of a cesspool then it already is. I know I fail in some areas like gambling like a fiend lol and it does hurt myself and others but as far as the real categories like those named above I’m pretty clean. I have empathy for others even if I can’t help them I try to at least understand and I do understand where this lady is coming from. She’s pretty witty too and those comments were fucking funny as hell and probably so true. I was on her side in a rebellious way as I was reading what she wrote then I switched when I started reading the comments from the students and seeing how much those types of comments actually hurt them during a period of time in their lives, the ONE period of time in their lives, when they should be given the benefit of the doubt big time and should be encouraged and lifted up and shown tons of patience. People really should try and use better grammar on the internet….

on Man Charged With Murder After Drowning Daughter In Creek 02/27/12 01:28 PM
Why did he do such a stupid thing? I keep asking myself this question over and over and over on so many of these fucking stories its insane.

on Italian Churchgoer Gouges Out His Own Eyeballs During Service 02/27/12 11:36 AM
And if your eye offend you, pluck it out: it is better for you to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire

on Man Accused Of Shoving Snake Poop In Girlfriend’s Mouth 02/27/12 09:15 AM
This man is clearly having problems with anger management. Forced coprophagia should be a felony in my honest opinion.

on Man Accused Of Insurance Fraud After Sawing Off Person’s Hand 02/27/12 09:08 AM
So what you are saying is that some guy agreed (without being coerced, threatened, tortured) to his hand being separated from his arm in order to be compensated 33.33% of $671,000? So many questions flood my puny mind its simply overwhelming. Who decided who got the hand cut off? Why did he agree? Has he always been the last to get chosen for team sports and things of that nature? How did they decide that cutting off the hand was the best idea? How did they arrive at that amount of insurance or whatever it was that they collected on? What’s the guys IQ? Did they give him a regional anaesthetic like a Supraclavicular Block which provides anesthesia to the upper arm, the elbow, the wrist and the hand so that the guy wasn’t in agony?
Holy Jumped Up Jesus Palomino….

on Serial Public Masturbator Into Diff’rent Strokes 02/25/12 02:58 AM
LMAO……”it’s offensive on every level….there’s no question about thaaaaaaaaaaaat”. I dunno…..she seemed to be kinda into the whole thing if you ask me….
As for Miguel Angel, I’m just curious how he managed to pony up the bail money?
But seriously….if he is a 29 year old illegal immigrant (allegedly) and he is a mentally deficient public pud puller as well….it begs the question as to why he is permitted to post bail and walk out of jail in the first place.
Shouldn’t Border Patrol take custody of him and send him unceremoniously packing rather then allowing him to hang around and probably escalate his already creepy perverted behavior? I’m not claiming to be an expert on immigration issues but I thought that once a criminal is apprehended and it is found that he is in the country illegally that he is supposed to be sent home. Can someone please share some knowledge with me?
Last…just a comment on Florida as a whole. Or actually a question. Why is that Florida seems to have such an abundance of fucking evil cretins running around? I’m definitely not discriminating on this one because I’m talking about white males, black males, white females, teenagers, hispanics, asians etc. It just seems that more fucked up shit happens in Florida then anywhere else or maybe the media just likes to report stories involving Florida? I don’t know. I’m just asking.
Who am I talking about? Well….Tyler Hadley, Jacquiline “Nikki” Reynolds, Harrell Franklin Braddy, Joseph Peter Smith, Michael King, Avion Lawson and Nathan Walker, Casey Anthony….I could go on and on and on and on…..

on Mother Accused Of ‘Honor Beating’ After Daughter Talks To Boy 02/21/12 04:09 PM
Sorry if I sound prejudiced….they just give me the ultimate creeps. Goosebumps etc.

on Mother Accused Of ‘Honor Beating’ After Daughter Talks To Boy 02/21/12 04:08 PM
This has all the earmarks of a tragedy in the making. These fucking people are insane. If they want to practice Sharia law then they need to get the fuck back to Iraq where it seems to be welcomed. Nobody is down to see young girls beaten up or shot by their ignorant, mysoginistic, asshole fathers on the suburban streets of Anaheim or Houston. Americans tend to frown upon cheating spouses getting buried up to their waists after being wrapped in white linen and then stoned until they slump over dead. Honor killings and honor beatings? Their is no honor to this shit. Its fucking pathetic and I have nothing but disdain for these parents and if I’m honest, for all Muslims. I strongly dislike the whole culture and religion. Yuck.

on Man Arrested After Late Night Craigslist Encounter 02/21/12 03:55 PM
Andy P, sounds like you’ve been hit up by the girls who email you wanting to hook up with you but who can’t give you their phone numbers directly but instead need you to get it off of adultfriendfinder which doesn’t cost anything to join but just ensures that you are not some creepy perp. LOL. I swear, I’ve never gotten one of those emails. But, I’ve got a friend who has this friend that has. hAHAHAHAHA

on Man Kills Three Daughters, Himself 02/20/12 10:21 PM
what a horrible story that is. i’ve been on this website for the whole day and this is one of the stupidest and senseless selfish crimes. he obviously did it to get back at the wife who left him only a week earlier. to take out three healthy smart beautiful daughters……what a shame. he gets my piece of shit award definitely.

on Owen Wilson Almost Does Me A Favor 02/20/12 08:50 PM
Wow thats a pretty fucked up picture.

on Affordable Healthcare; Man Throws Sick Wife Off Balcony 02/20/12 08:21 PM
LIFE in prison

on Jonathan Tave Raped A Corrections Officer 02/20/12 08:12 PM
1025 years plus three life terms…

on Daniel Rollins Goes Camping 02/20/12 07:59 PM
Ten years in the slammer for this one.…

on Father, 2 Young Sons Killed In Home 02/20/12 07:31 PM
Wow is this all you guys have on this story? Well….as I’m sure you already know (or maybe not), turns out the bitch with the crazy name of man ling killed them all…and has been sentenced to die.

on Rebecca Dawn Bogard Says “GRRRRR” 02/20/12 06:51 PM
sorry but that chick is hot. i would have been so stoked to be getting laid by her when i was fifteen. no harm no foul. sorry.

on Dr. Jerrold Ecklind Likes Hookers, Handcuffs 02/20/12 06:49 PM
He’s cleaned up his act.

on Morgan Leppert Has ‘The Baddest’ Taste In Men 02/20/12 05:29 PM…

on Mahalia Xiong Missing 02/20/12 02:37 PM
3 years later her brother was charged with killing a guy in Green Bay. He stabbed a guy named Eric Vieau and received 36 years in prison.

on Hulk Found Dead, Cooking In Oven 02/20/12 12:29 PM
The fat idiot got sentenced to six years? That’s awesome!

on Infant Shot With AK-47; Parents Arrested 02/20/12 07:41 AM
God I would love to smash their faces….

on Charges Dropped Against Man Lured By Wife’s Fake Facebook Profile; He Knew All Along 02/20/12 07:15 AM
All of you calling the husband crazy are full of shit. He’s brilliant. What a burn on that stupid cow wife of his.

on Couple Arrested In Connection To Pharmacy Slayings 02/20/12 05:12 AM
i’m speechless after reading this story and then following it up with additional research on google. simply unbelievable. fucking hell.

on Mother, Boyfriend Charged With Duct Taping Toddler 02/20/12 04:47 AM
God she is horrid looking.

on Man Gets Two Life Sentences For Baptizing Friend And Her Daughter To Death 02/20/12 04:34 AM
Wow that is a trip to read the article above and then to check out his myspace page. Gave me the chills.

on Man Accused Of Molesting Toddler, Dropping Him From Second-Story Window 02/20/12 04:18 AM
Put his ass in prison and hopefully they will be able to wipe the smug look off of his face.

on Woman Charged After Denying Her Children Access To Bathroom 02/20/12 04:13 AM
Not a very attractive woman. That’s all I’ll say.

on Woman Arrested After Spraying Police With Breast Milk 02/20/12 04:10 AM
I don’t understand what the crime is here? She’s hot. Spray away MILF.

on Grandchild Catches Grandpa Putting The Moves On The Family Dog 02/20/12 04:09 AM
What the fuck? Really? What a dog lip.
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