Tony the Stalker, Jim on Shrooms, Smogtown and Skippy

Tony the Stalker, Jim on Shrooms, Smogtown and Skippy

Chapter 2

I remember shortly after I met Jim Waataja that somehow or another I managed to be hanging out over there at the warehouse in Santa Ana one night without Heather which was kind of amazing because honestly Heather was pretty jealous of “her” friends and did not like me fraternizing with anyone she introduced me to. It sounds kind of petty but honestly its nothing that you or I haven’t done countless times in our lives. You know it as well as I do. There is just this natural inclination not to like it when people that know each other only because you have blessed them with an introduction get together without you being present. Am I right? Come on admit it. I admit it for sure. You feel jealous and sometimes you actually feel like there is a conspiracy against you like your two good buddies suddenly hate you and want you to die. Ummmm…maybe not….unless you are a serious crack head.

But anyway…there I was in my convertible BMW with Jim and I think Richie on a week night. This is before I worked at TSA…I was still working at someplace like FHP Healthcare or Talbert Medical Management at that time. Which means that I had to get up early as fucking hell on a regular basis, get dressed and look professional with a tie and everything and commute someplace arriving no later than 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. and then sit there for 9 hours or longer doing excel spreadsheets and playing with my cock through my pockets and smoking as many cigarettes as possible and writing emails[1] and making surreptitious (sneaky) phone calls disguised as legitimate business type calls. Basically boiling it down to maybe three hours of getting over the hangover from drugs or alcohol then an hour of shuffling papers until lunch then a nap at your desk after lunch for a half hour then maybe an hour or two of trying to get something done that will satisfy the management staff people then a couple hours of making plans for the evening and maybe even starting in on some evening refreshments with a quick beer and a line or two in the bathroom.

But anyways part two. So yeah. I went over to the Slave headquarters and me and Jim did a bunch of mushrooms and got completely wasted out of our minds and then Jim drove my car with the top down and we went cruising around everywhere maybe we ended up at some bar all I know is that I was seriously fucked up badly and there is no way I could drive and I don’t think Jim was doing that great either. Also too, I had to get up and go to work the next day which was more brutal than you can even imagine. It was terrible. It often was during those days when I first met Heather. Because those were the days of Tony Mandich Alcoholic Crazy Bastard. I remember that we had fun though for sure me and Jim. And I think Gay Richie was kind of butt hurt but who cares about that.

After a while of hanging out with Heather some crazy shit happened that I pretty much started of course. You see…I really liked Heather but I tell you honestly that I was never really what she had in mind for a boyfriend or anything like that. She liked skinny little guys that were cool punk rock dudes. Examples of her types of guys were Black Fly’s Johnny, Ray from that band that did Static Ecstatic and I am the Cancer what the fuck why can’t I remember the name. Duh Smogtown. Okay she also liked Jim (surprise) and this skater that skated for TSA named Skip Pronier.[i] I didn’t work there yet keep that in mind as I unfold this story. So me and Heather were getting fucked up many many nights and I was dying at work every fucking day being so tired. And I was getting to know Jim Waataja and Stick Dog and a lot of morons who I love dearly and the thing is none of them had a job except Jim who was the boss of his own company so he could go to work whenever for the most part plus he didn’t really drink hardly ever so he didn’t have a hangover where I was fucking dying everyday.

So Heather had these friends from Santa Ana named Blair and Jason who were brothers. I got along good with all of these people and sometimes I partied with them just the dudes so this one night after me and Heather had been boning down for a while I think I actually counted like 33 fucks and still couldn’t tie that bitch down she didn’t want any strings, ties blah blah blah basically keeping me at arm’s length until she could find a better dude more suited to her desires or I proved my ultimate coolness or the world exploded or whatever. Anyways…this one night I hung out with Blair. And Heather had told me that she liked this dude named Skip which made me jealous as hell but what could I do. At this time I had bought a three day trip to Maui for us to go on and she was up in the air about whether she was going to go or not and it was because she knew that I was trying to pin her down like a fool but what can I say I was young and dumb back then. And I guess a little bit of a psycho stalker as you will soon hear.  I think I gotta right now though. Its time to go downstairs and gamble for a bit and maybe get into some adventures. I will tell you more about my stalker episode and our trip to Maui next time. Until then suck it easy. Here is a little smogtown to see you through the night.Jim likes weed

[1] I remember clearly when I worked at Ingram Micro in Santa Ana somehow I got log in access to a porn site called This is before porn on the internet was free so it was legendary having that username and password and I always had it open behind my work apps so I could sneak a peek at the crazy shit they had on there like toilet cams and other really weird stuff that wasn’t really sexually stimulating but more like OMG, What the Fuck! Just a little sidenote.

[i] Skip Pronier is a cool motherfucker who I ended up being friends with and selling him weed and shit later even though he fucked my chick I didn’t really hold it against him because at the time she was not really my chick so fuck it. Also too click on the link and you can check out Skip’s bad ass little part in TSA’s Life In the Fast Lane skate video. Gotta love the Asian fella who says…”Good….TSA good”

Letter To My Incarcerated Girlfriend

Dearest Kristen,

Hello my little love monkey ha ha ha.  Just kidding I was going to write you a letter chock full of soupy sappy moronic pet name talk and actually send it to you but seeing that it made me throw up in my mouth a little before I even got past the first line, I decided to forget my evil plot and just write you a more normal letter instead.

I’m sitting in the garage at Heather’s house and smoking a disgusting Marlboro Light and flicking the ashes on the carpeted floor like an asshole and listening to her gay dog Sancho whine to be let out of the gate where Heather and Riley are outside in the driveway saying hi and bye to Shirley who is Heather’s mom and who has come to pick up my daughter Ciara.  Ciara goes to high school right down the street from here at Tustin High School but she lives in Costa Mesa with her grandmonster Shirley.

My daughter made me some lunch today.  It was a bowl of rice with won ton filling stuff on top of it with some soy sauce and wasabi.  The won ton filling stuff was left over from last Sunday when Heather made some won tons when Ciara was over here with her Asian boyfriend Aeneas.  And no (before you ask) I have no idea what kind of Asian parents name their kid Aeneas.  Beats me.

Now I’m heating up some fragrant oils in an oil burner which if you haven’t seen one, looks a lot like the pipes the kids use these days to smoke speed out of.  Crazy youth of today.  They’ve gone wild I tell ya.

So maybe tonight I will take my $40 and go play some poker at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, California. $40 isn’t much to play poker with to be honest, so there is a good chance I will drive over 30 miles one way and end up being there for only a few short minutes. When you only have one buy in things can go wrong quickly.  I’m a bit of a gambler at heart so I will probably give it a go anyway.

I’ve been thinking a lot about your vagina lately.  In particular I’ve been thinking about the night we stayed on John Chase’s couch on Pueblo (in Cathedral City).  You remember that house right?  Of course you do!  It’s the last place you were as a free woman ha ha!  But do you remember the night that I’m referring to?  I got you some blankets out of my car and tucked you in on the couch.  I was also laying on the couch but at the opposite end.  Ring any bells Kristen?  No?

Well maybe this will refresh your memory.  When nobody else was in the living room and the lights were out I decided to go under the blankets.  When I was under there I pulled off your jeans and your panties.  I threw those in a heap on the floor next to the couch.  Then I proceeded to put my head between your legs.  There I found a wonderful thing.  It was your hairless pussy and even though it was pitch black under those covers which rendered me blind temporarily, I could tell that your pussy was a beautiful prize.  I then opened up this prize that I had been lucky enough to win by spreading your sexy legs and putting my wet tongue inside your hot hole.  It tasted so good and smelled so good that I couldn’t stop licking it and touching your asshole with my fingers.  I kept switching it up, fingers in ass-tongue in pussy then tongue buried in your ass-fingers gently massaging your perfumed clit in a circular motion until before long my face was covered in wet pussy juice.

I kept up a relentless rhythm pussy ass pussy ass pussy ass until after a while I was able to shove my entire inside your ass and french kiss it while your pussy continued to leak all over my face.  After 20 minutes or so I stopped and I could feel your back arching your pussy searching for my tongue.  From then on I let you beg for it the only way you could….by grabbing my head with both of your hands and burying my face between your legs where you held it while you grinded your clit against my face until I thought I was going to drown in an ocean of pussy.  Finally right when I was about to pass out I felt a series of violent shudders and low howl sprang forth from your throat.  Your ass was moving around like a goldfish who is suddenly taken from its bowl and placed on the counter.  You were flopping around so much and my mouth was filled with the sweet nectar of your pussy juice squirting into it.  I plunged my tongue up your ass one last time until you finally quit shaking and twitching and you breathlessly whispered “that was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had, thank you Anthony”.  I was like, no problem baby.  Anytime.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane Kristen.  I look forward to a summer full of gratuitous sex with you starting when you are released from the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility no later then May 21, 2012.


your boyfriend,  Anthony J. MandichImage


i just asked batchelder to give me a quote to name my blog post for the day and the best she could come up with is “why you so gay tony”.  whatever.  it works for me.  so i haven’t been blogging lately even though i have been up to so much no good it’s insane but i haven’t even been close to a computer except to do work for my boss tom.  so much shit has been going down i feel lucky to be alive and in one piece.  drugs complete scandalous sexual liaisons with so many girls all of them crazy hustler chicks who work over dudes on a regular basis but have met their match with me who works over chicks on a regular basis so we all sort of even each other out.  i can’t even give you all the names of the chicks because some of them are wanted by the law.  this one girl who i have really been seeing quite a lot of is super hot as fuck and really smart but really gangsta as hell and way into really bad drugs.  Met her at a casino in the inland empire.  She is the only one that I have been with more then twice. i also have met two chicks from hemet at the same casino and had sex with one and just cuddled with the other one.  Again not naming names cuz these chicks are sorta like skinhead chicks and they run with a bunch of crazy white power dudes.  I’ve met like three of the dudes and they seem cool and all but there is always that element of danger around them and actually around the girls as well.  I met a half Mexican half white gang banger chick at the same casino and we had a pretty insane adventure that involved me skateboarding at like 4:30 in the morning to the casino gas station to put five bucks gas in this chicks car so her and her three homies could make it home to Beaumont or banning or Yucaipa I’m not sure which one but definitely one of those three.  Anyways I have no record for any kind of drug related offenses and I’m not on parole or probation so I still presumably have my 4th amendment rights which on this night came in pretty handy.  I was bombing this rad little hill that leads directly into the gas station showing off for this sexy little mama whose name I will say which is heather.  Truly the only reason I was doing this was because for some unknown reason the gas station although physically open was literally closed for ten minutes according to the clerk.  So while we waited I skated.  Makes sense to me.  Well this one cop who had said hi to me like ten hours before while he was patrolling through the casino garage parking lot in his black and white followed me down the hill on my third attempt as I was skating over to this heather chick sitting in the car we were putting gas in.  long story short the cop said he was surprised to see someone skating at this time of the morning which I didn’t give a shit about what he was saying because I wasn’t holding anything illegal and like I said I still have my rights.  I was totally unconcerned even when he asked me if he could peek at my drivers license.  I gladly gave it to him but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that heather was cringing and looking pretty unhappy.  Turns out she had been busted for drugs and a bunch of other shit in 2007 and had been to prison and stuff and so she had search terms which basically for all you laymen means that the cops can tear up all your shit looking for contraband without having any reason whatsoever except that they want to.  This cop was totally cool with me and with heather actually.  But even though they didn’t even search me and basically relegated me to the sidelines where I skated for the next hour, they definitely searched heather and the car she was driving which wasn’t hers.  They found a bunch of checkbooks in the car that one of the homies had come across somehow I have no idea about any of that part of the story since I had just met this chick and we were just flirting and shit in the casino.  Anyways it was Christmas eve so they eventually let her go but it was pretty close to her being hauled off to jail.  Just goes to show you that its pretty important to keep a clean record if you can because it helps when dealing with law enforcement officials.  I never got to stick my dick in that heather chick I think she was  a little jaded about my skating being responsible for her getting hassled by the man but fuck it she is one of many.  And in fact a couple of days after Christmas I met this other heather chick at another casino this time in palm springs and I won’t even tell you the details of what happened but put it this way I met her at 7 pm and I was sticking my cock in her by 8:30 pm and that is no lie and she was a hot little bitch in fact I stuck it in her again on the day after new years so there you go.  Well this is just a little tiny smidgen of an update on whats going on with Anthony mandich hero to the degenerates.  Oh yeah one more thing props to this website I started checking out last night called the dreamin demon.  They have stories of so many fucking assholes who hurt kill destroy and spread their evil around indiscriminately every single day that it makes me feel a lot better about myself.  Man, people are really fucked up motherfuckers.

Saturday is Poker Day Kids

I am waiting with baited breath to be picked up by who else, a Heather.  This one is Heather McGovern.  I know so many Heathers its sick.  I’m not going to get into the Heathers right now but trust me I will fascinate you in the future with my Heather stories.  Right now my only purpose in posting a blog at all is to get my newly completed painting out there for the public to see.  It is extremely cool I must say.  Its just really really really cool.  Sean Stenlake thinks so as well.  Even my Uncle Gordon likes it.  Why don’t we just kinda cut through all the bullshit and unveil the damn thing.   Ladies and Gentlemen……….meet the girl of my dream and nightmares………..

Very INsane painting in person......